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Fly Fishing The Surf, To Live-Lining Macks to 40lb Bass | June 24 Report

Ryan Collins

Over the past four days I've fished with 12 members of My Fishing Cape Cod. We've fly fished, surf cast, and live-lined mackerel to stripers of up to 40lbs.

These trips are part of the limited number of custom guided trips I am offering this season to My Fishing Cape Cod members. These trips are a great opportunity to not just catch fish, but to also learn about different techniques and areas!

My latest batch of trips began extremely early on Wednesday morning (as in 12:45am early). MFCC member Aaron Perlmutter and I met up at 2am and hiked out in the pitch dark of the night to one of my favorite beaches on Cape Cod.


Wednesday June 20
Fly Fishing The Beach

The reason for the early start was because I wanted Aaron and I to arrive in time to catch the 5:30am high tide. I figured our best chance of catching some nice stripers on the fly would occur between 3:30am and 7:30am.

Things got off to a quick start and upon arrival at our second location along a deserted beach, Aaron reported feeling a bite. About 20 minutes later I felt a strong and sudden tug on the end of my fly line, and with a quick strip set I was on!

I could not believe how much line this bass was taking. Instantly I knew this was by far the largest bass I've caught from shore on the fly rod so far this season. About 5 minutes later and I had her up on the beach.

This bass put up a great fight on my 9 weight fly rod. Special thanks to Dave Steeves from the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans for outfitting me with the right fly fishing gear for targeting stripers on Cape Cod.

Aaron and I were pumped! In the early light of false dawn we could see more swirls and surface commotion from what appeared to be a school of stripers moving quickly down the beach. We gave chase and Aaron was able to hook up.

Aaron Perlmutter loves to fly fish from shore, and chase stripers and bluefin tuna from his boat. He's been a member of MFCC since 2016.

The fish took Aaron to the reel so we knew it was decent size. Unfortunately the hooks pulled, and to my disbelief the school of bass disappeared soon thereafter. 

Aaron and I spent the next 5 hours hiking and fly fishing a total of nearly 6.75 miles of shoreline. Aaron has spent a considerable amount of time hiking the mountains of Nepal, so logging in the hours and miles during this trip proved to be no problem.

The bass proved challenging during this trip, but Aaron and I still had a great time hiking the Cape's shoreline together.

We had a great time and were able to catch one bass of 30 inches from shore on the fly rod, had several missed and lost fish, and had about a dozen more chances with finicky bass swirling on the surface. ​

We might not of caught a ton of fish during this trip, but we did explore over 6 miles of some of the Cape's most beautiful coastline.

Thursday June 21
My Fishing Cape Cod TV

At 12:00pm the next day I met up with my fishing buddy Jason Mazzola, MFCC TV director Shane Uriot, Evan Schneider of Hop Top Films, MFCC member Ryan Turcotte, MFCC member Aaron Permlutter, MFCC intern Andrew Burke, and Tyler Adams from the Goose Hummock Shops.

Our goal was to film a new episode for season #2 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV, which will air on NBC SportsBOSTON starting in January of 2019. Our idea was to show people how to catch Atlantic mackerel, and how to live-line them to stripers using circle hooks.

Size 5/0 Gamakatsu circle hooks did their job well.

13 of the bass were hooked somewhere near the corner of the mouth, with only 2 fish being hooked somewhat deep in the throat.

All of the fish during this episode were caught and released using circle hooks. You'll be able to watch this episode on NBC SportsBOSTON starting in January of 2019.

The guys also caught some awesome video footage of the Cape's beautiful scenery. I'm already looking forward to watching this episode during next winter, and stay tuned for a new "behind the scenes" blog post about this trip coming soon from MFCC intern & content creator, Andrew Burke.

Friday Morning June 22 | MFCC Group Trip

On Friday at 5:30am I met MFCC members Mike Marcus, Dick Glockner, Larry Campbell and Darren Jacobs at the boat ramp shown below.

  1. Trip of a lifetime Ryan; you’re the best!!
    Experience: 5 Stars
    Knowledge: 5 Stars
    Equipment Provided by MFCC: 5 Stars (best i’ve ever used)
    Instructions: 5 Stars
    Conditions: 5 Stars
    110%! It was the best fishing trip ever – I rediscovered what I love about fishing with MFCC – top-notch!!

    1. Awesome Tom, I am really happy you and your son enjoyed the trip! I had a great time too and I’m just thankful the fish cooperated for us.

      Please LMK if you and Tommy give surfcasting another try this summer. You live in a good area for beach fishing. Tight lines!

  2. Thanks again Ryan! Awesome post as always. Had such a great time out there with everyone, can’t wait to do it again sometime!

    1. Great to meet and fish with you John! That was a really fun night and I would be pumped to do another trip with you later in the season. Keep me posted!


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