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Albies Have Arrived on Cape Cod | Podcast Report

Kevin Collins

Hello and welcome to the ​20th episode of the 2018 My Fishing Cape Cod podcast! ​It's hard to believe that we've already done twenty episodes this season as we approach the Fall months. ​However, there's still loads of great fishing ahead in the coming weeks!

In this podcast ​we have reports of a sudden influx ​of false albacore into Cape Cod waters, tuna just to north of Cape Cod, and a slow but steady striped bass bite. 

As always we are joined in this podcast by MFCC founder Ryan Collins and Jeff Miller of Canal Bait & Tackle.​ Additionally, we​ have MFCC Derby coodindator Ryan Turcotte joining us to provide a full update on the derby. ​We have shifts in the leaderboards, great prizes, and plenty of time left to fish this month​. 


Ryan Collins

MFCC Founder

We kick off this inaugural episode with a call to MFCC founder Ryan Collins, who's on the water tuna fishing north of Provincetown with MFCC derby coordinator Ryan Turcotte. 

Ryan has had no problem locating bluefish in Buzzard's Bay, which have been great live bait ​for tuna fishing. There are some picky striped bass in Cape Cod bay, but​ albie fever has taken over for many anglers. 

​Ryan Turcotte

​MFCC Derby Coordinator

​Next up is MFCC Derby coordinator Ryan Turcotte, ​who​ has a busy August and September with loads of big fish being submitted to the derby. You can view the leaderboards here.

​Ryan gives us a rundown of the latest derby​ standings, as well as the prizes that are still up for grabs. There's still plenty of time left in the season​ catch a big fish and submit it to the derby!

Jeff Miller

Canal Bait & Tackle

​We wrap up this week by checking in with our good friend Jeff Miller of Canal Bait & Tackle. We talk with Jeff each and every week on the podcast for the latest intel about what's happening at the Cape Cod Canal.

During our call with Jeff you ​get the inside scoop on which techniques are enticing the larger bass in the canal, as well as the great funny fish bite at "the big ditch."

To listen to today's podcast, please make sure you are logged-in as a MFCC member, and then click play below.

  1. By the way, I met a couple of My Fishing Cape Cod members on the southside last week. We were all fishing for fat alberts.
    Gave a little assistance with knot tying, and very special instructions, to lose the barrel swivels. Tiied on a nice lengthy leader to his braided line, and he was off to the races. It’s always nice to meet other members that are cool.

  2. Great podcast Kev. Made my grueling ride home from Boston, that much better. These podcasts, sure get the blood pumping.
    Let’s go Fishin.
    Keepn It Tight !

  3. I’m Absolutely amazed at the amount of baby Bonito running up and down my beach. You know where it is Ryan.
    It is absolutely amazing these little buggers are piled up running up and down the shoreline bouncing off your toes, in a half of foot of water. If all these little guys are running around, why wouldn’t the big ones come.? Also, looking at all these tons and tons of Bonito, Can you imagine what next year’s Bonito seasons going to look like? I have yet to catch one over 4 inches long. maybe next year

    1. It is wild the amount of bonito that are in Cape Cod Bay. I have seen them every trip into CCB over the past couple of weeks, and have caught plenty of them with sabiki rigs while fishing for mackerel. It will be interesting to see if the big bonito show up in the bay over the coming years! Tight lines Eddie 🎣

  4. thanks guys!

    1. Thanks for tuning-in Leslie! 🎣


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