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Enter The Labor Day Giveaway!

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Last week I ran a giveaway on the MFCC Instagram page which generated a lot of buzz! Today I wanted to keep the momentum going by launching a new giveaway here on the website.

The following prize package is valued at over $300 and features some awesome items, including a Strategic Angler lure with "My Fishing Cape Cod" inscribed on its back.

Congrats to our winner Chris Lantz ?? Thank you to everyone who entered! Please stay tuned for more fun giveaways coming soon.


Here Is What's Up For Grabs

One of my favorite items in this giveaway is the Strategic Angler American Shad FRANTIC. This is a handmade lure created by the one and only Merv Rubiano. The lure measures 8.5 inches and weighs 4.2 ounces.

The FRANTIC is a fast-sinking lure, ideal for targeting bluefin tuna this fall off Cape Cod. Merv even went the extra mile by inscribing "My Fishing Cape Cod" on the lure's back. 

The FRANTIC is a beautiful lure. So beautiful in fact that past giveaway winners have returned the FRANTIC to me because they feel bad accepting such a gorgeous handmade plug! 

However, I am hoping whoever wins this giveaway will finally put the FRANTIC to good use, either by displaying it on their mantel, or by using it on the water to catch big tuna and stripers.

Also included in this giveaway is a My Fishing Cape Cod hat. This is our newest version of the MFCC hat with black mesh and a black/grey logo. As a side note, all our hats are currently sold out, but I will probably order more in time for the Holiday rush.

Other plugs to be given away include a blue and green mack swimbaits from Pete's Mack Swimbaits. These lures are slow-sinking, measure 9 inches in length, and weigh 4 ounces. 

These lures will be ideal for targeting big stripers at the Cape Cod Canal. Best of all they are created by Peter Walker, who is a member of My Fishing Cape Cod!

The metal lure shown above is a 2 ounce Hex Lure created by the father-son duo at Bingham Lures. Hex Lures can catch a lot of different species on Cape, including stripers, bluefish, false albacore, bonito, black sea bass and fluke.

And of course I'm including a MFCC plug bag so you can store all these goodies in an organized manner.

*MFCC plug bags are also available for sale by clicking here. Use discount code LABORDAY to get 20% off + FREE SHIPPING! 
Offer expires this Friday September 11th.

The MFCC plug bag easily holds the large lures often used when fishing the Cape Cod Canal for big bass. The bag will also fit most of the lures used around Cape when targeting bluefin tuna.

Also included is a Depalma Slider, created by Alan's Custom Lures, and donated as a giveaway item by MFCC member Alex Cadete.

Just like the FRANTIC, this lure was originally included in a past giveaway, but was returned to me because the winner thought it was too beautiful to fish with! 

To top things off I am also including a 7 inch White Ghost Dartspin, created by Patrick Sebile of A Band of Anglers lure company. The one thing that seperates the Dartspin from other soft plastics is its durability. This soft plastic lure will even stand up to the sharp teeth of bluefish.

Entering this giveaway is simple. All you need to do is leave a comment below and your name will be automatically entered for a chance to win!

As a side note, in past giveaways some people received email notifications whenever a new person left a comment. If you were one of these people, then I want to let you know the notification feature has been turned off, so you will not receive any excess notifications.

LMK if you have any questions. Good luck if you head out fishing this week, and tight lines! ?

Want to be included in this giveaway?

Simply leave a comment below to be entered!

  1. Happy for the chance! Best of luck everyone!

  2. I’m in! hope to win!

  3. maybe I’ll get lucky with this nice package …..was fishing all weekend no keepah’s …..but had a wonderful time

  4. WOW a lot of comments . We all love your site My Fishing Cape Cod and your pod cast. I don’t know if I deserve this giveaway for there are so many that do . I love going to the cape and fish but like you say weather it is the kettle pods that I really love for trout or the Canal or onset pier I do not have to catch anything I just love being out doors. Thanks Ryan for all information on the cape I love it.

  5. I have been fishing ever since my Dad brought me to the Goose Creek Bridge in Southold Long Island.
    Work and trying to provide for my family have largely kept me from my passion, fishing, for several years, and I have found the missing link with MFCC articles and videos…
    Thank you for keeping this Dad’s dreams of fishing, alive and well!
    Best Regards, and Tight Lines!
    Joe McCarthy
    Southold L.I., N.Y.

