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Friday August 7th Cape Cod Fishing Report

Kevin Collins

Weekly Podcast Host

Welcome to another episode of our weekly My Fishing Cape Cod fishing report podcast. 

In today's show we get reports from MFCC founder Ryan Collins, Goose Hummock owner Phil Howarth, and Cape & Islands Mitsubishi owner (and MFCC member) Bruno Demir.

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ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Ryan Collins

My Fishing Cape Cod

When we spoke with Ryan, he was just finishing up snorkeling for sea clams in Cape Cod Bay. In addition to clamming, Ryan touches upon the striper action at the canal, the beaches of Cape Cod Bay, as well as along the Outer Cape. Ryan also lets us know about the new fundraiser MFCC is running to benefit Rifles to Rods - a 501©(3) non-profit organization devoted to the transition, recovery and well-being of our Veterans. At Rifles to Rods they use fishing as a therapeutic outlet to aid Veterans with their transition back into society.

Bruno Demir

Cape & Islands Mitsubishi

Second in today's podcast is Bruno Demir - My Fishing Cape Cod member and owner of Cape & Islands Mitsubishi. In his conversation Bruno touches upon fluke at the shoals, as well as the striper and bluefish action in Nantucket Sound, Cape Cod Bay and off the Outer Cape. Bruno has also caught some nice bonito on his past few trips.

Phil Howarth

Goose Hummock Shops

We wrap up today's podcast with captain Phil Howarth, co-owner of the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans. In his fishing report Phil covers everything from bluefish to bluefin tuna, as well as the surfcasting action along the Outer Cape, and the offshore action at the canyons. Phil's reports are always helpful and entertaining, and I feel you will definitely enjoy listening to this one.

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Podcast Transcription

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
The My fishing Cape Cod podcast is brought to you by the Goose Hummock Shops, Cape Cod's largest outdoor outfitter. So every new England, since 1946, shop them Welcome to the, my fishing Cape Cod podcasts. The mind fishing Cape Cod podcast is your local source for the latest news and information on fishing Cape Cod. Now here's your host, Kevin Collins.

Speaker 2 (00:26):
Hello, and welcome to another edition to the, my fishing Cape Cod podcast here from my fishing Cape This is your host, Kevin Collins, back with you for episode number three of our weekly podcast season and another jam packed show in store for you today. As we head into what I hope to be a beautiful weekend, hopefully everybody survived tropical storm East side that came up the East coast this week, kind of stirred up the water a little bit for a few hours on Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night. We'll talk a little bit about how that storm might have changed some of the conditions, both inside and out of Cape Cod Bay. Usually those type of storms tend to really mix things up here on Cape Cod, but we got a great show in store for you today. We're going to be led off momentarily by MFCC founder and creator Ryan Collins we're then going to be joined by our good buddy Bruno Demir from down at Cape and islands Mitsubishi. And last but not least, we'll be joined by Phil Howard of the goose hummock shop from down in Orleans. So let's dive right into today's podcast by welcoming in our first guest. And that first guest is none other than MFCC founder and creator Ryan Collins. Who's joining us here on the phone, Ryan, how are you on this beautiful morning?

Speaker 3 (01:44):
I'm doing great, Kevin. It's an awesome summer morning. Really, really nice.

Speaker 2 (01:48):
Let's dive into our topics for today's podcast. I know one thing that kind of took place yesterday was the launch of a fundraiser that you're pretty passionate about. Partnering with rifles to rods. Can you talk a little bit about that off the top of our visit here?

Speaker 3 (02:03):
Yeah, last week in the forum, we're always doing giveaways and we gave away a strategic angler Lewer with my fishing Cape Cod inscribed on its back. And if you're not familiar with strategic angler, Merv, Ruby Onno is the owner and he just makes some absolutely incredible plugs. They're mostly used for bluefin tuna around here and they retail at about a hundred dollars a piece. So I was really excited to do that giveaway. And our winner was Alex cadet. Who's a member he's also a back after receiving the prize in the mail. Alex messaged me and said, you know what? This lunar is too pretty to fish with. I want you to use it for a fundraiser. And how about we use it to benefit rifles to rods, which is a nonprofit organization that uses fishing as therapy for veterans. And the co founder is Ryan Puzo.

