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Weekly Cape Cod Fishing Report Podcast | Monday July 20th

Kevin Collins

Weekly Podcast Host

Welcome to a new episode of our weekly My Fishing Cape Cod fishing report podcast. Over the past week, MFCC founder Ryan Collins received a lot of messages from people who are really missing the weekly podcast. 

We have listened to your feedback, and we are planning to ramp back up the podcasting. The format might be different (without Canal Bait etc.) but we feel the podcasts will end up being even better than what we were offering before.

In today's podcast we provide you with a full update on what's happening in the waters surrounding Cape Cod & the Islands. You'll hear about striper fishing, bluefin tuna fishing, fluke fishing and much more. Please scroll below for an overview, or click here to start listening now.


ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Ryan Collins

My Fishing Cape Cod

We start this episode with a call to MFCC founder Ryan Collins, who was eager to provide a status update for the 2020 podcast season. Ryan then goes on to provide us with a run down of the most talked about topics this week in the My Fishing Cape Cod members' forum. From frigate mackerel to fishing at the Cape Cod Canal, Ryan provides us with a big update that covers a broad range of topics. 

Phil Howarth

Goose Hummock Shops

Next up is our good friend captain Phil Howarth of the Goose Hummock Shops in Orleans and Dennis. Phil was fresh off a bait-making trip off Nauset when we chatted with him. According to Phil there is a lot of life off the Outer Cape which bodes well for surfcasting, inshore striper fishing, and bluefin tuna fishing. From fishing the rips for bluefish, to chasing yellowfin at the canyons, captain Phil provides us with a lot of helpful and interesting information for fishing the Cape this coming week.

Bruno Demir

Cape & Islands Mitsubishi

Third in today's lineup is Bruno Demir - My Fishing Cape Cod member and owner of Cape & Islands Mitsubishi. When we spoke with Bruno he was hot off a Cape Cod Bay tuna trip with fellow MFCC member Kyle Wiley. Bruno has also been doing a lot of fluke fishing in Nantucket Sound. In this segment Bruno shares his own fishing report for stripers and more.

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Speaker 3 (00:00):
The My Fishing Cape Cod podcast, brought to you by the Goose Hummock Shops, Cape Cod's largest outdoor outfitter. Serving New England since 1946. Shop them online at

Speaker 4 (00:13):
Welcome to the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast. The My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast is your local source for the latest news and information on fishing Cape Cod. Now here's your host, Kevin Collins.

Kevin (00:26):
Hello, and welcome to another addition of the My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast, here from This is your host, Kevin Collins, very happy to be back with you after quite a long layoff. And we're going to get into why we're a little bit delayed starting the 2020 weekly podcast season. And to do that, I'm going to bring in MFCC founder and creator Ryan Collins, right off the top of the show, to talk a little bit about where we're at with the weekly podcast, and all things podcasting here from MFCC.

Kevin (00:57):
We're also going to be joined on today's program, by a couple of other outstanding guests: Phil Howard, the owner of the Goose Hummock shop down in Orleans, and then the owner and general manager of Cape and Islands Mitsubishi, proud MFCC member, Bruno Demir is going to join us later on in today's program, as well. But let's dive right into today's show, shall we? Ryan, how are you doing on this beautiful Sunday morning?

Ryan (01:20):
I'm doing great, Kevin. It's an absolutely gorgeous day. Between yesterday and today, holy cow, it's hot, humid, beautiful summer weather.

Kevin (01:29):
So let's dive into the show today, Ryan. And I know right off the top, you want to talk a little bit about the general status of the podcast. You and I have been working hard in releasing a series of My Fishing Cape Cod Chronicles Podcasts, and we've been lucky enough to have some great guests. And some of the guests are even members of My Fishing Cape Cod. And we've been distributing those over the last several months, and even back into the winter months we've been distributing those on iTunes. But we've been a little bit absent on the weekly MFCC podcast, and I wanted to just give you the floor to talk a little bit about where we stand on that.

Ryan (02:07):
Yeah. When we were getting things ready to go, back in the spring, obviously with COVID and everything, it was a little crazy. People weren't even allowed to go into some of the bait and tackle shops around here. So, we got delayed on everything, and before you knew it, it was May, it was June, and the weekly fishing report podcasts that we had done for the last five, six years, just wasn't really happening. And we were doing the chronicles podcasts, and we had a great guest last week, or the week before, JC Enciolo, who's a member of My Fishing Cape Cod, and captain of Laura J. We had him on the chronicles talking about tuna fishing, and I know people enjoyed that. But just this past week, I must have received a half dozen messages from people who are active in the forum, and they're getting all the updates in the forum. Because we do have daily, sometimes hourly reports that our members are posting in the forum, which is tremendous.

