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Goose Hummock Fishing Report | May 29th

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Yesterday my friends from the Goose Hummock Shops published their weekly Cape Cod fishing report, which goes live each Friday.

Today I just wanted to share the video with you in case you've never tuned-in before to their YouTube channel.

In yesterday's report, captain Phil Howarth from the Goose provided a full update on everything from black sea bass, to bluefin tuna. Click play below to check it out! 👇

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Lauren’s First-Ever Keeper Black Sea Bass

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

On Tuesday my wife Lauren and I headed out in our 12 foot Lund aluminum boat in search of black sea bass, scup and tautog.

Fishing from the little boat is a completely different experience then fishing from my 21 foot Hydra Sport, and I could tell Lauren was slightly skeptical about the whole idea.

Nevertheless we ended up having an awesome time, and in this post I will recap the experience, as well as share with you some updates, tips and friendly advice for fishing right now on the Cape & Islands. 🎣

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An Abundance of Life | New Underwater Video

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

In this post I just wanted to share some additional underwater footage from my bottom fishing trips this spring.

These clips were filmed throughout Buzzard's Bay in 20-30 feet of water. 

If you have gone bottom fishing this spring and found good action, then what you see in this video may very well of been happening right below your boat!

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2020 Group Fishing Trip Update

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Due to COVID, this spring has been a challenging time for the Cape's charter captains. Fortunately as of today May 25th, charter boats can once again start running trips.

I have been waiting for this moment to start scheduling our 2020 My Fishing Cape Cod group fishing trips.

Group fishing trips are a great way for MFCC members to experience some of the best fishing Cape Cod has to offer, at an affordable per person rate.

For now I will be scheduling trips differently, by posting group trip openings here inside our group trip forum. 

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Impressive Footage of Striped Bass “Engulfing” Flies on Cape Cod

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

On Thursday May 21st I was able to capture some pretty cool underwater footage of stripers on Cape Cod following and "engulfing" a 3 inch long brown and white fly.

The following clip was filmed during the last hour of the incoming tide. Conditions were bright and sunny with little wind, which made for really ideal underwater filming.

The spot where I filmed this clip is unique because a strong current creates a rip right along the shore. Places where a swift current abuts with the shoreline are often wonderful places to find striped bass on Cape Cod.

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Awesome Aerial Footage of Striped Bass Chasing Fish Snax Soft Plastic

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Yesterday I teamed up with Ian Bragdon from the Goose Hummock Shops to capture some awesome aerial footage of stripers chasing Fish Snax soft plastic baits.

This footage was filmed on Cape Cod yesterday (May 21st) at about 10:30am during the last hour or so of the incoming tide. If you love fishing for stripers, then I think you will enjoy this video! 

In general the bass were very finicky and difficult to fool. However, after we finished shooting this clip the bite did turn on for about 30 minutes, before the fish disappeared during slack tide.

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Mediterranean Roasted Tautog

In this reci​pe, tautog is simmered and roasted in a Mediterranean style sauce of freshly chopped tomatoes, spices, herbs, capers and golden raisins.  

Ryan and I really enjoyed this dish - it is heavenly! Plus what could be better than enjoying a meal from something caught locally on Cape Cod?

This recipe also works for halibut, swordfish, striped bass, bluefish, shrimp or chicken, so even if you can't find any tautog, you can still enjoy this delicious sauce.

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My First Keeper Tautog & Scup Of The Year

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

This past weekend Cape Cod received a taste of summer with bright sunny skies, calm winds, and warm weather.

Right now a lot of life is flocking and swimming to the bays, beaches and offshore waters surrounding the Cape & Islands.

There is an abundance of fishing opportunities right now on Cape Cod. Anglers are chasing haddock, tautog, scup, stripers, bluefish and flounder. Black sea bass season also opened up today.

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Black Sea Bass Season Opens This Monday May 18th

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Black sea bass are a beautiful, hard fighting and delicious fish to catch. Here in Massachusetts the season opens up on Monday May 18th. Black sea bass must be at least 15 inches long to keep, and there is a 5 fish per person limit.

The fishing for black sea bass here on Cape Cod during the spring can be excellent. Right now these fish are moving in shallow to spawn which makes them easier to find and fool into biting.

Yesterday I actually caught a "monster" black sea bass in Buzzard's Bay (which was of course released) and I saw several other big black sea bass in the underwater footage captured during the trip.

I'll post that underwater footage soon, but in this post I just want to highlight some of the resources we have here on My Fishing Cape Cod for black sea bass fishing.

Please scroll down to check it out! 👇

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[VIDEO] How to Catch Green Crabs for Bait

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Earlier in the month I published this written report about the adventure I went on while searching for green crabs here on Cape Cod.

Today I want to share with you a video which highlights the most exciting parts of that green crabbing adventure.

If you follow My Fishing Cape Cod on Instagram, then you might recognize some of these clips. These clips were part of my "Instagram Story" which I shared earlier in the week.

Instagram Stories have different video dimensions, which is why this video appears to be "skinny." Please click play to check it out!

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