August 11 2017

Canal-Region Fishing Report | Friday August 11


Kevin Collins

Hello and welcome to the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast! As we enter the depths of August, there are still plenty of opportunities to catch striped bass from beach and boat. 

The water temperatures are approaching their peak, so targeting striped bass requires some different tactics that we'll discuss in today's show. 

Captain Eric Stewart is out fishing the Nantucket Big Game Battle, so it's just Ryan Collins and Jeff Miller on the podcast this week. We're wishing Captain Eric good luck from the MFCC Studio!


We kick today's episode off with Ryan Collins, who recaps his week of fishing Cape Cod. Ryan provides us with updates on striped bass, sharks, mackerel, as well as the MFCC Derby prizes and recently renovated forum. 

We cap off the show with Jeff Miller of Canal Bait & Tackle. Jeff provides us with some very useful information for targeting big bass this weekend at the Canal + inside intel about the nearby boat bite.

In this episode we cover:

  • Ryan's updates on MFCC Forum & Derby (0:45)
  • Cape Cod surfcasting & canal updates from Ryan (5:15)
  • Targeting sharks from the beach on Cape Cod (7:51)
  • Predominant baitfish in Cape Cod Bay and the Canal (8:40)
  • Updates on Bonito and False Albacore fishing (9:51)
  • Welcoming Jeff Miller of Cana B&T to the air (11:40)
  • Most effective technique recently on the Canal (12:17)
  • Fishing report from the East End of the Canal (13:00)
  •  Jeff's top location choices in relation to time of day (13:45)
  • Productive upcoming tides at the Canal (14:31)
  • And much more...

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