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“Giant Tuna Fishing” Episode is Now Live on MFCC

Back on August 7th, myself and group of members from MFCC had the unique experience of being in the middle of an incredible ecosystem off the coast of Cape Cod.

In this ecosystem were sand lance, sharks, humpback whales and of course bluefin tuna.

We captured all the action on video and aired it as a television show a couple of weeks ago on February 27th. Today I posted the episode here on the website for members to view.

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Tuna Trip Winner Announced!

I hope you are all having a nice weekend! Today I did the drawing for the tuna trip giveaway. 

In this giveaway, one lucky member from MFCC will win a free spot onboard either the July 1 or 8 group fishing trip for giant bluefin tuna.

You can see who won by clicking play below!

Also, be sure to watch to the very end for some additional bonus prizes. Thank you and stay tuned for the next giveaway!

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Fishing Cape Cod in 2021 | New Seminar Video

On Tuesday March 2nd I had a fun opportunity to present an online seminar called Fishing Cape Cod in 2021 to the Falmouth Fisherman's Association. 

The seminar covered many of the saltwater fishing opportunities which will be available on Cape Cod this upcoming spring, summer and fall.

In this presentation I shared underwater, drone and regular video of some of my most memorable fishing experiences from last season. Throughout the video I provide helpful narration with fun stories, tips and advice.

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SaltX 4000 Winner Announced!

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

So far this 2021 season I've been having fun running weekly giveaways for our members inside our private forum.

Recent items up for grabs have included a Tsunami SaltX 4000 spinning reel, Crippled Herring lures, and even fishing trips!

In this post I just wanted to recap who won some of our recent giveaways, as well as give you a preview of the bluefin tuna trip giveaway which is happening this week on My Fishing Cape Cod.

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Episodes From Season 4 of MFCC TV Are Now Available Online

Season 4 of MFCC TV is under way on NBC Sports Boston and now members of MFCC can watch these episodes online at any time from any device.

If you are a member of My Fishing Cape Cod, then you can go to the TV page here on the website to access episodes 24/7.

So far the first two episodes from the 2021 season have been posted. These shows featured early spring fishing for tautog, scup, sea bass, squid and stripers.

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10 Tips For Catching Chain Pickerel

Often overlooked, the chain pickerel is an aggressive and resilient fighting fish that can be found in ponds, lakes, streams, and grassy wetlands all over the state of Massachusetts.

An extremely close relative to the legendary northern pike, these fish find themselves at or near the top of the food chain in your local neighborhood pond.

Known for their seemingly reckless predatory behavior, the chain pickerel is most infamous for its mouth full of jagged, razor-sharp teeth.

Though loved by some (and hated by many) the chain pickerel gives the Massachusetts angler a chance to hook into a fish of up to 25 inches or more only minutes from home, virtually no matter where you are in the bay state.

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Season 4 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV Begins This Saturday February 13 at 9:30am

season 4 my fishing cape cod tv
ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

I just figured I would publish a quick post to remind anyone who is interested that the first episode of season 4 of MFCC TV will air this Saturday at 9:30am on NBC Sports Boston.

There will also be a replay of the episode on Sunday at 10:30am, immediately following the 10am episode of On The Water TV.

This Saturday's episode will focus on early spring saltwater fishing opportunities on Cape Cod. That's all I'm going to say. The rest will be a surprise!

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Fishing in Provincetown, Massachusetts

This post was originally published in November of 2013. Today I wanted to re-publish this post with updated information about fishing the waters and shorelines of Provincetown, MA.

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Fishing in Provincetown, Massachusetts goes back centuries, well before the Pilgrims arrived on the Cape's sandy shores.

In fact, ancient fishermen once landed mammoth 100 plus pound codfish, door-size halibut, haddock, and a variety of other valuable fish species right off the P-town coast.

The fishing today may not be as incredible, but it's still pretty darn good. Just a few years ago there were several 1,000 pound giant bluefin tuna caught within sight of Provincetown's Race Point Beach. Large schools of striped bass and bluefish also show up at Provincetown throughout the course of spring, summer and fall.

As with most Cape Cod fishing spots, Provincetown fishing changes from season to season.

I recall one year where the bass schools were so dense that my sonar began to malfunction. The next summer I couldn't find a fish anywhere. I guess that is what keeps fishing in this area so interesting and exciting.

In this article, I would like to share with you my experiences and knowledge of fishing the Provincetown area for striped bass, bluefin tuna and other species. Please scroll below to continue reading. ?

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Parmesan Crusted Tautog With Herb-Lemon Sauce

This recipe was originally published in June of 2014 and is one of the most popular on the site. We've republished and updated this post with new photos, information, links etc. for 2021 and beyond.

Tautog is one of our favorite fish to both catch and cook on Cape Cod.  With it's hearty white meat, it holds up well to almost any way of cooking.

In this recipe, I made a simple breading of parmesan cheese and spicy smoked paprika, with a quick lemon and herb sauce to drizzle all over.

It sets up well to pair with spicy smoked paprika and nutty parmesan cheese.  The light herbed lemon sauce gives the fish more depth with it's rich flavors of herbs such as mint, basil, parsley and more.

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