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Using The Kayak To Target Big Bass In Skinny Water

This past weekend I was able to venture out in the kayak in the early AM and again in the evening. During both trips I was lucky to find striped bass in very shallow water.

Some of these fish were quite large too. The biggest of the bunch was a 25-30 pounder which was hooked in about 6 feet of water. I was able to capture some of the action on video, and you check it out by clicking below.


Throughout this video report I will share a few tips for finding big bass in skinny water this week on Cape Cod, before most of the big bass abandon the shallows and head for deeper water for the rest of the summer.

You can bet I will be getting back out there ASAP and I recommend you do the same if you can. Tight lines and let us know how you do!

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Additional information on the areas fished

Additional information on the techniques used

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  1. 100% true I say it at the canal all the time….I bring my bag with hundreds of dollars worth of plugs and only throw about 3 or 4 different ones that consistently produce….I’m on Cape the next ten days with the yak….like you said time to explore….if anyone is around leave a comment and lets fish

    1. Very true! Good luck out there in the kayak and have fun exploring. Sounds like a great trip you have planned.

  2. Great stuff Ryan. Nice fish and footage. I finally switched out my sebile treble for the VMC 4x strong. Did I hear something about them canceling production on the magic swimmers? That would seem crazy since it’s so productive, at least here in New England.

    1. That would be something Chris! I have not heard anything about them canceling production, but I guess we’ll soon find out if they do.

      Good news is there are “knock-off” sables magic swimmers floating around in local tackle shops, which work very well.

  3. Great footage! Those topwater strikes can be incredible.

    1. I agree Ryan, nothing beats topwater.

  4. Great report, and especially great shot of that bass swimming away in the shallow water.

    1. Thanks Jim, it was like the bass posed for the video. Couldn’t of asked for a better opportunity!

  5. Who needs 20 different plugs when you could just have one —–, it never fails to produce fish!

    1. I agree James! It is one hell of a productive plug!


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