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The Albies Are Finally Less Finicky!

Ryan Collins

When the albies first arrived on Cape Cod back in late August, they were extremely finicky and difficult to catch!

However, recently the false albacore in our area have finally started feeding on larger baits, which is making them much easier to fool.

Quite a few of our members in the forum are also reporting hookups with albies, and in this post I will fill you in on what I've been seeing out there.


Recently I've been chasing the funny fish from the kayak, which is always a blast because I can get up close and personal with the albie blitzes.

My best albie trip of the year happened in the kayak last week on September 13 while fishing this area of Cape Cod. I caught 5 albies, 1 bonito, several bluefish and lost a Spanish mackerel.

It was definitely my most productive albie trip of the year (so far), and I probably could of caught at least a dozen albies if I hadn't been playing around so much with my video cameras.

The action was good and the fish were biting the 5/8oz silver Mighty Fish epoxy jig as well as weightless white Albie Snax soft plastics.

During this trip I observed several cool things about albies:

  • Albies don't mind feeding in extremely shallow water

Throughout the morning I encountered albies blitzing in less than 5 feet of water over a shallow sand bar. 

  • Albies often disappear and then reappear 15 minutes later in the same exact spot (or at least in the general area)

This was a hugely beneficial realization because after a while I just stopped paddling like a mad man trying to catch up to the fish. Instead I setup drifts through the general area. Throughout the morning I probably did the same long drift about a dozen times.

  • Albie fishing is a very visual game

Every albie I caught during this trip was caught beneath diving birds or around breaking fish. Binoculars are a great idea when hunting albies. Yes it's possible to catch an albie without first seeing fish breaking or birds working, but 90% of the time I first see birds and busting fish, before I catch anything.

I also realized just how blazingly fast albies are when they are in hunting mode. For example, here is a slow motion shot I captured of an albie hitting an epoxy jig!

Best of luck if you  make it out albie fishing this week!

For the latest intel on "funny fish" please visit our forum.

Tight lines! 🎣

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  1. Ryan, fantastic drone coverage … your fishing catches weren’t bad either!

    1. That was definitely a fun day Mike, and I’m getting better at launching and landing the drone from the kayak!

  2. Ugh, I need to get back out there. Great post!

    1. Hopefully they’ll stick around until November Justin! 🙏


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