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How To Hook A Live Pogie | With Captain Cullen Lundholm

Ryan Collins

Today we have the first video tutorial of a 3-part series about how to fish live pogies on Cape Cod for striped bass.

In this "mini" video tutorial you will learn the best way to hook a live pogie when fishing for stripers, according to local charter captain Cullen Lundholm of Cape Star Charters.

It is important to know where to hook a live pogie, because hook placement has a big impact on how well the bait will swim through the water - especially if you are fishing an area with a lot of current.


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Tight lines!

  1. Thanks, does that change for mackerel?

    1. For mackerel I prefer hooking them with a single hook just behind the head, where the red arrow is pointing in this photo. When hooked in this fashion, the mackerel will swim down towards the bottom, which is usually what you want.


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