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Bass To 39 Pounds

Kevin Collins

Welcome to the sixth edition of the 2016 My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast. This is your friendly host Kevin Collins and as always, it's a pleasure to be back with you for another week of fun.

Air and water temperatures have really heated up on Cape Cod over the past week. These changes have led to an increase in larger fish moving into the area.

Striped bass of 35-45 inches in length are being caught on Cape Cod every day. Fish of 25-30 pounds are currently being weighed in on a daily basis as we push towards Memorial Day weekend. 


Large Bass Are Here

Today's episode of the My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast kicks off with MFCC Creator Ryan Collins. Ryan joined us live from his Hobie kayak while in search of these big bass. 

Our next guest is Captain Eric Stewart of the Goose Hummock Shops in Orleans and Dennis. Captain Eric provide us with a report on early season boat fishing, as well as some reports of giant blue fin tuna being spotted not far from the waters of Cape Cod.

​Lastly, we checked in with Jeff Miller of Canal Bait and Tackle. Jeff provides us with local knowledge of what plugs and baits are hot right now at the Ditch. The conditions in the canal are constantly changing and Jeff provides an update on what gear is being used to land the bigger fish.

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​Thank you for listening and thank you for your member support. We hope you have a great weekend - tight lines!​

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  1. Easy to listen to with good tips, suggestions and insights. Looking forward to getting weekly updates on how things are going throughout the summer. Also, looking forward to hearing about the results of the PEI trip.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Richard!

  2. Love these podcasts, Kevin. Look forward to them every week. Keep it up.

    Would love to see some South Shore representation in the future (we can call Plymouth the Cape, right?) The guy from Duxbury B&T used to do a great weekly video report but he stopped a few years back. Not sure if he’s still around but maybe he’d wanna help out. Worth a try.

    Regardless, tight lines.

    1. Hey William! Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback. I am a native of Plymouth, MA. I grew up on the beaches of Manomet and my folks still reside there. Let me look into someone from the greater Plymouth area to see if they would be willing to spend some time with us on the podcast. I think that could potentially be a great idea!

      Thanks for the suggestion!


    2. I second the request. People that fish the Cape often do so as a getaway from their usual spots closer to home on the South Shore. Tips and reports from the North River down to the Canal would be really appreciated. I would volunteer to report but you’d have to title the segment, “Where not to fish, what not to use. A guide on how to waste money fishing!”

      1. Thanks Al! Let me get together with Ryan and we can see if we can come up with something for some of the June shows.


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