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Surf Fishing the Fall Run | “Behind the Scenes” of MFCC TV

Ryan Collins

Thank you to everyone who has tuned-in to the second season of My Fishing Cape Cod TV! I really appreciate having you watching. 🙌🏻

This weekend marks the end of our airings for season #2. This Saturday at 9:30am (with a replay on Sunday) we will be replaying one of my favorite episodes, Surf Fishing the Fall Run.

In this episode I am fishing after a fall storm, which has pushed bait, bass & blues against the beach. Fishing with me is Dave Steeves of the Goose Hummock Shops and The fish really cooperated for us during this episode, and Dave and I were able to catch plenty with fly & spin.


This post will give you a "behind the scenes" look at the filming of this memorable episode, from MFCC TV producer Shane Uriot. In addition, I will include some comments and extra info about the lures, gear, general location etc.

The Pressure Was On

Shane Uriot

The wind had shifted tremendously since our first day of filming, and the ocean was angry. The weather was too rough for us to be out on the Miss Loretta.

This left us with only one option - fishing from the beach. Big waves were crashing hard onto the shore as we made our way over the dunes. 

The sun was just starting to peek up from the horizon. Filming today would be one of the toughest challenges we had faced since starting this television project.

As most of you know, catching large striped bass from the beach is not easy, and there is a strong possibility of being skunked. Normally that would be okay, but we were running shot on filming days, as the fish migrated south.

Our opportunities to shoot this episode were dwindling. Today was our last chance to record some surf fishing with professional-grade camera gear until the saltwater fishing season on Cape Cod was swallowed up by winter.

Ready For Action

Evan Schneider from Hop Top Films and I headed down the beach with our gear, and met with Ryan and this segment's guest host, Dave Steeves from the Goose Hummock Shops and

Also accompanying us was Zach Lesinski from 2020 Skylight. Zach would be following us around all morning long, recording the action from above using his drone.

We could see birds all over the area, and Ryan and Dave readied their gear as quickly as possible. The wind was blowing around 20mph, making conditions tough to cast.

Ryan’s solution was to throw the trusty MFCC pencil popper. Ryan sent his plug far into the raging surf. He "walked the dog" back and forth, and after his third retrieve his drag started screaming under the pressure of a large fish.

We couldn’t believe it! Ryan wrestled the fish through the pounding surf, until he finally landed a monster bluefish that was easily in the 15lb range.

After losing a few plugs to bluefish teeth, Ryan and Dave switched over to steel leaders.

Dave had hooked onto another gator blue shortly after re-rigging. 

The birds were still working the rough water; we just hoped some stripers would show up soon!

Stripers At Last

After a few more blues, Ryan had a huge knock on his plug. Immediately, his line started screaming into the surf.

After a long battle, Ryan was finally able to out-muscle this nice 30lb bass!

The waves were still pounding, and the fish were pushing right into the surf.

Dave was next to hook up with a beauty, which was quickly released.

Fish On The Fly

Despite the 20+ mph winds, Dave decided to give the fly rod a chance.

He whipped the line back and fourth, effectively cutting through the wind.

Not long after Dave was on with a fish!

The morning continued producing fish after fish, both on the fly rod and spinning tackle. The bigger fish eventually moved out, replaced by small keepers large schoolies.

For awhile it seemed like Ryan and Dave were connecting to fish on almost every cast. The bite lasted from sunrise to about 11AM, and just as quick as the fish came in, they were gone.

That's A Wrap

Despite all of the roadblocks we faced with the weather, we were able to not just capture some fish on camera, but we experienced a surfcasting trip that every striper angler dreams of.

As cliche as it sounds, it felt like the universe was trying to tell us that this is what we are supposed to be doing. All of the prep, set backs, and long hours brought us to that day to have that experience.

I look forward to sharing what will hopefully be many more successful seasons of My Fishing Cape Cod TV with you. Thank you for watching this year.

Until the next season...tight lines! 🎣

Click to view 2 "behind the scenes" videos

Click to view the tackle, gear and equipment used in this episode

What do you think?

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  1. I’m loving those Sunday mornings with a coffee watching the show, nice work filming and nice work finding fish!

    1. Pumped you enjoyed the show Gary! 🙌🏻

      Season #2 is a wrap. This was the last episode until next winter. Now it’s almost time to start fishing and filming again.

  2. What beach were you fishing on March 2nd? I was thinking ——–.

    1. That beach is a secret, but you are in the right ball park with your guess 😉

  3. Bring on the season. Thank you Shane,Dave,Ryan and 2020Skylight.

    1. Spring is coming! 🙌🏻

  4. got into some nice one’s there, Ryan. love it

    1. Yeah we lucked out that day Doug. Definitely one to remember!

      On another note, Cheeky is right around the corner. Almost time to start scouting…

  5. Love the show and the write up is great reminder about the show and about what is ahead for all of us over the next few months.

  6. Did I read this right? A 30# bass on a steel leader? Imagine that was because water visibility was low. Some beautiful photos.

    1. With a topwater plug, the bass doesn’t see much (if any) of the leader. However I would definitely be much more hesitant to use a wire leader if I was casting a subsurface lure – the leader would be much more visible then.

  7. Sweet trip! beautiful footage! Love the drone shot!

    1. Thank you! It was definitely a memorable experience.

  8. Amazing that you had such great fishing on your first day of filming. The stars were truly aligned!

    1. I agree! I couldn’t believe we had the day that we had. It definitely felt like it was meant to be!


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