June 29 2021

Night Fishing for Striped Bass during the June Full Moon


The weather for the full moon this past weekend was windy, warm and humid. Cape Cod was "stuck" in a foggy and breezy weather pattern.

On Friday June 25th I went fishing from the beach with My Fishing Cape Cod member David Kaplan.


David lives in Mattapoisett and has written a volume detailed books on fishing the Middlesex area ponds.

Also joining this trip was MFCC member Matt Rocker. Matt lives in Maynard and works at a communications tower company.

Both of these guys had won spots on this trip by entering member-only giveaways here on My Fishing Cape Cod!

I was slightly nervous because I hadn't been surfcasting in a while. Plus I was bringing Matt and David to a location I've only fished once in the last two years.

Would the stripers be there? It was anyone's guess.

However, if you spend time fishing for striped bass, then eventually you will notice stripers are animals of routine.

They will often show up in the same places, during the same time of year, at the same time of day and during the same stage of the tide.

Of course this is now always true. Stripers have a mind of their own and will always keep you guessing. 

For this trip we'd have an incoming tide. High tide would occur around 12:45am.

It was the night after the full moon, and tide height was predicted to reach 12.6ft - which was the second highest of the month. 

Said another way, there would be millions more gallons of water than usual being "pulled" by the moon's gravitational force into Cape Cod's harbors, coves and estuaries.

There would also be a stronger than usual current sweeping along the beach. Over the years I have done really well in this spot when these big tides occur.

I just feel the strong tides coax schools of bass from far offshore to come visit the sandy shoals and waters Cape Cod.

As I looked out from the beach at the setting sun, I realized that this would be a great night no matter what. However, I was really hoping the stripers would show up.

We embarked on a hike through the dunes and started casting our lines into the water just before 9PM.

  • That moon led to the best week of fishing of my life. The article was a good read. Glad you got into the bigger fish.

    • I am happy to hear that Chase! Seems like many areas around Cape Cod are experiencing good fishing for stripers right now. There’s also a group from MFCC down at Block Island catching a lot of fish from the surf. Good luck if you make it out this weekend.

  • It was a memorable trip Ryan. Talk about active fish on a big moon tide – wow, there must have be hundreds of stripers within casting range. I like to fish light and had just bought a brand new rod. Discovered that the soft tip could not set the trebles on my Swarter so I switched to a soft plastic swimbait on a jighead and immediately began hooking up regularly. Your remarks about not playing fish to exhaustion has me wondering if maybe I fish too light. Don’t want my fun to harm any linesides. Hey – that means I need another new rod!

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