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Highlights From This Week On My Fishing Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

This week anglers from the My Fishing Cape Cod community have been posting some great stories, photos and updates to our forum as well as to our social media pages.

I've really enjoyed reading through the updates and learning what everyone is up to fishing-wise. 

The rest of this post will contain just a small preview of some of the highlights, because there are just too many highlights to cram into one blog post! 

I have also included links to where you can get more information about each topic. Please continue reading below. 👇

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It Takes a Big Gaff to Land a Bucket

​This story is taken from "Martha's Vineyard Outdoors, Fishing, Hunting and Avoiding Divorce on a Small Island," a collection of columns previo​usly published in The Martha's Vineyard Times and appears courtesy of author Nelson Sigelman.

Venturing offshore to go fishing can be an exciting and beautiful experience with the opportunity for a real adventure.  You just never know what you're going to catch, particularly when you start to doze off.

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Stop Gut-Hooking Striped Bass, By Using This Type Of Circle Hook

Ryan Collins

Effective next year (2020) recreational anglers not fishing aboard for-hire vessels will be
required to use inline circle hooks when fishing for striped bass in Massachusetts with whole or cut natural baits.

Since inline circle hooks will soon be required by law, I figured now would be a great time to start talking about my #1 most favorite type of circle.

Without a doubt my favorite type of circle hooks are Trokar in-line circles. Over the past several years I've experimented with several different styles of circle hooks, with the Trokar in-line circle performing the best.

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How To Cook Whole Black Sea Bass | with Simeon Watson of the Goose Hummock

Simeon Watson

Hello My Fishing Cape Cod! We are now well into black sea bass fishing season, so today I wanted to share with you a recipe you can try at home in your own kitchen.

This recipe is for whole black sea bass. We'll go over all the details for how to prepare a whole black sea bass in the video below. 

Sea bass are such a delicious fish, with plenty of white flakey meat. Serving whole black sea bass (instead of filleted sea bass) is definitely a great way to turn heads at the dinner table. 

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Tuna Have Arrived Offshore Cape Cod & The Islands

Kevin Collins


Hello and welcome to another edition of the My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast, here on

The weather has improved and today (Friday) is sunny with bluebird conditions as I look out the window while recording this podcast.

Without further ado, lets welcome in our guests for today's show.

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MFCC Challenges Update

Ryan Collins

MFCC Challenges are new fishing competitions for members of My Fishing Cape Cod.

About once per month I will post new challenges, and the first members to complete the challenges will win whatever prizes are up for grabs.

The first-ever MFCC Challenge was to see who would be the first to catch a 40 inch striped bass. 

Today I would like to update you on the winners and also unveil the next set of MFCC Challenges which are live starting today!

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Saltwater Fishing Reel Maintenance & Care

Steve Leary

Charter captain & MFCC member

Lets pretend for a moment that it's late June and the early morning bite has been on with big bass crushing surface plugs and inhaling slow trolled live baits.

It's predawn, conditions are prefect, with the moon sinking and the sun yet to crack the horizon. You have been up for hours anticipating this long-awaited trip. 

You arrive at your favorite spot either by walking up over the dune or slowly maneuvering your boat toward an inlet. The air is still, and the sea surface is like glass, only interrupted by the swirls of huge fish. 

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Cape Cod Stuffed Quahogs with Chorizo

Lauren Collins

Quahogs are in season now on Cape Cod, and what better way to celebrate than with a homemade stuffed quahog recipe!

If you're a New Englander like me, then you know a stuffed quahog when you see one.  Just to be clear, a stuffed quahog is also known as a stuffed clam - quahog just sounds cooler.

Stuffed quahogs are one of those quintessential summer meals that you can't miss out on when you're on Cape Cod. During the summer you can usually find stuffed quahogs on most restaurants' menus, but stuffed quahogs are also a delight (and much healthier) to make at home.

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Early June Cape Cod Striper Report

Ryan Collins

This past Friday morning we departed the harbor at 6AM and enjoyed grease calm conditions with absolutely no wind.

We were fishing with captain Cullen of Cape Star Charters, onboard one of our weekly group fishing trips.

For this trip it was myself, captain Cullen, and MFCC members Ben Mahanna, Mike Marcus, Darren Jacobs and Dick Glockner.

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Striped Bass Up To 45 Inches

Kevin Collins

Weekly Podcast Host

Hello and welcome to another episode of the 2019 My Fishing Cape Cod podcast.

Each week throughout the fishing season, we will be publishing a new weekly fishing report podcast here on the website.

We have our usual cast of characters with us for today's podcast, which was recorded just hours ago earlier today on Friday June 7th.

Please click here to download this podcast, or scroll below to learn more about what to expect.

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