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60 Bass From The Beach

Ryan Collins

Nighttime is the right time for stripers during July! Back on July 1st, two members of MFCC and I experienced an epic bite fishing from shore here on Cape.

In this report I'll share with you the story of this trip, while also providing as many tips and details about the best tide, lures, and other advice for finding and catching stripers from shore this month on Cape Cod.

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Nighttime Tides

During this trip we crushed all the barbs on our hooks, which made for quick and easy releases.

On the night of June 30th I picked up My Fishing Cape Codders Dan Almanza and Steve Davis around 9:30pm. We piled into my truck, and a half an hour later, arrived at a quiet beach parking lot with a nearly full moon and bright stars shining above in the crystal-clear night sky.

Steve and Dan were new to surfcasting for stripers. I told them that during the summer it's best to fish for stripers from shore at night, because there is a better chance of fish coming in close along the shoreline. 

This "keeper" striped bass whacked Steve's lure just a few yards from shore. At night striped bass will often come into amazingly shallow water, as long as the tide is right.

We also chatted about the importance of tides, and I told the guys that when fishing the Cape from shore, you need to time your nighttime trips around the best tide for the spot you plan on fishing.