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My First Holdover Striper of 2020

Ryan Collins

The weather over the past week has been terrific! Most days have been sunny with little wind, and temperatures have been very comfortable. It's been perfect weather for being active outside.

Based off what I've read, mild winter weather is one of the many reasons why Cape Cod was settled. In general, Cape Cod winters are less harsh than winter weather further inland.

Since arriving home from Costa Rica on January 27th, I have been out each and every day, enjoying the sunshine and looking for my first holdover striper of 2020. The weather has been great not just for fishing, but also for exploring new areas.


This time of year there are not many striped bass on Cape Cod. 99% have probably migrated south. However there are a few "here and there" within the marshes and estuaries.​

Over the past several days I have fished spots in marshes that are located well away from where the marsh opens into the ocean. This time of year I'm not fishing inlets - instead I am way up inside the marsh.

Usually I prefer low tide because it makes scouting out the pools and areas with less current easier. During the winter, striped bass try to not expend a lot of energy, so you will most likely find them hunkered down in spots where there is not a strong current. 

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by Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!