  6. Looking Good! Always enjoy your posts. Awesome!!!

  7. Great forum!!! Thanks Ryan

  8. I want to start to say I love the channel I love what you’re doing out here and I love your giveaways so count me and hopefully I can win something great job keep the good work up

  9. That’s a really nice prize package!

  10. Throw my hat in the ring! Thanks Ryan.

  11. Nice! thanks for the chance. I can use the help!

  12. Great opportunity – thanks for the chance!

  13. it would be fantastic to win this giveaway . ive wanted to fish the Cape Cod Canal for a very long time ! so if i win i could tell my better half that ” i have to go now ! ” ha ha .

  14. Need this for the fall run. Thanks

  15. Just in time for the upcoming fall run! Thanks for the latest updates and especially enjoy the podcasts.

  16. Would love this plug bag and these plugs! They look awesome!

  17. ill join in

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  19. I’m in, thanks

  20. I’m in……stay safe and healthy everyone!

  21. “Summer” may be over but the chances to win and keep the lines tight keep on coming! Count me in please

  22. Sign me up!
    Thanks Ryan

  23. Count me in Ryan.

  24. Thanks for your great information and films! Got me excited about fishing again!!!!

  25. I’d love to win that!

  26. Looks like a nice prize

    1. It just so happens, I could use all of these, thanks Ryan .

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  28. Great stuff!!! Like to try some down here in NC!!!

  29. I’m in. Thanks Ryan

  30. Just turned 82. Golf game sucking so badly I retired the clubs and dusted off my surfcasting gear. Converted my golf pull cart to a beach cart to hall my gear and polls and returned to surf fishing. I used to just high/low bait fish but enjoying trying plugs et al. Would love to win the prize! All my gear is 20+ years old and there are a lot of new super lures now that I’d love to try. Thanks for considering me.

  31. Great giveaway. Thanks for the oppotunity. As usual. Useful and informative content. Still looking for that first keeper though.

  32. I don’t think I’m lucky enough to win this giveaway but I’ll try.

  33. Very generous of you Ryan. Thanks for doing this.

  34. For My husband. MAUREEN

  35. Beautiful lures!

    1. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway!! ??

  36. Great prize package! Looking forward to Albie’s. Please count me in.

    1. I’d love to win this package. It’ll come in handy for my 2 weeks at the cottages in N Truro.

  37. i’m in ryan

  38. Like those in.!!

    1. Great Stories keep writing and love the Videos I Live in Western Ma so only get to the cape in Springtime and Late fall I have learned a lot from reading your post on shore fishing
      I generally fish Long Island sound in my Boat and do well But from shore on the cape is a challenge i have caught some but Scouting out new locations and trying different methods is enjoyable too So hope you keep posting Locations to try I have tried the ocean side but every time i have been there its Big Surf and lots of Wind But Great sites

  39. Wow, what a fantastic give away!!! Those lures are absolutely beautiful. I sure would love to win them for my husband, Bob. He has been fishing the Canal for years, Its out happy place and we love it so much. I photograph while he fishes. He as even tried his hand at making his own lures, so he would really appreciate these. Anyway sorry so long, and thanks so much for the chance. Best of luck to everyone!!

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  46. Another great give away from MFCC , Thanks Ryan

    1. Thanks for what you do. Leaving the cape for the season but will be back to mfcc next year.

  47. Wow, Thanks you for the chance!

    1. Would love to display and fish with. Thanks.

  48. Heading out Monday with my son and 2 buds with Captain Steve of Wingman Sport Fishing. Thanks to MFCC for offering this group trip.

  49. Trapped in Kansas,dreaming of fishing the canel. Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

  50. About 100 so far, I like my chances!!!!!

  51. Finally getting over to the Cape next week. Covid’s kept us home all summer. Ready for some stripers!

  52. Hey Ryan,
    Go ahead and enter me for the give away.

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    1. Love the Cape fishing.

  54. Awesome job with the news letter Ryan! Keep up the great work. I look forward to receiving it every week.


    Count me in for the drawing

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  57. Haven’t had much time or energy for fishing with working from home because of COVID; but, as always I enjoy reading from this site and vicariously fishing with you all. Keep it coming, please.