Ryan (03:14):
But those same people were just telling me that they miss hearing from us, they missed the weekly podcast. So that's when I gave you a call, and that's when we gave Phil, down at the Goose a call, and Bruno, at Cape and Islands Mitsubishi. And I said, why don't we put together a weekly podcast for this weekend, and I'll include in the email newsletter that I'm going to send out on Monday? So, here we are. If you've been missing the podcast, I'm sorry. We're going to do hopefully more of these, because people do seem to enjoy them quite a bit. And obviously I love hearing your voice, Kevin, it's nice chatting with you every week.

Kevin (03:55):
Well, I think that people don't miss the podcast. They just miss listening to me, to be honest with you.

Ryan (04:00):
Probably, more than likely. It's not the fishing information, it's your baritone voice.

Kevin (04:05):
Yeah, I can't tell you how many folks in my circulation, down at the different bait shops, all over Cape Cod, how many people have come up to me, and they don't recognize me by my look, or face, or anything like that. But once I say hello, they're like, "Oh my God, you're that guy."

Ryan (04:20):
That's right, that's right. So, as you listen to today's podcast, you'll notice that we are missing Jeff from Canal Bait, which is all right. We just weren't able to get that going back when the COVID thing was happening. So, he is absent from today's podcast, but I still do recommend, if you're looking for anything Canal related, Jeff and Bruce and Sheila down at Canal Bait and Tackle are tremendous resources, and they always will be. But yeah, aside from that, why don't we just hop right into it? I've got a lot of news, and a lot of things I want to talk about.

Kevin (04:56):
Yeah. I know one of the first things that we wanted to chat about real quick, was the forum and all the different topics that have been kind of popping up in the forum. We've got a surf casting thread from South Side Beaches, and we've got all sorts of stuff in the forum that you just wanted to touch on real quick.

Ryan (05:12):
Well, in the forum, Mike Marcus, he's been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod for a long time now, he was out with an injury this year for a while, but he's back fishing, which is terrific. And he started a surf casting thread in the forum, which has really gained quite a bit of popularity. And Mike himself kind of surprised me, by reporting that he was catching some good stripers up the South Side beaches, fish to 26 inches. The water down there, on the Nantucket Sound, Vineyard Sound beaches, it's pretty warm. I mean, it's like bath water right now. But Mike has been fishing, that sunset time, and into the early evening, and over the past few days he's been reporting some pretty good action with schoolies down there, which is good to see.

Ryan (06:06):
Another member in the forum, Jonathan Jameson and his wife, reported catching double digit amounts of schoolies this past week in Little Pleasant Bay, so down towards where the Goose Hummock is, down towards Orleans. And interestingly, he did report seeing seals. Obviously, that whole area of the Cape is inundated with them, but fortunately the seals seem to stay away. And Jonathan and his wife were able to have some good action with schoolies from shore down there in Little Pleasant Bay.

Ryan (06:41):
Another member, with regards to surf casting, who I just want to give a little shout out to, is Calvin Torin Sandlin, he's a new member, he joined this spring. And he just has continued to contribute over the past couple of weeks here, some really informative posts about surf casting and surf casting tackle. He seems to really have a good handle on the best gear and equipment. So, if you're really interested in getting some good advice about surf casting, I would definitely check out some of Calvin's recent posts in the forum. So, I suppose that's kind of my beach report. In last week's podcast I mentioned that I had been doing some surf casting on my own. And I continued to do that, I haven't caught anything big, but the Cape Cod Bay beaches between the canal and Wellfleet on the bay side have been producing schoolie action for me, mostly around the nighttime high tides.

Kevin (07:39):
Yep, and one of the other things, Ryan, I wanted to ask you about real quick is, I know you touched on Jeff down at Canal Bait, but from what I'm hearing, the canal seems kind of slow right now. What are you hearing?

