November 26 2011

Live Eeling Big Stripers


Live eels produced a lot of big bass throughout the 2011 season.  The night bite was spectacular during August and September.  We also had a few awesome nights in October before the fish moved south.

This first video was taken during early September.  The bass moved up tight into 8-15 feet of water under a bright late summer full moon.  It was one of those nights I'll remember all winter.  Be sure to check out the full report by clicking here.


Live eel fishing is great because the eel does basically all the work for the fishermen.  If the bass are there, and in the feeding mode, then just flip the eel over and hang on.

All four fishermen aboard the Miss Loretta caught the biggest bass of their lives on this trip, highlighted in the following video.  They deserved it-they traveled all the way from upstate New York!  Click here for the full report.

During the same trip the guys from New York managed to land one of the biggest bass ever caught on a live eel aboard the Miss Loretta.  The bass weighed out at a respectable 43 pounds.  Nice!


Live eels also work extremely well during the day-especially towards the end of the season.  The technique is the same-find the biomass and chuck the eels directly into them.   Unfortunately it's not always that simple-luckily it was during this trip!  Click here for the full report.


And later in the evening we found the fish again, this time in less than 10 feet of water.


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I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

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