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Our Costa Rica Packing List

Ryan Collins

The members in our forum are still catching fish here on Cape Cod, but for most people the fishing season is starting to wind down.

School is back in session and there are yards that need to be raked. Vacation days have already been used up, or are being saved for the upcoming holiday season. 

However if you are like me, then you're always on the lookout for opportunities to catch big fish - especially from shore! That is why I'm pumped to be heading back to Costa Rica for 5 weeks this November and December. 


If you are unfamiliar with my first expedition to Costa Rica, then you can read all about it by viewing these posts and videos from the December 2015 trip. You can also watch two Web TV episodes which members of My Fishing Cape Cod can access by going here.

What Should You Pack?

When traveling abroad for a fishing trip, knowing what to pack (and what to leave at home) can be quite the challenge. Small airplanes have strict baggage weight limits, and you do not want to be lugging around a heavy pack when traveling on foot.

I know there are quite a few My Fishing Cape Codders who are planning on heading south this winter to do some fishing. In addition, I wanted to publish this packing list for the 4 members of My Fishing Cape Cod who are signed up to travel and fish Costa Rica with my wife Lauren and I this December 9th-16th.

If you are a member of My Fishing Cape Cod and you would like to join us in Costa Rica, then please send me an email via, and I will coordinate details with you.

Keep in mind that Lauren and I will be away from home for 5 weeks, so odds are you won't have to pack as much gear as us.

Household Items We Need To Purchase

$40 – Salomon Float Shorts

$40 – Moisture Wicking Tank Tops

$40 – MFCC tank top

$5 – Old Navy flip flops

$20 (3) Tinactin Athletes Foot Spray

$50 (5) Coppertone Sport Sunscreen

$15 (3) Shampoo & Conditioner (Purchase in Costa Rica)

$25 – Laundry Detergent (purchase in Costa Rica)

$5 – Clothesline Clips

$6 – Excedrin migraine

$6 – Antihistamine cream

$20 (2) Bug spray

$20 (5) Mosquito Coils

$5 Anti-bacterial wipes

$10 Cutting board

$10 Neoprene diver socks


Equipment We Need To Purchase

$90 (6) Canal Magic Swimmers – transparent 6.5in 1.5oz slow sink

$105 – Power Pro 40lb 1500 yards

$60 (2) 40lb Seagur Fluorocarbon

$500 – Van Staal VR150

$130 (2) Spotted Sardine Strategic Angler Mikros S-Series

$30 (3) Creek Chub Nine Pin Poppers

$10 (2) VMC inline hooks for replacing trebles


$10 Split ring pliers

$50 Gerber multi-use pliers

$40 (2) First Aid Kits

$20 Machete

$50 Polarized sunglasses

$20 Replacement battery for Lauren’s camera

$5 Electrical tape

Stuff We Already Have

Van Staal VR175 spinning reel

7ft 3-piece Offshore Angler Ocean Master Series Travel Rod model #OMXTMS Power Medium

8.5ft 3-piece Tsunami Trophy Series Travel Rod model #TSTSS 863H

9 weight Sage Motive fly rod

My Fishing Cape Cod shirt

2 pairs of flip flops

Running shorts

Salomon shorts

2 Headlamps

1 Flashlight

Triple A and Double A batteries


2 Sunglasses lanyards



Fillet knife & sharpener

Split ring pliers

Gerber multi-use pliers

40lb monofilament

Tactical Angler clips


Reddington 9 weight fly reel + flies + leaders + tippet

Zara Spook for snook at inlet

Daiwa SP Minnow slow sink

Bomber 16A

2 good books

2 rain jackets

Lauren’s Camera + charger

Passports & licenses

6 pairs of socks


Nivea moisturizer

Lauren’s night cream

Lauren sunscreen for face

2 dish sponges

2 beach towels

2 hats

6 pairs of underwear

3 moisture wicking shirts

Orange button-up shirt

Blue button-up shirt

Fishing gloves

Fish gripper


2 MacBooks

2 MacBook chargers

Seagate External hard drive

$160 (2) External hard drives


2 iPhone chargers

2 Wifi remote charging cables

6 Micro SD cards

USB charging station

2 GoPro floaty cases

3 GoPro waterproof housings

3 Backup GoPro housings

2 Micro fiber cloths

3 GoPro cameras

4 Extended life GoPro batteries

10 Regular GoPro batteries

3 Packs of anti-fog inserts

2 Lanyards for GoPros

2 GoPro selfie sticks

GoPro sand spike

2 Quodos Knog lights for GoPro

3 Batteries for Quodos Knog lights

Floating GoPro headstrap

Regular GoPro headstrap

2 GoPro wifi remotes



Odds are I may of missed an item or two here on the list, but I will do my best to keep this list up-to-date, and to remove any items I do not end up utilizing during our trip. 

Another important point to mention is that our travel plans require us to board a very small plane (AKA "puddle jumper") which has a strict baggage weight limit of 10 pounds for carry-on luggage and 30 pounds for one checked bag.

My carry-on luggage consists of the backpack on the left plus three travel rod tubes and a laptop. My checked bag is pictured on the right.

I have a feeling that everything listed above will weigh-in just under the weight limit, but it is crucial to weigh your bags before leaving home to make sure.

Right now we have space for one more angler to join us on this trip to Costa Rica. The price is $1,000 which includes accommodations at a beachside cabina which you will share with another member of My Fishing Cape Cod.

If you would like to join us in Costa Rica, then please send me an email via, and I will coordinate details with you. 

It's shaping up to be a great trip, and just like before I plan on sharing as much of the trip as possible here on the blog.

Good luck fishing the rest of this month, and I will keep you posted with how things go in Costa Rica!

Tight lines,

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

  1. Go to Barnes and noble or Amazon and sign up for E-books. DOWN LOAD ALL YOU WANT TO YOUR TABLET they weigh nothing

    1. Good idea Barry!

  2. One suggestion I would buy a rechargeable headlamp I got mine on Amazon for under $30. It can be charged off a car and holds a charge for 3-4 hours before needing to be recharged also comes with a wall charger but I don’t know if it is the same 120/240 in Costa Rica. Good luck and enjoy your trip.

    1. Thanks so much Nathan!

  3. Ryan and Lauren,

    Wish you guys a great trip. Looks like your bringing down more stuff than exists is most of the small towns around here. :-).

    Safe travels,

    1. Thanks so much Jim! I know the list looks like a lot, but somehow we manage to fit it all into two duffles, each weighing no more than 30 pounds!

  4. Take this book “Fishing: How the Sea Fed Civilization by Brian Fagan

    1. We will look into that, thanks Jim!

  5. Don’t forget bonefish flies, crazy charlie etc.

    1. That’s right. I just added fly fishing equipment to the list. Would be great to catch some Crevalle Jacks and Roosterfish on the fly!


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