Ryan (07:51):
Yeah, definitely. I have not heard much about big, giant blitzes at all. So, the fishing has not been easy at the canal this year, I'll leave it at that. But don't feel discouraged, really don't feel discouraged. There are some big fish being caught down there. You just have to work hard for them. Back when I was jigging the canal, pretty regularly in my early twenties, I normally would never really encounter big blitzes down at the canal. Because, I was down there during the middle of the night jigging. And if you're interested in giving this a try, there's so many jigs and lures out there that you could use, but my all around go to and I'm sure it would still work tonight, if I went down there, a four ounce white head with a nine inch black Sluggo. I just snip off the first half inch of the Sluggo, super glue it to the four ounce lead head, and that's what I would use during the West tide for jigging.

Ryan (08:55):
And if you need some help with jigging, there's a ton of information on the website. We just put an article up last week about locating prime jigging spots. And if you're a member of My Fishing Cape Cod, I'm always happy to help too, so you can always message me. But at the canal, Johan Firenje, I hope I pronounce that correct, I probably didn't. He's a member. I know he logged in eight hours the other night. He posted in the forum about it, and he only came out with one 26 incher. He still reported it was a very peaceful night, which is good to hear.

Ryan (09:32):
Henry Sellers, who's another member in the forum, he fished the ditch this past week with eels, and he got back some eel cigars; eels that have been bitten in half by bluefish. So there are definitely bluefish down there in the canal. Again, no big blitzes that I'm aware of, but don't get discouraged. There are big fish down there, I know some have been caught. But you just got to log in the hours for them. But when you get that one 40 pounder, even if you put in a whole summer's worth of effort for it, it's got to be worth it.

Kevin (10:04):
And I know Ryan, we had Rick Landry report too, that he was jigging the canal and ended up with a black sea bass. And you wanted to remind people that when you're jigging the canal, you can always try to target, whether it's a stray sea bass, tautog, fluke, there's plenty of other species swimming along the bottom of the canal for you to give it a try.

Ryan (10:23):
Oh, definitely. Absolutely. There's tautog down in the canal right now for sure. There's tautog in Cape Cod Bay, I saw them this week around the rocks and boulders. So you've got tautog, you've got some black sea bass and the canal. It's cool water, that canal has very cool water. Aside from that, there's fluke, you could try fluke fishing in the canal. We've got some articles on the website from member John Di Silva about fluke fishing in the canal. So, maybe now's an opportunity, if the striper fishing, if you're having trouble getting stripers from the canal, why not give fluke, flounders, sea bass, tautog a go, because they are in there.

Kevin (11:07):
And a quick reminder as well, that we wanted to give, that fishing the canal by boat is pretty strictly prohibited. I know you wanted to touch on that as we're talking about canal etiquette this week.

Ryan (11:18):
Yeah, yesterday, I was browsing through the canal category in the forum, and Jim Murphy, who came to Costa Rica with us, saw quite the incident go down. A boat apparently was casting a line, literally right in front of the canal patrol station, right by the railroad bridge, which they must not have known any better, but they got chased away. I don't know if they got a ticket for doing that, but, not only were they fishing from a boat in the canal, but they're doing it directly in front of the canal patrol, down at the West end. So yes, definitely I've had quite a few people believe it or not over the years, message me questions, asking, "What's the best method in the canal to use for my boat?" And I have to remind them, hey, you can't fish from a boat in the canal. And that extends out the West end, and the East end of the canal as well. You have to stay outside the navigation buoys.

Kevin (12:16):
And continuing on with the MFCC forum and all the different reports we're getting, Ryan, I understand there's some reports of frigate mackerel down around the sounds.

Ryan (12:26):
Yeah. John Brooks posted what he thought was an albite, and I'll tell you, I looked at the photo and I was like, oh wow, I can't believe there's abies already showing up here. But, some of the other members chimed in that it was actually a frigate mackerel, which is still super cool. This is a species that I've personally never caught, but right now over the past few days, it seems like there's quite a few of them popping out in the Sounds. I'm not sure exactly where John was fishing, but Todd Jarvis, who's another member in the forum, he mentioned that he thinks he might have seen some frigate mackerel around Devil's Bridge, over on the Vineyard.

Ryan (13:05):
And that's another great area to try for bonito. I know last year there was a great run of bonito off that area of Martha's Vineyard. Some of them were over 30 inches, that people were catching by trolling yo-auris and other types of swimming lures. So, that's definitely something we're trying now, if you want to mix things up, get away from the stripers and the bluefish, you could head over to the South side. Keep your eyes open, you might catch a frigate mackerel. And again, I don't know if those big bonito are here yet, but last summer, the bonito fishing over there by the Vineyard was really, really good. So, hopefully that will happen again.