Speaker 3 (03:00):
And he actually was in the same company as Alex cadet a few years before Alex was serving. So it it's really worked out well. So to make a long story short, we are including that my fishing Cape Cod strategic angler Lewer, along with a bunch of other Lewers and a plug bag, and we have a little raffle going on in the form right now. And a hundred percent of the proceeds will go to rifles to rods. And it's only been up for about 24 hours and we've already eclipsed the $900 Mark, which is great. So I've got to keep this fundraiser going for another two weeks. So I'm very excited about how much money we may be able to donate through rifles to rods. And I'm sure they will use it to get more veterans out on fishing trips, which is really terrific.

Speaker 2 (03:52):
That is terrific news, Ryan. And I know you've been doing a lot of fundraising stuff in, you know, group trips for the veterans this year. So it's great to see how my fishing Cape Cod is positively impacting the veteran community here on Cape Cod. I know one thing pivoting to our next topic that I've done a lot this year is clamming just with a lot of small fish around my area. Fishing from the beach gets a little bit frustrating. So I've kind of pivoted my focus a lot to getting sea claims, to getting steamers, to getting muscles. And I got my shell fishing license this year for the first time ever, just to inspire myself to get out there. If you had a chance to do any clamming recently.

Speaker 3 (04:31):
Yes, this morning I was C clamming and Cape Cod Bay. No pretty much any stand flat from probably North of the Cape, probably from Duxbury all the way down to East ham at low tide, you can go out and search around and find some really big sea clams or cohorts. They make a great chapter. They make a great stuffed clam and they also make great striper bait and great flounder bait as well. So that's what I did this morning. And one thing I noticed Kevin very quickly was the temperature of the water, at least up close to the beach and Cape Cod Bay really plummeted since that tropical storm, you know, before the tropical storm, it was like bath water. It was probably over 70 degrees. And I had been getting reports of one water pretty much everywhere in Cape Cod Bay from Wellfleet all the way West to the canal.

Speaker 3 (05:28):
But this morning it was frigid. I think the tropical storm with that really really strong South wind probably blew a lot of that warm surface water out into the middle of Cape Cod Bay. And what's left behind is just a lot of really cool water up against the beach. So I would imagine, you know, tonight, tomorrow, as long as that cool water is up against the beach, the whole South facing area of Cape Cod Bay from the canal East down to the flats and Brewster, you might have a better chance than before of getting a good fish from the beach, you know, before the water was 70 degrees right there. And now this morning, it was probably 60 degrees, maybe even 58, 59 degrees. It was really cold. So hopefully that will draw some bigger fish in close to the beach.

Speaker 2 (06:19):
You know, the canal, Ryan, it seems really hit. And miss this year, have you heard anything about the canal?

Speaker 3 (06:24):
Just more hit and miss stories? I talked to Alex Ridgeway, he fished the canal all night, two nights ago. He caught a few schoolies, uh, talked to a few other guys who didn't see much of anything. There was, um, one good report actually last Sunday, around low tide in the afternoon at the East end in the forum, I saw Tyler mine posted. He got a 41 inch striper and funny because I got another report from my parents at the exact same moment saying they were at the East end of the canal on a bike ride. And they were watching somebody pull in and then release a nice 40 inch class fish. And I put two and two together and I'm pretty sure my parents were watching Tyler as he was catching that fish, which is pretty funny along behold Tyler message me today saying that he's met my mom down there before, and she actually told him about the website and he told her that he's already a member, so small world. But to answer your question based off of the reports and the form, it does seem hit. And miss, I saw one member chunking the canal the other night around 10:30 PM. He caught one nice fish on a chunk. There was a small blitz of schoolies, I think off the power plant yesterday for just 10, 15 minutes. That's pretty much what I've been hearing once again, no big blitzes to report on.

Speaker 2 (07:52):
Well, speaking of the canal, I know in the forum, there's a conversation going on back and forth about, you know, the topic of wearing waders in the canal and whether it's worth it or not.

