July 30, 2022

Several years ago on a summer day out on the shifting shoals southeast of Monomoy Island, my brother Mark tied into a nice fluke.  His medium heavy, fast action rod had a big parabolic bend in it, with the tip dipping into the water as he was reeling and cranking ...

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Drifting For “Doormat” Fluke
July 11, 2022

Yesterday I started in earnest what I call my ‘combo’ trips. As more of a weekend angler with my family and friends, at this time of the year I launch at 5am at Stage Harbor and chase Stripers and Blues out off Monomoy. After a couple hours a choice is made ...

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Cod Fishing Out East
June 19, 2022

*This article was originally published on July 11th, 2021.The Monomoy Shoals, located off the southernmost tip of Monomoy Island, encompass a unique topography made up of pebbles, cobblestones and shifting sands. In fact, constant change is embodied by the term Monomoy Island. Currently Monomoy is a true island, but throughout history ...

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Monomoy Rips Fishing Techniques