Kevin (13:43):
And the last topic I wanted to hit on, Ryan, was just the recent MFCC group involving a group of veterans out at Monomoy. I know you wanted to speak about that a little bit.

Ryan (13:55):
Yeah. We had a great crew on board maybe 10 days ago, Jack Bosch, Jeff Richard, Alex Cadet, Anthony Besau, myself, and Captain Colin from Cape Star. And we fished Monomoy, which had been really good. Lots of stripers, we didn't get any monsters during that particular trip, but we got some fish up to 36 inches. I posted a little video clip in the forum about how to keep the boat in front of the rip. So, if you're interested in learning a little bit more about fishing the rips, you can check out that video clip in the forum, it in I think the Monomoy updates thread. But that was an awesome trip. And the cool thing, Kevin, about that trip is it was a hundred percent sponsored by anonymous donors from My Fishing Cape Cod, who said, "I'm going to give you the money for the trip, Ryan, so you can pay for trip, and then just give away the spots to members who are veterans or still in the military."

Ryan (14:59):
So that was really cool, and after I posted about this trip, I actually received 700 more dollars from more anonymous members, who want me to just keep it going.

Kevin (15:12):

Ryan (15:12):
So I'm going to probably post in the forum pretty soon, about some more openings for group trips. And we'll have another hundred percent donation-sponsored group trip, coming up pretty soon. So that's really, really cool.

Ryan (15:27):
Aside from that, we had another group trip this past Thursday, and this one was for tuna, and we headed East of Chatham and holy cow, it was seriously rough Thursday morning, we took a little green water over the bow getting out there. But we covered a lot of territory, and Colin must have burnt $150 at least worth of fuel, all over the place East of Chatham. And we saw whales, we found the life, we saw a few fish caught, we saw a couple of fish break, we marked one or two, but we never found the big herd. And I think at least on Thursday, the better action was over on the bank.

Ryan (16:10):
But there are lots of tuna around, I had heard stories of folks hooking upwards of five fish in one trip. Obviously tuna, they move around like crazy, you know this.

Kevin (16:22):

Ryan (16:22):
So, here one day, gone the next. But if you're looking for tuna it seems like this year is shaping up to be another great year. Last year was terrific, I know a lot of people from My Fishing Cape Cod got their first tunas last year. And this year is already shaping up to hopefully be a repeat of that.

Kevin (16:39):
All right, Ryan, I just wanted to thank the members for their generosity. And I know a lot of them want to remain anonymous, but the folks that were able to donate that first trip to the MFCC veterans, and I know there's another one in the works. I think that's just a tremendous show of support from our little MFCC community, to the people that have served our country.

Ryan (17:01):
Absolutely, and we'll keep it going.

Kevin (17:04):
All right, Ryan, I'm going to let you go. Enjoy your beautiful Sunday, I've still got to catch up with Phil and Bruno. We're going to have them coming up here shortly on the podcast, but thank you for your time joining us off the top of today's show. And I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ryan (17:19):
Thank you Kevin, for all you do. And I'll talk to you later.

Kevin (17:21):
Our next guest on this week's podcast is our good friend of the show, Phil Howarth, the owner of the Goose Hummock shop down in Orleans. Phil, how are you on this beautiful Sunday morning?

Phil (17:31):
Beautiful, thanks Kevin. It's a glorious day, slightly blowing out the West, weathers gorgeous, rental fleet's all gone out already, I think. A lot of people will enjoy getting out on the water right now, which is really cool.

Kevin (17:43):
And that's what I wanted to start with, Phil. How are things down there in Orleans at the shop? Have they picked up as the summer has gone on here?

Phil (17:50):
Yeah. This Summer's been, well, it's been interesting year for everybody, obviously. We had a really tough start to the year, and now we're crazy busy, as with COVID, continually outdoor activities is a go to for a lot of Americans. Tourism has picked up, which is fantastic, with a lot of our summer visitors here, and people are looking to avoid the crowds. And there's no place better to do it, with a rod in your hand, on a beach or on your boat. So, we've been really busy, we're very fortunate because we're a very big shop, we still have a huge amount of inventory, so we pretty much have everything for our customers, which is great. So yeah, we're having some times in the shop, we're really enjoying the summer, finally. Obviously, with the relevant safety precautions in place in the shop.

Kevin (18:35):
And yesterday, Phil, I understand you, yourself made a trip out to go get some bait for the shop. I understand you went out to go get some mackerel. How did that go?