Speaker 3 (08:02):
Yeah. It's kind of funny. Once the canal action quiets down, the conversation turns from reporting about, you know, the fishing to talking more about gear. And one conversation that I picked up on recently is should you wear waders or not? And this is something that comes up quite often. And it seems like the general consensus is, and I would agree with this and it's really not worth it to wear waiters at the canal. You're better off just wearing boots with frog togs, which are little screws that you can put on the bottom of your boots to help you get better grip on the rocks, or you can wear Corker's, which I know you have a pair of gorgeous Kevin, and it helps you get a better grip on the rocks. There's really no need to wear waders. I mean, with the current, if you were ever, ever to fall in, you'd get swept away. It just doesn't seem worth it. But it's good to see conversations like that going on in the forum because a lot of people aren't sure, and it's good to just remain safe whenever you can.

Speaker 2 (09:06):
So this week, I know you had a little bit of a, my fishing Cape Cod excursion. You went fishing with a bunch of members on the outer Cape. Talk a little bit about that.

Speaker 3 (09:16):
Yeah. I met a bunch of members and I'm just gonna name a few right off the top of my head here by Kevin Conway, Nick cap, arousal, Anthony Besaw, Chris Gugan, Sean Lawrence, bill Desmo few other guys as well. We all went down to the East ham area for the first part of the night. It was absolutely gorgeous. We actually saw some Benito feeding on rain bait. I talked to bill Hurley, bumped into him on the beach. He's a local Lewer maker. And he actually told me that about a half an hour before I saw him. He watched a great white attack, a seal. So that was pretty cool. I've heard of people seeing whales and tight to the beaches out there as well as tuna. So there's definitely a lot of life off those outer Cape beaches, probably more so than I remember hearing in the past few years.

Speaker 3 (10:09):
So if you want to try those beaches, I think y'all have a good chance right now, despite the presence of seals, which we all know about. I still think you'll have a good chance, but on that night on Monday night from about just before sunset until 1:00 AM, there was nothing going on at all. Bill caught a couple of schoolies on a SP minnow, and then I wrapped it up and decided to go home. I really wish I stayed because those guys kept working the beach. They, they walked another mile and a half and eventually they saw some rain bait up on the beach, actually in the sand. They saw some pokies in the sand. So that's obviously a sign of some fish feeding and maybe 20 minutes after that they started catching fish and nothing crazy, but a bunch of schoolies and a couple of 30, 32 inches.

Speaker 3 (11:03):
So that was good to hear. I really wish I stayed. I would have loved to have been a part of that, but that's just kind of the way it goes out there. You got to cover a lot of territory. You know, the stretch from Chatham up to P town. It's 27 miles, but you do have a better chance than normal rate. Now I think of catching a fish along that stretch of coast, which is, which is really nice because that fishery used to be world class. And I think the seals have had a big impact, but people are catching fish out there again, which is great to see.

Speaker 2 (11:36):
Talk a little bit about the surf casting thread in the forum while we're on the topic of surf casting.

Speaker 3 (11:41):
Well, Mike Marquez, who started that thread, he's been catching fish along the Cape Cod Bay beaches at night and three hours before, until three hours after high tide is always a good bet. Lurpak colored S P minnows or Joe bags. Quarters is always a good bet. So, uh, so yeah, there are plenty of, uh, schoolies and, you know, 30 inch fish being caught along the beaches of, of Cape Cod Bay. I'm not hearing much about stripers and vineyard town or Nantucket sound. I'm hearing more about sharks over there and it's pretty soon we'll be hearing about albums over there, but, uh, yeah, that's my, my surf casting update

Speaker 2 (12:21):
And not too long on this one, cause we're going to get into it with Phil Howard of the goose. Hummock coming up later in the podcast, Ryan, but just a quick synopsis of what you're hearing about tuna.

Speaker 3 (12:31):
Well, I saw a will from the forum will act. I can very, I, I probably botched his last name there. He reported quite a bit of action East of Chatham this week. Lots of whales, lots of tuna. And I, like you said, I think Phil will probably cover most of this, but it just seems like there's a really nice ecosystem East of Cape Cod. If you can find the whales, it's been mostly a live macro bite from what I'm gathering, I'll be out there tomorrow. I'll be out there on Sunday. We have a couple MFCC group trips gone with captain Kellan. So hopefully the next time I talked to you, I'll have some positive news about me personally, catching a tune out there. We'll see fingers crossed.

