May 16 2016

Boulder Bass | Part #1


Ryan Collins

Our group of ambitious My Fishing Cape Codders had taken hundreds of casts, and covered miles of boulder strewn coastline.

I had two schoolies under my belt and Dex Chadsey had caught one. Yet despite our best efforts, the fishing had been very slow.

The morning for me had begun bright and early at 4AM. I brewed a pot of coffee and by 4:45AM MFCC members Dex Chadsey, Albert Carey, Steve Churchill and Jack Bosch were ready to fish. 

But now it was 6AM and there was little to no sign of life. No bait, no birds and no bass...but that was going to change soon.


The MFCC crew and I soon decided to leave a sandy spit of beach and try another area which contained more boulders.

Our group then split up. Albert headed south and I headed north. Steve, Dex and Jack remained in the middle.​

Soon I found myself wandering away from the sandy beach towards seaweed covered rocks and boulders. The water, however, was crystal clear.

I cast my Canal Magic Swimmer as far as I could out beyond the rocks, and began a nice slow retrieve. I watched as the plug slithered through the water.

It was at that moment I saw through the crystal clear water, a half dozen stripers, with the largest being perhaps 15 pounds.

I continued my slow retrieve and an instant later one of the bass from the school lunged forward and attacked my swimmer.

I set the hook and I was on!​

Finally I had caught a decent size fish! Plus the other bass in the school appeared to be a bit larger, probably in the 10-15 pound range.

I released the striper and called the MFCC crew in on the fish.

Was this be the beginning of a hot boulder bass bite?

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boulder striped bass

  • Great read! I feel like running my boat over to Cuttyhunk is the 1st thing I want to do when I get to the Cape. My whole life on Cape Cod, I have never been, sounds strange, but I am going to change that pretty quickly this summer!

    • Sounds excellent Rick! You could run your boat over there and probably get a mooring in Cuttyhunk Pond for the night. Just watch that southwest wind, and be cautious of the rocks and boulders offshore the island.

  • Reading this just brings me back to Cutty with the salt air, crashing waves, miles of boulder fields, and the potential to find monster bass…

    It really is a special place and a great experience to have the opportunity to fish there. Awesome report; glad you guys found a few fish on Saturday. Sounds like it was a pretty successful trip. Can’t wait for part 2!

    • It sure is a special island, no doubt about that. The scenery, people and as you mention, potential for a big fish makes all the traveling and walking well worthwhile.

      I was very glad we found a few fish as well. Not going to lie, we really had to work for them!

  • Great following your foot steps and the MFCC crew. It’s always fun to catch fish, but just think, it’s only May and the fishing will only get better. Thanks for sharing!

  • What a great narrative, I felt the fog and difficult footing. Thanks for all that you share at MFCC.

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