Phil (18:45):
Yeah, it was good trip. It was all kind of by necessity, in so much as we're in the middle of a moon cycle. So we, and every other shop on the Cape really struggles with sea worms. So our big vendor who supplies them, he normally gets about 400 flats, which is a lot of sea worms, and he only got 40, so we got two of our 12. So all of our frozen baits were going really quickly as people saught alternatives. It was such a lovely day, I felt like, hell, screw it. And a lot of us, we have a license to commercially catch mackerel and resell it in the shop.

Phil (19:17):
So, we went out, we took the big boatS out, easily through the inlet, it was such a calm day, and got into 90 foot of water just off of Nauset, and started in on mackerel. There's a few big shaols of pogies out there, so we got some pogies as well, got the catch nets out. And we probably bagged, I don't know, 500, 700 mackerel in the space of an hour, and some absolute monsters. Really, the biggest mackerel I've seen. It was a fun trip, but then we spent the rest of the day freezing them, because we've got a vacuum packer.

Kevin (19:50):
Well, it's great for the listeners, Phil, to kind of get a look behind the curtain and see how, or in this case, listen to how you guys are able to do that, to provide fresh bait for the shop. So thanks for letting us take a peek behind the curtain.

Phil (20:03):
No, that's cool. Once we're out there, it was really interesting as well Kevin is, we saw breaking tuna, probably three miles out on the s... we were looking from the tower of the boat and you're looking down into the school of poggies, which are really cool to watch and they weren't feeding, but there was striped bass right under them. You could see them clear as day, in probably 20 foot of water. Which means that, I'm sure, the bite in the evening off the beaches are starting to hop up as they start pushing those poggies in the basket, more active in the evening type. So yeah, I think, it was really, it was, there's a whole lot of life out there. We had whales, a lot seals, stripers, tuna, hoagies, mackerel, and everything in between. The only thing that seemed to be missing Aalesund, which is a shame, which is another bites that customers love to fish with, but they're very sparse this year.

Kevin (20:54):
That's what I was going to ask you Phil, with on that bait out there in the water, I can imagine some of these schools as stripers, some of the bigger fish kind of pushing those bait balls up against the beach and Ryan and I, and I'm sure yourself has been accustomed to seeing some of these feeds on poggies especially, occur in two to three feet of water, you're knee deep. And I'm wondering if that's kind of starting to take shape down there.

Phil (21:23):
Yeah. I haven't seen it yet, Kevin, but it's absolutely brewing for it, but we are catching stripers off the beach, now. That's definitely happening, it's better in the evening, the last lights or first lights as they become more active. But they're there, and it was last year; I was fishing off the beach last year, and I had mackerel swimming around my feet getting chased by stripers.

Kevin (21:44):
It's amazing.

Phil (21:44):
A 20 pound fish. Maybe I was really, really cool. So yes, I think that's... It's all brewing for a great feed. The stripers are there. The really big fish are a little bit exclusive this year. That commercial guys aren't doing so as well, but obviously with a slot, obviously it's not something necessarily, you want to be deliberately trying to catch these 45 inch fish, but they're there and people are getting them sporadically. But I'd certainly... next couple of evenings, I'm going to be on the beach just off North sell coast guard, trying to throw in a big plug.

Kevin (22:22):
One of...

Phil (22:22):
And seeing what goes down.

Kevin (22:22):
One of the things that I've noticed, Phil and inside Cape Cod Bay here, I've noticed the presence of bluefish over the last, I'd say seven to 10 days, and I'm noticing blue fish in areas that historically don't really have blue fish, which is kind of interesting. Have you heard anything about blue fish out, down in your neck of the woods?

Phil (22:43):
Yeah. I think that the big one for me was the blue fish all over the rips off of Monomoy. So yeah, we normally get them in the bay off of Well beach in the past. They're definitely out there they're up off the race, but I had customers' yesterday coming in, and they're starting to buy a lot of tracers and things. Because there was so many blue fish in the rips, and the rips generally fish really well this year, and it's on the right day and you know, common conditions, the rips is a really exciting and exhilarating place to fish, as well. In the key, in the flat water, you can actually throw big hard and soft plastics and enter the rips, obviously drift back with squid patterns. Now, one of the things I would say, sorry, just flipping back to a mackerel yesterday.

Kevin (23:27):

Phil (23:27):
And amongst all the mackerel, we brought up half a dozen squid, just from the sneaky rinks.

Kevin (23:31):
Oh, okay.