Speaker 2 (13:15):
All right, Ryan, thanks for the great information. And for spending some time with us on today's visit during the podcast, really look forward to catching up with you in the near future.

Speaker 3 (13:23):
All right. Guidelines, Kevin, thank you very much.

Speaker 2 (13:26):
Well, next step on today's edition of the, my fishing Cape Cod podcast is our good buddy Bruno Demir from down at Cape and islands Mitsubishi and Bruno. How are you on this beautiful day?

Speaker 4 (13:36):
What's going on guys? MFCC nation. I'm just happy to be here.

Speaker 2 (13:42):
So Bruno, we're going to do a quick whip around. I know you're a man that likes to fish in target, you know, many different species here on Cape Cod. That's why we want to have you on the podcast for all that Intel. What start off with stripers and blues. What are you hearing in terms of a general report for stripers and bluefish?

Speaker 4 (14:00):
Well, you can, uh, it depends what you're looking for. If you're, if you're a flag fisherman and you want new, uh, cast to some strikers in the rich stout and more and more, and get yourself a 26 inch Trish with the chance of possibly getting into slot size, that's a good bat. There's still tons of blue fish out at, uh, mana Moines, tuna fishermen that need to catch base on your way out. Nice. Uh, there's also a lot of blue fish off of PETA. Um, there's a lot of Stryper off a pecan is a lot of guys catching this slot for shop Pete time, but you gotta work your way through the short fish to get there. And, uh, and if you're cruising through Cape Cod Bay, keep an eye on your fish finder because there are still pockets of really big striper in deep water in Cape Bruno and

Speaker 2 (14:52):
Other species that I want to ask you about that I know you're passionate about is Benito any early reports of bonito and have you targeted Benito over the last couple of weeks?

Speaker 4 (15:02):
I would say after fluke Benito is probably one of my favorite fish and I'm, I'm that guy that actually goes out and I actually target when. And, uh, I know that there's Benito as a bycatch off of peak time guys getting them when they trolling for a bluefish and for striper. And, um, I personally prefer, uh, Monomoy for my Benito. That's where I went. I think I went out on Friday targeting Benito and we got a couple of nice size ones off of, uh Monomoy you know, my next shirt actually tomorrow, speaking of Benito with all the South wind, we're gonna be heading out to the Hooter tomorrow in search of Benito. And anything else pelagic that might've been pushed close, uh, with all the soft wind

Speaker 2 (15:51):
And Bruno. You just mentioned fluke. I know you like fishing out on Nantucket show. Uh, any idea on how long these fluke are gonna kind of stick around and the foot fishing will be good. And are you still running into any sea bass out there as well?

Speaker 4 (16:05):
Actually, I went out to Nantucket show up Saturday. We got our, our chief of fluke up to 23 inches. They were shorter than most years in the past. Uh, I think with the South wind, you're going to see that the biggest fish are gonna move off of like David's Shoal and such a stop moving closer to a big round shul and, uh, um, and, um, you know, B being, reach a monomer to get out there and get to fluke. And I could tell you, there were a ton of sea bass on the shows on Friday. I mean on Saturday, I mean, I probably caught two sea bass wants to look out there. We came home with more sea bass, the fluke, and we're talking like 18, 19 and sea bass. So it was awesome. So how long are they there typically historically the first big storm in the fall we'll, uh, scatter them back up the deep water, but until then, they're pretty much there for the entire summer into a new to September. And then usual, you'll see a big storm roll in at the end of September, uh, as late as beginning of October. And that's when they'll pretty much push out

Speaker 2 (17:21):
And Bruno. I know it's still pretty early in August. We're only here in the first week, but just wanted to ask you real quick about false albacore. Are you hearing anything about Abbey's being around the area?

