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A Simple Way To Catch Stripers From Shore During July On Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

Striped bass are resilient creatures which can inhabit waters as deep as 500 feet, or as shallow as 1 foot. 

Here on Cape Cod, it is not unusual to one day find schools of stripers miles offshore, and then the next day find them feeding well within casting range of the beach.

Stripers can be caught from shore using a wide array of different fishing equipment, tackle,lures and bait. Stripers can be caught using topwater poppers, swim baits, jigs, metal spoons,live and dead bait, plus an assortment of different flies.


Sometimes by this time of the year (mid-July) people give up on trying to catch stripers from the beach, however in my opinion some of the most consistent beach fishing of the entire year happens during July and August. 

If you know when to hit the beach, what lures to use, and which tides fish best at certain locations, then you will have an excellent chance of consistently hooking up with fish all this month. 

A few months ago I was asked by ANGLR to create a series of how-to articles for their audience. The following PDF download is a copy of one article I wrote which outlines very simple and specific ways to catch stripers from shore during the heat of the summer.

If you've already caught thousands of stripers from shore on Cape Cod in your life, then this PDF download probably won't teach you anything new.

However if you are new, or only have a couple years experience, then the info in this members-only PDF download will probably be of good value to you.

Please click below to download your copy.

A Simple Way To Catch Stripers From Shore During July On Cape Cod

Members only PDF download which explains simple and easy-to-grasp techniques for catching stripers from shore on Cape Cod during July.

  1. I psyched about the largest fish from shore challenge! I’m “branching out” to using something new (to me!) Let’s see if it works!

    1. Great! Gluck Leslie and I hope you win one of the challenges. I have not forgotten about a female only challenge as well!

      1. Hey Ryan, It doesn’t have to be a female only challenge. I realize that there aren’t many of us out there! Just a female version of a challenge, like last year for example “First female angler to catch a fish >36 ” Thanks!


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