Phil (23:32):
So, I'm sure if we targeted them, we could have done quite well with the squids or something, but yeah, 90 foot of water outside the show.

Kevin (23:38):
Yeah, that's amazing.

Phil (23:40):
I think that's a wonderful, incredibly popular bait fish. Whether it be stripers, bluefish, tuna, or everything that's squid will absolute can be for them. They love it.

Kevin (23:49):
Yeah. That is remarkable Phil. So you've got all these different, you had all these different species of bait yesterday, so it's basically like an all you can eat buffet floating around out there.

Phil (23:59):
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. No, but sincerely it is. It's, it's great. And it's certainly great to try and help cause the stripers are pushing more and more North every year. So even mange fishing really well for stripers. Which is great for Maine, less good for us.

Kevin (24:14):

Phil (24:15):
But it's... I think there's so much bait. There's a really good and Tyson's, especially with the sand eels not being so prevalent in this year, to have the bigger baits. They can make it a bit tougher because the Stripers, obviously, if they're eating poggies, they only need three poggies and they're done for the tide versus sand eels, they'll feed for a lot longer. But it makes the actual bite much more intense, as the last couple of days, it's been some insane striper feeds off of the race, right on top, the whole water, we had boiling water for almost like a size of a football field, just going off and then crushing stuff. So, if you can get on one of those feeds. Yeah. Great. I know that was in the middle of the day. So it's prime times. Great fun.

Kevin (24:57):
And it's good to hear that it's happening Phil. Because that's been kind of an on and off thing, some years that's lit up out off the race, as early as the first week or two of June, and Ryan and I'd be out there floating around and you'd be in an acre boil, just going absolutely insane for about 30 to 45 minutes. And then other years, it seems like that didn't really set up and happen. So it's great to hear that's occurring.

Phil (25:21):
No, it is, no, it is very cool. That's great fun to fish into it.

Kevin (25:24):
Phil, while we're talking about the race and just kind of out of P town, let's talk about Stellwagen real quick and maybe hit off East of Chatham real quick. Just the tuna fishery. What you're hearing from those two fisheries.

Phil (25:37):
Yeah. Tuna fishing has been really, really strong this year. They'll... there's a lot to say about it. Yeah. The swordfish, the regal sword off of Jackson was fishing really well. Now, the fish seems to have moved further North. It's finding the smaller fish, because obviously, from a commercial perspective, the buyers are really trying to limit the market, because obviously, we tell them the restaurant business is far less buying. They're not taking as many fish. So, encourage people to, to make sure they have a buyer before we target commercial fish. And I recreationally, of course, if you're fishing baits, if you're fishing live mackerel or poggies, you have no idea what's going to hit you. And you find yourself fighting hundreds of these fish, and there's plenty of those out there right now. I've had a lot of guys doing well on traditional, pulling ballyhoo, pulling balls.

Phil (26:28):
I had a customer, unfortunately lost it, but he lost the fish at an hour yesterday on spinning gear just East of Chatan. So there are surface feeds going on. The fish I saw bouncing around yesterday, they were smaller fish. They were large recreational fish, they're in that 65 to 75, and she's older thought. And as you keep working up, the classic era is off the golf ball up onto Stellwagen up into the shipping lines. I think the running gum game has come early this year. So, there's the opportunity to go casting.

Phil (27:01):
But yeah, if you want to catch a recreational fish, casting and trolling bars, is a better way to target them. Because you tend not to catch as many huge fish. And if you do catch a huge fish, be really careful how you release it. You're not doing the fish a favor just letting it go. You need to swim it at least 15, 20 minutes just by pulling it alongside your boats, to let it recover from a large feed. But the tuna fishing has been phenomenal, so far this year, it's been a really good season. And the fact that we've had more recreational fish this year than we had last year by far, which has been fantastic, because, last year it was all just big fish.

Kevin (27:38):
The last thing I wanted to ask you about Phil real quick was just the canyons. I know that a lot of your clients and a lot of folks that come in the shop that have a little bit bigger boats will go get outfitted to go fish the canyons, down at the Goose Hummock and I know they're chasing after yellow fin tuna, big eye tuna, Mahi mahi, maybe some marlin. I know that a lot of folks come in there and pick your brain and the staffs' brain about making a trip out there. So just wanted to know what you've been hearing from out at the canyons.

