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Week of July 11th Cape Cod Fishing Update

Ryan Collins

So far the weather this July has been nothing short of terrific, and lots of members from My Fishing Cape Cod have been taking advantage.

The activity here on the website, inside our forum, on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages has been intense. Keep it up!

In this post I will summarize for you the most exciting highlights from this past week on My Fishing Cape Cod.

Hopefully you can use this information to find and catch a few fish of your own this week and into the weekend. 

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Yellowfin Tuna

Captain Phil Howarth of the Goose and, and captain Eric Newhouse of Bhookend Charters had an awesome day yesterday while fishing east of Hydrographer Canyon.

Team Goose didn't encounter any bigeye tuna during this trip, but they did go 24 for 25 on yellowfin tuna, and enjoyed great action with skipjacks. The fish were caught trolling as well as with spin gear.

Back inshore, the Goose is seeing a big pickup in live eel sales for folks trying for striped bass at night. However the daytime action along the back beaches is not bad, with hickory shad a big schools of pogies along the Outer Cape.

You can learn more about bluefin tuna and the freshwater action on Cape by watching the full video above ☝️


Earlier this morning this post about bluefish went live in our forum. MFCC member Brennan Farley published the post, inquiring whether or not people were finding bluefish.

Tim Mugherini was quick to respond (thank you Tim!) with second-hand intel of bluefish off the west end of the canal. Tim suspects there could be bluefish off Falmouth, but again this is not a confirmed report.

Members Jane and Tom Simpson (who traveled to Costa Rica with us this past winter) did have a firsthand bluefish report of their own to contribute. Jane reported finding bluefish yesterday while fishing between West Bay and Popponesset. 

In addition, my darling wife Lauren is putting together a My Fishing Cape Cod cook book full of bluefish recipes which have been submitted by members and fans of MFCC.

The book will soon be available as a special PDF download!

If you would like to contribute your own "tried and true" family bluefish recipe, then you can do so by responding to Lauren's Bluefish Recipes thread in the MFCC forum. 🙌🏻

Striped Bass

MFCC member Mark Dondero (pictured above) caught and released some beautiful bass while fishing the canal two days ago. 

However, according to updates in the forum, the action for most has slowed down a bit the past 24 hours. Some folks are getting fish while others are getting skunked.

Nevertheless, if you login the time and put forth a strong effort, then you will have chance of being rewarded right now at the canal.

Working 4 ounce soft plastics like the green mackerel Joe Baggs Patriot Fish just off the bottom is always a good tactic during the month of July.

I haven't personally jigged the canal much this year, but I typically like the end of the west (ebb) tide best for jigging soft plastics.

For more about the canal, make sure to tune-in to our podcast later this week with Jeff Miller of Canal Bait & Tackle. 

Black Drum!

The most interesting catch I have learned of recently is the black drum in the above photo caught by Matthew MacCurtain, who follows My Fishing Cape Cod on Instagram.

Matt caught the fish back on June 26th while fishing off Wareham. The black drum bit on a white swim bait worked along the bottom.

The funny thing is that back in April, Matt went on a solo camping trip to Kiptokeke State Park in Virginia to catch drum. Unfortunately the water had not yet warmed up enough, and the drum never showed up.

Now back in Buzzard's Bay, nearly 1,000 miles to the north, Matt finally catches his surprise black drum. Go figure!

In Conclusion

The above is just a small sampling of everything that is going on through the My Fishing Cape Cod community. 

Whether you are a supporting member of the website, or just follow along on social media, I really appreciate having you and thank you for being part of MFCC!

Please keep us posted with how things are going.

Tight lines! 🎣

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

  1. Blue fish were biting within the old canal channel with decent regularity.. My wife and I landed over a dozen trolling swim baits mid line and surface depths and a few on tube rigs deep in search of keeper linesiders.

    1. That’s great to know. Thanks for the bluefish intel!!!

  2. good intel thanks

  3. Blues fished today at Monomoy😃

    1. Thanks for the bluefish update Igor. Were they big blues or little ones?


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