September 7 2023

September 7th Cape Cod Fishing Report

by Kevin Collins

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Ryan Collins 

As always, MFCC Founder & Creator Ryan Collins joins us at the top of the show to provide a Cape Cod Bay fishing report as well as the latest information on Albies on the south side and Nantucket Sound. Ryan also provides an important reminder for those interested in signing up for the MFCC 36-Hour Grind Surfcasting Tournament at the end of September!

Sam Mullin

Next up on the podcast is Sam Mullin from the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans, MA. Sam gives us information on Blue Fish, Stripers, Albies, Fluke, and Tuna! He covers Cape Cod Bay, the backside facing beaches, Nantucket Sound, and Monomoy!

Evan Eastman

We are then joined by Evan Eastman of Eastman's Sport & Tackle in Falmouth, MA. Evan gives us an extremely detailed False Albacore fishing report covering the Falmouth area, Vineyard Sound, and the Elizabeth Islands. We also touch on Striped bass around the Elizabeth Islands in the fall, Blue Fish in Vineyard Sound, and both Blue & Yellowfin Tuna south and east of Cape Cod.

Eddy Kooyomjian

Last up on this week's show is Eddie Kooyomjian of Monomoy Tackle! Eddie gives a detailed boat report on Fluke in Nantucket Sound and the Nantucket Shoals. He also covers Monomoy and the Stripers and Blue fish inhabiting the rips at the end of the summer season. In addition, Eddie gives us a bonus report on Albies at the mouth of Bass River and how he has been targeting them with his lures.

Written Transcript

*Please forgive us for typos and grammatical mistakes, as this transcript was computer generated.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
Well, up next on this week's edition of the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast is our great friend Evan Eastman from down at Eastman Sport and tackle in beautiful Falmouth, Massachusetts. Evan, how are you this week? I'm

Speaker 5 (17:23):
Doing great, thanks Kevin. Not by yourself.

Speaker 2 (17:25):
Yeah, it's been a great stretch of weather we've had here on Cape. Do you have a good labor day weekend?

Speaker 5 (17:30):
Yeah, it was really busy in the shop. A lot of people were out fishing, the weather was beautiful. So yeah, it was a great weekend. How about yourself?

Speaker 2 (17:38):
Yeah, stellar. I mean just great being out on the water, beautiful temperatures, relatively calm seas. You really can't ask for anything better and hopefully it stays that way as we go through September and into October. And I know one of the things your customers are probably very busy with down there, Evan are Albe. So let's start with that. Can you give us an Albee report on how things are going down on your shores?

Speaker 5 (18:02):
Over the last week we've definitely seen a big push of Alves show up off the shores of Falmouth. And on Monday I was able to get out after work fished from one to six and I fished the stretch between Robinson's and Tarin off of Nason along the Elizabeth Islands there. And it was fantastic right off tar pole and from I would say five to six massive feeds, feeds that were lasting three, four minutes, I was able to get about four Alves in like 30 minutes. They were all just in this one spot and there was a bunch of 'em. I was tossing the five eighth ounce silverside epoxy jig that seemed to be doing the trick pretty well on Monday. I'd also heard there were some good fishing off of Wao and really from Wao to Centerville has been pretty good as well. But it seems like along the Elizabeth has been the place to be for the most part.

Speaker 2 (19:05):
And before I continue on Albee's, one thing I just want to ask you about the Elizabeth, I haven't been down there at all this year, but it's a spot that Ryan and I used to frequent more when we were younger on his boat, the Miss Loretta targeting stripers during the fall run, I know you were focused on Albee's, but did you see any signs or hints of bass around in the area as well?

Speaker 5 (19:26):
Well, I have maybe a handful of guys who come in two to three times a week for eels and they are strictly fishing for stripe bass. They don't really fish for anything else. And so over the last week or two they've been getting some really nice fish cast needles into the rocks along Elizabeth. I know a lot of old school guys have done that in the past and been very successful. I only saw people, I'll be fishing, but I know other customers have been buying needles and catching fish along the Elizabeth. So yeah, it's been pretty good.

Speaker 2 (20:00):
Awesome. And back to the Albee's, I know they can be a pretty finicky fish as well. Evan, are you experiencing at times you had this great feed on Monday, but are you experiencing finicky bites as well on days where it's really, really tough to get 'em?

Speaker 5 (20:14):
For sure, I was out yesterday morning, super flat, calm, no clouds in the sky, so that gives the alves even a leg up as far as their eyesight goes. And on top of that they're eating tiny, tiny baits. I mean about a half inch long. I could see 'em swimming around the boat. And so I was trying to get him on the epoxy jig. I didn't have any luck, but my dad was using, mentioned this in the past, but what we've, and I always have it in my bag, is using something like a crippled herring tying take the hooks off, tie a floor, a leader on the back and then have a tie, a fly on there. He hooked up yesterday on a fly, in my opinion, when they were keyed in on those tiny micro baits. That's really the only way, at least in my experience to get 'em, is to be able to present a fly. And if you're using a spinning rod, you can do that with a crippled herring, you can do it with a popper, you can do it with a casting egg or a casting bubble. I like the crippled herring because I can fish it on top or subsurface, whereas if you're using a floating popper, you're really only able to present it on the surface. So I think using a crippled herrings gives me a little bit more flexibility.