Phil (28:08):
Okay. So the canyon is only just getting started to go because the County is well East, the fishery for us up here, there's some really good water come into hydro oceanographer and Veatch. I was scheduled to go yesterday, but my friend only gave me three hours notice; I to decline. So, I got one of my friends coming in today. One of my staff, Nick is out, actually on the edge today. So I'll probably be able to give you a better report tomorrow. I'm sorry, Kevin, but boats that went over the last couple of weeks, that was a really, really strong source fish bites. So a number of guys got into the swordfish, which is a great time at both daytime and at night, and one of the boats hammered the big eye, got 15 big eyes, so it went really well.

Phil (28:51):
And if you find that edge, there are some big temperature breaks as nine to 12 degree temperature breaks in some places, if you can find those breaks that have settled, so they've been there three or four days. And you know, there's a company called Roffs, R O double f s, but they're really good. Fishing reports, and the canyons, weather reports and the water temperature report. I use Roffs when I'm looking for water that stayed, a break that's been there a day is a bit slower. A break that's been there for five or six days is a very, very fishy piece of water.

Kevin (29:21):
Oh, okay.

Phil (29:22):
But, I think the Canyon is just getting going. And so far, there's some really nice water coming up. So, I think that over the... as that matures in the next few weeks, it could be really good. With that said, the weather out there is not conducive to fishing right now. There's a little window yesterday and today, but it's starting to get snotty again, which is going to ride the week out. And of course, we're going to find out a lot more in the next day or so, because there's the Oak Bass Tournament went on this weekend. So a load of boats we'll have gone, fishing the tournament Friday, Saturday. I just haven't heard any reports yet, but yes, a lot going down, just starting to go. Canyons is kind of like, now it's just stopped and probably going to be taught probably for the next six to eight weeks or so.

Kevin (30:05):
Well, all right, Phil, it's a beautiful Sunday. We'll let you get on your way here. Again, we want to remind people the Goose Hummock shop down in Orleans, go on in, drop in, see Phil and his awesome staff. And if you can't drop in, in person, is also the Goose Hummocks gear website. And Phil, I made a quick visit this morning, to the mighty fish and I had a pop up on bomber lures, 30% off on all bomber lures that took over my screen.

Phil (30:34):
Yeah. Yeah. We're doing a promo on Bomber. Got a lot of them. Great, iconic, old, but still very fishy lure. Yeah. Phenomenal. I've been using Bombers for probably 30 years. They still catch a lot of fish, and with the blue fish around. I take the trebles off, put a single side wash hook on the back or a boat sail on the back, and suddenly you've got a wonderful lure. You can use either with casting or you can actually try it on Ledcor. It's phenomenal way of catching fish out there and the rips are in the bay. And yep, like you say, the 30 points off online.

Kevin (31:04):
So thank you very much, Phil, for your visit. We'll make sure to send people over to, or pop into the Goose and hopefully talk to you soon.

Phil (31:12):
All right, Kevin, thanks for your time, mate. All the best.

Kevin (31:15):
We thank our good buddy, Phil Howarth, from down at the Goose Hummock for joining us on this week's podcast and last, but certainly not least on today's show, I want to get to our visit that we taped a little bit earlier in the weekend with none other than proud MFCC member and Cape and Islands Mitsubishi owner and general manager, Bruno Demir, Bruno. We welcome you into this week's podcast. How are you my friend?

Bruno (31:40):
What's going on guys?

Kevin (31:42):
I'm doing pretty well, Bruno. Have you had a chance to get out on the water recently?

Bruno (31:46):
Yeah, man, last time I went out, I worked Cape Cod Bay area. We were tuna fishing with one of my good friends. Who's also an avid person on the forums, Kyle Wiley. And I'll tell you what, it was a very, very cool day, because we actually watched the harpoon boat steam up on a school, stab of fish, process it, and head back to the docks right in front of us. And I've just never seen that in person before I'm a rod and reel type of guy. So that was pretty cool.

Kevin (32:28):
Yeah. I honestly have never seen anything like that either. I know Bruno, there's been most of the commercial tuna buyers here in Massachusetts are only buying stick boat or harpoon tuna right now. Right? Yeah.

Bruno (32:42):
And it was impressive, man. I mean, he didn't even have... he didn't even really have a plane up there telling him where to go, no spotter plane. He just old-school binoculars spotted it, ran up to the school, stabbed it and went back. And we tried trolling in that same area, but they had pretty much spooked them out of the way, but it was a good day on the water.

Kevin (33:04):
So you were fishing for bluefin in Cape Cod Bay, and did you say you were trolling for them?

