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Jack Crevalle Blitz! | Surf Fishing Report From Mexico

Ryan Collins

48hrs ago the beach in front of our rental condo here in Mexico exploded with a big blitz of jack crevalles pushing baitfish right into the surf.

I first caught glimpse of the mayhem from atop our condo, where I had a birds eye view of the jacks chasing some sort of bait that closely resembled peanut bunker.

After watching the blitz I hustled down to our room to grab my fishing equipment. Within a few minutes I was on the beach amongst a crowd of locals who were reeling them in fast and furious. My wife Lauren would even end up reeling in a couple!


 Please click play below to watch.

Video timestamps:

0:01 - giant jack crevalle blitz!
1:57 - shoulder to shoulder surf action on the beach
2:45 - my first jack crevalle of the trip
3:55 - jack crevalle #2
7:09 - puffer fish
8:12 - my wife Lauren hooked up with a jack crevalle!
9:41 - another jack!
12:30 - bleeding out the jack crevalles

Gear and equipment used in this video:

Van Staal VR50
7' Tsunami 3-piece Travel Rod TSCS703M
2 ounce silver Deadly Dick spoon
20 pound Seaguar Fluorocarbon
20 pound moss green Power Pro braid
75 pound Tactical Angler power clip

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  1. Weeeellll, Black fish is on fire in Newport RI, just so you know:)…’s something!

    1. That’s good to hear!

      Are you catching them from shore or from boat?

  2. Helluva nerve, helluva nerve. We are shoveling snow and slush and you two are fishing in shorts and a sun dress. Helluva nerve.

    1. LOL, I am sorry Mark!!!! 😞

  3. Looks like a blast! How did they taste? Good job bleeding the fish!

    1. They tasted great. Lauren makes a nice little recipe with them. It actually tastes and looks like steak tips! Here’s a link

  4. Howd they taste! The handlining by the locals is great!!

    1. The locals are very, very good with the hand line. They are also superb with the cast net. Every single day there are guys at the beach cast netting and they throw perfect “pancakes” every single time.

      The jack tasted great! Here is a link the recipe which Lauren uses

  5. fun! did you bring the fly gear this time, or just the flies? i see your teaser.

    1. The teaser worked great, and yes I did bring my fly gear. I tried fly fishing yesterday afternoon near an inlet where a freshwater river dumps into the ocean, but no luck. I will try again!

  6. Good job Lauren.


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