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Goose Hummock Kids’ Fishing Festival | Saturday April 20th

Ryan Collins

This Saturday April 20th from 8am-2pm, the Goose Hummock will be hosting the kid's fishing festival at Cliff Pond in Brewster, MA.

I also plan on attending and will be at Cliff Pond all day. This fishing festival will be a wonderful opportunity to learn how to fish!

The crew from the Goose Hummock Shops will be supplying 24 rods and reels, rigged up and ready for anyone in attendance to use! In addition there will by fly fishing instruction and kayaks available.

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Trout Fishing on Cape Cod | From A Row Boat

Garet Suomala

Hello My Fishing Cape Cod đź‘‹ Garet Suomala here. Sorry I have not written in a good long while, but I am back for another season, and ready to go.

It's been a great winter for me. During March I accompanied Ryan at the New England Saltwater Fishing Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center. 

There were thousands of people at the show, plus a couple hundred exhibits. It was fun for me to walk around and see them. Ryan and I also presented two seminars at the show called Secrets of Fishing Cape Cod.

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Wild Blitz of Jacks, Roosters, Black Tuna, and Spanish Macks! | Costa Rica 2019

Ryan Collins

Welcome to another edition of "Costa Rica Saturday," a weekly series that will continue for the month of April.

This past winter my life Lauren and I guided two groups of anglers and their wives from the USA in Costa Rica. We explored the jungle, saw sloths and monkeys, and went fishing!

We've been going to Costa Rica since 2015, yet one thing I had never done before was go kayak fishing in Costa Rica.

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A Simple Way To Catch Tautog During The Spring On Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

For most of my fishing life I have been obsessed with striped bass. However in recent years I have really enjoyed branching out and fishing for other species.

One species of fish which I find super fun to target is the tautog (also called blackfish). Tautog are extremely strong and fight great. They are a challenge to find and hook and are also wonderful to eat.

In my opinion, the simplest way to catch tautog is to use a Togzilla jig. These jigs are specially made to present a crab (one of the tautog's favorite prey items) right on the bottom amongst the rocks and boulders where tautog call home.

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Important Information About 2019 Striped Bass Group Trips

Ryan Collins

Starting in June, our 2019 group trips will be fishing striper hot spots in Buzzard's Bay, Cape Cod Bay, off the Outer Cape and in the rips of Monomoy. 

Over the past four years our crews have caught bass of up to 48 inches on lures and live bait. 

I have personally experienced some of the best striper trips of my entire life while fishing onboard our group trips!

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How To Catch Smallmouth Bass On Cape Cod

Dan Jones
Goose Hummock Store Manager

Hello My Fishing Cape Cod!  My name is Dan Jones, store manager at the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans, Massachusetts.

In this article we will be discussing strategies and techniques that work on Cape Cod for targeting the elusive bronze-back beauty, the smallmouth bass. 

Smallmouth bass (pictured below) are a hard fighting and acrobatic freshwater fish. Fishing for smallmouths can be very exciting and challenging.

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Spanish/Sierra Mackerel Catch and Cook | Costa Rica 2019

Lauren Collins

Life in Costa Rica is in many ways similar to life on Cape Cod. Yet there are also many, many differences.

One BIG difference is that here in Costa Rica, it is very possible to catch a fish and then find yourself eating that same fish for lunch less than an hour later.

You can do the same thing on Cape Cod, but not during January and February! Fortunately the weather in Costa Rica is sunny and hot year-round.

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Trout Fishing Cape Cod With Spoons and Stickbaits | April 5th Report

Ryan Collins

Right now is one of the most exciting times of the year on Cape Cod. Everyone is chomping at the bit for the arrival of striped bass.

We still have a few more weeks until the first schoolie stripers migrate to the Cape, but until then many anglers here on MFCC have been hitting the kettle ponds for trout.

Cape Cod is blessed with hundreds of gorgeous little ponds. Many of these kettle ponds were carved out thousands of years ago by glaciers during the last ice age. The ponds are deep, often have amazingly clear water, and are surrounded by wonderful scenery and nature.

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Cape Cod; A Fishing Wonderland [Full Seminar]

Ryan Collins

Back on February 17th I had the awesome opportunity to host a seminar at the boat show in Boston, as part of the Goose Hummock Seminar Series.

The seminar series was great and I need to thank Phil, Jan and the rest of the crew at the Goose Hummock for organizing the seminar series and making it happen!

My seminar was titled "Cape Cod; A Fishing Wonderland." In this seminar I will take you month-by-month through a season of fishing Cape Cod. Learn what species will be available from shore and boat. Discover top locations and techniques for striped bass, bluefin tuna and more. Complete with high resolution photos and videos.

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Fly Fishing Cape Cod | April 2nd Trout Report

Ryan Collins

Yesterday I broke out the 5 weight and caught a half dozen rainbows and a gorgeous brook trout, while fly fishing a kettle pond on Cape Cod. 

The sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful bright blue, with big puffy white clouds bouncing along on the breeze. It felt like Spring!

During this trip I was fishing at a recently stocked private kettle pond on Cape Cod, with MFCC member Kevin Walsh.

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