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  61. The fishing information etc. you provide is the best I have ever come across in all of my 50+ years of enjoying fishing.

  62. Thank you for building this for us, it has been a great place to find information and learn a new trick or two.

  63. Those look great. I could use all the help I can get.

  64. Fall Fishing in Cape Cod. Let’s go!

  65. I got my first Albie!

  66. This is awesome, hope to win, thanks!

  67. Another great prize on offer. Fingers crossed.

  68. Heading to the cape this Saturday
    From a landlocked state would put them to use ASAP. Thanks I’m in too

    1. Congrats Chris! You won this giveaway!

      Can you email me your mailing address?

      Thanks and tight lines! ?

  69. Hi Ryan, count me in please and thank you

  70. Great stuff Ryan. Headed to Montauk in 3 weeks, could put that bag to some use!

  71. Great looking bag! Would love the chance to throw a these this fall!

  72. Please Count me in Ryan – Happy Labor Day!

  73. I love the dividers in the bag…keeps the lure well organized. Since this will be my very first time fishing Cape Cod, I can really use all the help I can get.
    Wayne D. Springer

  74. Fantastic package, thanks, count me in please, John

  75. Would be awesome to receive such great lures, especially that beautiful FRANTIC….. Thanks, John

    1. Great set of gear.

  76. Great content as always Ryan! I am in as well…..

  77. Tennessee stripers have never seen these lures. Would love to try them on them.?

    1. Most informative site on Cape Cod fishing as well as New England.
      Great giveaway and if I win,rest assured I will not return any of the plugs listed!!

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    Great Website and newsletter.
    Looking forward to a mid-September surf fishing trip for pajamafish, Bluefish, Albies, & Bonito. Should this chance for the give-a-way prove fruitful, it will surely help with that endeavor.


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        Anyway, I’d sure love to win that fishing booty.
        Thanks for a great season of information and entertainment.
        Larry W

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  96. Wasn’t aware there were so many local custom lure makers.

  97. I had a great night fishing some of the south shore beaches last night. No records broken however with all thats going on it was really nice to put a bend in the rod. Here’s to hoping the fall run put a smile on the faces of all our fellow anglers!

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  103. Ryan

    Wonderful job on website; I have learned a lot.

    Enjoy the podcasts too.

    So yes, count me in!


  104. I am in Ryan, Thank You!!!

  105. Thanks for doing such a nice job teaching about the habitat and the natural environment of the striped bass. God bless you.

  106. this is so cool! I’m still learning about lures and such. went out in the sound on Saturday to try for false albies and it was pretty choppy… and we got skunked. all in a day of fishing though. love this blog.

  107. Let’s go

  108. Great package! Didn’t leave Florida for Plymouth this summer but some of those would work here or I’d give some to my boys in Plymouth. Thanks for doing these giveaways Ryan!

  109. If I should be so lucky, these would be the most awesome weapons in my fishing arsenal.

  110. I have an old empty AquaSkin, ready for an upgrade 🙂

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  115. This is a great lure bag! I had one fully stuffed with many lures but inadvertently left it on the rocks one evening when I headed home. When I returned a few hours later to retrieve the bag it was gone.
    It would be nice to win this one with “My Fishing Cape Cod” on it and loaded with some outstanding lures!….Happy Labor Day and good luck to all!

  116. This is a complete quality bag set up. Please count me in on this great giveaway.

  117. Nice lures, We caught some monster Albies off North Chatham and Monomoy this weekend, looking forward to getting back out there.

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  144. What a way to end the summer with three fantastic weather days. Hopefully everyone Is fairing Well during these hectic times!
    Enjoy Labor Day!

  145. Love being able to get canal reports from you so I don’t waste a ride down there

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  147. Driving up from Long Island this weekend (9/11) to visit grandkids. Will b fishing canal at pole #101. Sure could use these lures. Thanks

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    1. Thanks for the earlier response Ryan, I’m lake fishing in the Poconos this weekend but very much looking forward to getting back to the Cape in October to do some more surf casting for stripers.
      I have sent the link to your website to a number of friends on the Cape who really appreciate your up to date info…keep it coming and good fishing to you!

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