Speaker 2 (21:33):
And talking about the conditions, you mentioned obviously that the sunlight is a detriment to trying to fool 'em and also if it's really flat calm, I know we've had a little bit of wind direction from the north northeast, that cooler wind direction from up in Canada. What's your optimal conditions when you're heading out there?

Speaker 5 (21:52):
Perfect Albee conditions are, there's some chop in the water, overcast and then birds telling you where to go. If you're in a foot shop, it's really difficult to see 'em, but if the birds are there, they'll direct you exactly where to go. And when it's rough like that, you can get 'em on anything. So I usually use a bigger epoxy jig, something that I can cast farther and when they're chopping the water, they become so much easier to catch. So even if there's no birds and there's chop in the water, it's just going to give you a much better chance of hooking up. I mean yesterday was flat calm, I mean flat as could be, no wind. And I got, I can't even 40, 50 casts into busting fish and they didn't want anything to do with my jig. So I did switch over to the fly but I didn't hook up but my dad did. So that's really, ideally I like to fish rougher conditions for all these. It just makes things a lot easier.

Speaker 2 (22:52):
And one other thing I wanted to ask you about too is I've been seeing some reports, still strong reports, it seems like we've had a good year for Blue Fish pretty much all over. Whether you're inside Cape Cod Bay or you're out toward Nantucket, Nantucket sound, are you guys still seeing or hearing reports of a strong blue fish bite down your neck of the woods?

Speaker 5 (23:11):
Yeah, there's blue fish mixed in with the ALBs a little bit. I know that there have been really big blue fish around the Nomens gay head area squibb knock it over the last two months and there's still some big ones out there and yeah, I'm hearing some other guys getting them around horseshoe shool and even closer to Nantucket and then Cape Cod Bay as well. So yeah, there's definitely still bluefish around for sure.

Speaker 2 (23:38):
And the last thing I wanted to ask you about is just your customers, what you're hearing about offshore, is there anything going on still with tuna, recreational tuna, guys still trying their hands on that more down toward the south or the east?

Speaker 5 (23:52):
Yeah, it seems, well we had that storm so it was pretty windy for a little while so a lot of guys weren't able to get out, but I think over the last say four or five days, a lot of guys have been going to Tuna Ridge picking up Yellowfin down there and then I've heard some guys going to the southeast corner of the dump and then further south to the lanes and trolling up Yellowfin there as well. There was that giant bluefin tuna bite off of Nomans from what I've heard that's cooled off after that blow. I pushed the bait off of where they were for like three weeks basically. Definitely hearing some school or size bluefin east around crab up to Provincetown, so there's definitely Elephant south, there's some schooly bluefin East and then it sounds like the giants are moved west of Nomans or the Claw to the Coxes. And then recently I've heard guys going east to the sword for Giants, so there's still plenty of tunas around. It's been a really good year, so I expect that to continue.

Speaker 2 (25:04):
Awesome. And the last thing I wanted to ask you about is just the store. I know you probably got bombarded through Labor Day, but what do we have to look forward to for September? Anything new or exciting or anything you want to tell folks about?

Speaker 5 (25:16):
I'll be fishing is going to continue to get better and people think Als they think end of August, early September, but the last few years I've been getting them until last year. I got one middle of November and that day was arguably the best day. I had Albee fishing and there was no one out there. So Albee fishing's just beginning. I got green crabs in for to tog. I've heard some guys who are starting that fall kind of fall tog fishing already, which is great. I talked to guys who've been catching them pretty good off of knobs go off the rocks there, so I was surprised to hear that. And yeah, they're around. I mean normally I don't really hear a guy's fishing for 'em until September 10th, 11th, 12th, that timeframe, but it seems like guys are already getting 'em, so I know that's another fish that extends the season for a lot of guys and obviously they're a lot of fun to catch and great to eat. And then yeah, guys are still going to be able to go offshore and get tuna's jigging or trolling or dropping deep bait. So we've still got a few months left here, good fishing.

Speaker 2 (26:24):
Awesome Evan. Well thanks so much for an awesome report and we'll look forward to catching up with you again in another couple of weeks and we'll be in the middle of the fall run.

Speaker 5 (26:32):
Yeah, sounds good Kevin. Thank you.

About the author 

Kevin Collins

Kevin spent a decade with the New England Patriots and New England Revolution producing podcasts and other digital content. Currently he is the host and producer of the podcasts here on My Fishing Cape Cod. Kevin grew up on the beach in Plymouth, MA and has salt water running through his veins.

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