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Sierra Mackerel From The Beach In Costa Rica

Ryan Collins

This week a group of members from My Fishing Cape Cod have flown down to Costa Rica, to join my wife Lauren and I for a week of fishing, exploring and enjoying the sun!

However, before we get started, I'd like to thank all the viewers who tuned-in to the first episode of season #2 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV. You guys rock and thanks for watching!

Fishing in Costa Rica is in many ways similar to fishing on Cape Cod. Yet there are also many, many differences. One BIG difference is that here in Costa Rica, it is very possible to encounter good surfcasting action during the middle of a bright sunny day. On Cape Cod, the best surfcasting action is almost always at night.

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MFCC TV “Behind The Scenes” Of Live-Lining Mackerel For Stripers

Andrew Burke

The first episode of season #2 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV aired this weekend. I hope you were able to tune-in! 

Back during the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to join the MFCC TV crew as they filmed this "live-lining mackerel for stripers" episode of My Fishing Cape Cod TV.

I met Ryan Collins and the film crew of Shane Uriot, Evan Schneider of Hop Top Films, and Tyler Adams of the Goose Hummock Shops for an afternoon of live-lining mackerel onboard Jason Mazzola's 23' Seacraft - the Sue-Sea-Q.

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My Fishing Cape Cod TV | Season #2

Ryan Collins

Tune to NBC SportsBOSTON this Saturday morning at 9:30am for a new episode of My Fishing Cape Cod TV!

Season #2 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV is presented by the Goose Hummock and will air Saturday mornings at 9:30am, with a replay on Sunday mornings, from Jan 12-March 2. I hope you'll tune-in!

Our mission to inspire people of all ages to get outside & fish, and to instill in our viewers an appreciation of Cape Cod's unique natural environment and fisheries. 

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A Day in the Life at TowBoatUS Cape Cod/Plymouth

Andrew Burke

This past Labor Day, I had the pleasure of joining captain Shawn Brule of TowBoatUS Cape Cod/Plymouth for a behind the scenes look at their incredible operation. 

The plan was for me to hop on board with captain Shawn and film "a day in the life" at TowBoatUS Cape Cod/Plymouth. I met Shawn early in the morning, and in no time at all we were sitting in the middle of Buzzard's Bay waiting for a tow call to come in.

 It was quite impressive to see how proactively TowBoatUS Cape Cod/Plymouth operates. Rather than sitting at the dock waiting for a call, we were floating in the middle of Buzzard's Bay ready to spring into action.  

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Interview with Dave Bitters of Baymen Guide Services

Billy Mitchell
Member since 2014

Hello My Fishing Cape Cod! My name is Billy Mitchell and I've been a member here on the website since June of 2014.

Over the years I've communicated with many of you here via the blog or within our forum. I've also had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with many MFCC members in-person!

During 2018 I launched my own personal website called Seven Stripes Fishing, where I share my own fishing reports, products, information about charter services, and most recently, interviews with local captains and people involved in the industry.

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The 2019 MFCC Costa Rica Fishing Adventure

Ryan Collins

Lauren and I are heading back down to Costa Rica on January 7th!  This year we have two groups from My Fishing Cape Cod traveling down to fish with us.

Expect to see some Costa Rica posts here on MFCC throughout Jan/Feb, but I’ll also be sure to keep the Cape Cod content flowing. ✌🏻 

For example, I have recently teamed up with MFCC member Billy Mitchell of Seven Stripes Fishing. Billy has been conducting interviews with local charter captains, guides and others involved in the Cape Cod fishing industry. 

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2019 Cape Cod “Fishing Vacation” Rental Packages

Ryan Collins

Since launching My Fishing Cape Cod in 2011, we have helped hundreds of anglers make the most of their fishing time here on the Cape.

Today I'd like to share with you a new fishing vacation rental package, created for anglers and families looking for a 4 bedroom rental, in close proximity to some of the best fishing on Cape Cod.

The rental is owned by a friend of mine who is also a member of My Fishing Cape Cod. He's created a fishing oasis by renting his newly renovated home, which is located just minutes away from world class saltwater striper fishing!

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My 2 Favorite Boat Ramps In Falmouth

Ryan Collins

The town of Falmouth has great fishing for stripers, bluefish, fluke and false albacore. I got my first taste of boating off Falmouth in elementary school, when my dad brought my family and I to Cuttyhunk.

The island of Cuttyhunk (and the entire Elizabeth Island archipelago) sits just to the west of Falmouth. Boating and fishing along the Elizabeths is a big draw and is typically my main reason for launching my boat in Falmouth.

The island of Martha's Vineyard is also just a short boat ride across Vineyard Sound from the southern shoreline of Falmouth. And off West Falmouth is some very fishy water for tautog, black seabass, and scup.

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What You Need to Know About Tuning a Metal Lip Swimmer

Connor PD

Washed Ashore Fishing

One of the greatest features of the wooden metal lip swimmer is that the fisherman has the ability to adjust the depth at which the plug swims, on the go.

I'm sure that countless articles and videos have already been written and produced on this subject. However, I feel that it bears repeating as it can really improve your catch. 

It's a simple trick, and it can be the difference between getting skunked and catching fish. Sometimes, it even pays to tune a metal lip swimmer multiple times in a single trip. 

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Holiday Giveaway Winners

Ryan Collins

Over the past week you may of noticed the giveaways we have been running here on the My Fishing Cape Cod website, and on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Up for grabs are items such as one of a kind water proof surf bags, ANGLR Bullseyes and MFCC pencil poppers. A lot of people entered and today we unveil who won what!

Please scroll below to see if you won anything. And if you did not win this time, then have no worries, because I plan on giving away more cool products, tackle and other opportunities throughout 2019 👍🏻

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