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Fishing For “Blue Runners” Here On Cape Cod

Garet Suomala

Hey guys, Garet Suomala here again with another "fishy story."

This fishing trip started at around 3pm last week when Ryan picked me up from my condo for an afternoon of fishing.

After Ryan picked me up we stopped at Rendezvous Cafe which is a nice cafe right on Main St., Hyannis.  


Ryan ordered an iced coffee, and I ordered a hot chocolate (even though it was hot and sunny out). We sat outside and then decided to get going on our way. 

Blue Runners & Small Scup
on Squid

For this fishing trip we planned on using small pieces of frozen squid for bait. We hoped to catch some scup (porgy) with the squid.

We thought about going to the canal for a few hours, but we just went to this local spot and fished off the fish pier.  

It was a bit windy that day, but not too bad at all.

We had just started fishing when I spotted something I had never seen before. It was a big jellyfish and it was interesting to watch in the water.

We then saw a commotion in the distance.

The commotion was a bunch of sea birds hovering over the water. 

At first I didn't know what kind of fish the birds were after, but soon the birds and fish came closer to the pier.

Suddenly I had a bite on my line!

We ended up catching a bunch of blue runners, which are a completely new type of fish for me.

They were small but fun none-the-less!

There was so much life in the water that Ryan was even able to film some of the blue runners underwater!

Blue Runners 101

On Cape Cod, the blue runner is a schooling, predatory fish, predominantly hunting in inshore environments, like around docks, harbors etc., feeding on small baitfish as well as various crustaceans and other invertebrates.

According to Wikipedia, blue runners are distributed across the Atlantic Ocean, ranging from Brazil to Canada in the western Atlantic and from Angola to Great Britain including the Mediterranean in the east Atlantic.

Caranx crysos distribution

On Cape Cod they show up in late summer, and can provide fun sport on super ultra-light tackle. Blue runners will take small baits, lures and flies. Juveniles (like the ones in this video) tend to inhabit shallower reef and lagoon waters, before moving to deeper waters as adults.

Our next fish was nothing big (just a little scup), but it was a fish nonetheless, and a nice change from the blue runners we were catching.

Every so often you could see ripples in the water where the blue runners were chasing the bait fish.

Ryan and I both caught blue runners, scup and a small black sea bass. Plus we ran into a few members from My Fishing Cape Cod!

There are definitely many different species of fish right now along the shoreline of Nantucket Sound.

Until next time! 🎣


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  1. Excellent Garet! Great fishing! Fun blog!

    1. Well thank you Leslie

      I will keep them coming

  2. Garet, always enjoy your “fishy” stories with Ryan.

    1. I am glad you alway like my fishy stories Michael. You’re welcome.

  3. Garet, Put the Red Sox cap away for the season. Wear your Pats gear. Thanks for the report. All my best.

    1. Ok, I will Jake.


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