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Monster November Bluefish

Ryan Collins

Yesterday I was shocked to be catching monster bluefish during November! Big blues are still around if you know where to look, and are willing to travel.

Yesterday actually began with micro-schoolies jumping and chasing bait in the early morning sunlight.

After catching a few micros I noticed a large flock of birds working hard over what appeared to be some very large bluefish. I quickly reeled in my line and began to carefully hustle down the jetty rocks. 


My plug got slammed on my very first cast with the Guppy mini pencil. The hit was terrific! Plus I caught the entire thing on camera.

It sure felt good to have a solid fish take drag, especially this late in the season!

Between myself and my buddies, we probably caught around ten bluefish in the 10-17 pound range. It was a memorable morning to say the least!

Please click below for a Google Earth image of the area fished, and an additional video about this trip.

  1. Thank you for all the great information and the the blogs and reports that you supply. Hoping to catch one more keeper for the season awful tough due to my work schedule

    1. No worries James! My pleasure.

      Good luck the rest of this season. It is winding down but I know they are still catching some good fishing in RI and CT.

  2. The beach to the right at Matunuck State Park is a good spot for fly fishing. Especially all the way to the right where there is some rock structure

    1. Has anyone heard of any tuna out east of Chatham??

      1. Awesome, thank you Dex.

        Regarding tuna, I believe captain Cullen got into some off the outer Cape while fishing with Mike Hogan of Hogy Lures this week >

      2. Ryan do you have any old rod and reels you dont use

        1. I’m sure I have some old stuff lying around Riley.

          Whatcha thinking?

  3. Hey Ryan,

    Aren’t they fun from shore.. Got into similar blues past 2 yrs at Gloucester Dogbar and Plum Island, MA.. it was awesome to feel the power of a big blue from shore on Roberts Ranger Lures… Curious if these came in more on rising tide and any suggestions on finding them? further west.. I am in between jobs and taking advantage of the last bit of fishing around the canal, Southern Cape…coming from Boston RI is not that far and only fished Charlestown Breakwater once… Wouldn’t mind trying to get out this morning/Afternoon or tomorrow.

    1. Hey Bill, yes they are a blast from shore! We were fishing the middle part of the incoming tide. People have been telling me the big blues are ranging from the spot we fished in this report, all the way to Ninigret, at least as of 72 hours ago.

  4. One time I fell off those rocks when I went to grab a fish lol, even with korkers I still slipped. Luckily I did not have waders on.

    1. I believe it, those rocks are slick!

      Any keeper bass for you recently buddy?

      1. One recently in Newport, the rest have been small, but I’ve been fishing the canal before work, and have consistently found fish up to 26″. This morning I didn’t because I couldn’t fish the flood current… I’ll let you know about any success I have fishing RI in the near future.

        1. Sounds great Hayden, thank you.

          FYI – I received a photo this morning on Facebook from someone who caught a keeper in the canal last night. Pretty awesome the fish are still around.

          1. Ryan,

            Pods of adult bunker are still moving along SoCo RI west of where you were fishing. Hoping the sea herring will join them. If you are willing put up with the colder temperatures and fish at night, there still some good size bass around. Fishing can be good through the end of the month.

            1. I am definitely willing to put up with the colder temps and fish at night. Thank you very much for the tips!

            2. Was there today.. Alot of small bass and managed ` decent Blue..

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