Bruno (33:10):
Yeah, we were trolling for them. We went up, down, up and down the Bay. We went into the backside of P town. There was a bunch of whales up there. A lot of big bass, there was bluefin, tuna rec fish actually, right in the backside crushed and a bunch of bunker. But by the time we got up there, I think they started moving back out into the deeper water when the tide changed. Well, unfortunately we didn't get a tuna that day, but as tuna fishing goes, you got to get out there enough times before you can get a picture with one.

Kevin (33:47):
Bruno, were you seeing any bait out there, were there mackerel, blue fish, anything swimming around out there up on top that you could see?

Bruno (33:54):
I'll tell you what from what I've heard with guys, the bait of choice as of last week was bunker. I mean, that was before that big wind came in last weekend. But, before that I can tell you that there was, and still is a ton of bunker all over Cape Cod Bay. The mackerel seems to be in the deeper water in like the 60, 70 feet water. But, it's nothing like the bunker, the bunker was just everywhere, and I'm pretty sure that's still out there.

Kevin (34:25):
And one other thing I wanted to ask you about, Bruno, was just striped bass. If you haven't had a chance to get out recently, striper fishing, have you heard anything about Cape Cod Bay?

Bruno (34:35):
Yeah, there's really, really big 40, 50 inch class stripers, last week out at the fingers in Cape Cod Bay. But the last two, three trips that I've heard people go out there, they're not there anymore. And I think the wind that we got again last weekend; I think that moved it all up North, maybe in the Boston area, I bet you the bites going to start turning on up that way. But I also know, as of right now, there're huge blitzes off P town for striper, nothing big, not big fish off P town, but there's plenty of a fish out there to keep things interesting.

Bruno (35:19):
You know, me, I'm a big fluke guy. There's a lot of flukes right now down in the Nantucket Shoals, so I'm most likely going to be out at the Shoals fluke fishing. Surprisingly, there was benito at Monomoy as of two weeks ago. So the benito really showed up early this year, which was surprising. And then there's plenty of action East. So there's a lot to do on the Cape right now. Now's the time to get out on the water.

Kevin (35:49):
Certainly is plenty to do. And it looks like the weekend weather is going to be pretty solid. Bruno, I just want to check in with you real quick on the dealership. How are things down at Cape and Islands Mitsubishi?

Bruno (36:00):
I'll tell you what, you guys have to go on our Facebook and check out our newest build. And what I mean by build is, as you know, we're the truck kings of the Cape, and we do a lot of pre-owned pickup trucks, and what a lot of people don't realize is that we also modify and customize trucks by lift kits, wheels, tires. And it's one of those deals where you could come and pick out your truck, pick out your wheels, pick out the lift kit you want, and anything else you want done to the truck.

Bruno (36:29):
And we put it all into one price, so you could put it all into one low monthly payment instead of coming up with thousands of dollars to customize your truck out of pocket. And we just did one actually, last week and we put it up on Facebook. You got to see this thing, it's got a huge lift. We did it with one of the best suspensions out there. You just got to see the Chevy on our Facebook. It's a beast. So, that's the special this month. If you look for a truck and you want to customize it, we're a one stop shop.

Kevin (37:02):
So yeah, head to Facebook and search Cape and Islands Mitsubishi, and that'll get you right to the Cape and Islands Mitsubishi, Facebook page. Bruno, thank you so much for all the information, and all you do for My Fishing Cape Cod. We really look forward to catching up with you on our next visit.

Bruno (37:19):
All right, you got it, man. We'll catch you next week.

Kevin (37:21):
A big thanks to Bruno Demir for joining us on this week's edition of the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast, and a big thank you to all of our guests starting with MFCC founder and creator, Ryan Collins, Phil Howarth, the owner of the Goose Hummock shop, down in Orleans. And last but not least, you just heard from Bruno, down at Cape and Islands Mitsubishi. So thank you to all the guests and more importantly, thank you to all the listeners and members that helped support and listen to the MFCC podcast, as well as the My Fishing Cape Cod Chronicles. Hopefully we'll have a lot more podcasts for you heading into the second half of our summer and into the fall and well beyond. So look forward to chatting with you again, whenever that may be. And until then, this is your host, Kevin Collins, signing off tight lines and take care.

Speaker 4 (38:09):
Thanks for tuning in to the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast. For the latest local news, information, and fishing reports, be sure to log onto From all of us at My Fishing Cape Cod tight lines and take care.

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