Speaker 4 (17:32):
I haven't heard anything big yet, but again, uh, with that storm that came through with those big South winds, um, I'm willing to bet you that we'll see an Albi pop up this week or this weekend. Um, you guys are I'll, you know, around the vineyard and the middle grounds inside the sound. And, um, you know, I'm on a back this weekend, we're going to start seeing the, seeing the, uh, the Albi stopped popping up

Speaker 2 (18:03):
Last but not least. I know you're pretty plugged into the fishing community around Cape Cod. I know you talked to a lot of folks out on the boat as well as in the dealership. And I just wanted to ask you what you're hearing about Nantucket in vineyard sounds, if anything at all,

Speaker 4 (18:17):
You know, uh, I was talking to, uh, Peter, uh, Larry's tack shop on, on, on, uh, office minion. And they're saying that they're getting fluke and sea bass to the Northeast of the Island, kind of like in the Nantucket Shoals. Um, and just like everyone else, they're anticipating that the South wind is going to bring some of those, uh, you know, pelagic fish a little bit closer towards, you know, the owl and possibly even the Hooter. Um, so that's, that's what I'm hearing from the islands.

Speaker 2 (18:50):
Last time we caught up with you, you were on a little bit of a family excursion up North in Northern new England. I just wanted to ask you, you know, has the dealership been since you got back and what's going on down there?

Speaker 4 (19:02):
You know, luckily we have great people that work here and, uh, whether I'm here or not, the place keeps chugging along. And, uh, I can tell you that this month we have a huge, special Mitsubishi just came out with 0% interest on all their lineups. So we're pretty excited about that. It allows us to get folks in a brand new car with zero inches for really low payments. So that's our special for the month. And, uh, we're anticipating some big things out of that, out of that campaign.

Speaker 2 (19:35):
Well, Bruno, thank you so much for the update, both with the dealership and for the fishing report. It's always great catching up with you on the podcast and we'll look forward to visiting with you next week.

Speaker 4 (19:45):
All right, Kevin, thank you. We'll see you guys next week.

Speaker 2 (19:48):
Well, our next guest on this edition to the, my fishing Cape Cod podcast is our good friend, Phil Howard, down at the goose hummock shop in Orleans. Phil, how are you on this beautiful morning?

Speaker 4 (19:58):
Well, thank you, Kevin and data is a beautiful day. It's gorgeous out Shannon. I'm sat in my office, but Hey, gotta do what he gotta do.

Speaker 2 (20:05):
Yeah, I've had the same thought, Phil looking out through the trees at Cape Cod Bay and the sun peak and through it's I cannot wait to get out there, but we got to do what we gotta do. And right now that's provide folks with some hopefully good and helpful information as we head into what looks like. It'll be a pretty good weekend. Phil, let's start with the surf casting action. Uh, the outer Cape in particular. Um, how has that look in or what are you hearing from folks coming in the shop?

Speaker 4 (20:33):
Hey, Hey spotty during the day. Um, and I'm she bear in mind today that challenging for she reports because the last few days the water has been a bit smelly. So people haven't been out people out of the storm, but that wasn't obviously

Speaker 5 (20:48):
Hammered some parts of the countries, but we are pretty much unaffected by it, but it's still stirred the water up and still kind of acts as a bit of a reset button. So today is when people start to go. That said what I do know, especially at night, the bikes out on the outer beach base, um, bouts of beaches has been really good. Yeah. We just posted a picture yesterday of Nick. Who's our senior senior tech and Marine shelf and yeah, 40, 42 and fresh off the beach. You have an icon top water. And what is those pole all the way up from Jacqueline through Provincetown basically. And they're on them and they're just pushing up towards the beach at night. So some really good actions to be had there, but during the day the heats and everything kind of puts them off and puts them down a bit. He got some smaller ones, but especially during the day, I'd be going out kind of like eight o'clock at night kind of thing, fished home at night. I have some fun.

Speaker 2 (21:41):
It's a little bit about the, you know, the tropical storm that wasn't, that largely spared us earlier in the week. Phil, I know one of the byproducts of that, at least in Cape Cod Bay, where I am, it seems like the water close to shore is much, much cooler, probably 10 to 15 degrees cooler than it was before the tropical storm. And maybe that South wind, uh, really blew a lot of that warm water that was up against the, up against the beaches out into the middle of the Bay. Uh, can you talk a little bit about that and how you think that that may affect some of the fishing, whether it's in Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket sound, just talk a little bit about the effects of the storm since we just hit on it.

Speaker 5 (22:20):
Yeah. Guess what today? Because tomorrow will be more accurate because everybody's been to that. But the key thing is, is, is yes, he's blown it off of the warm water. Okay. Todd Bay was on 78, 80 degrees, you know, a week ago and not just gels, but that said there was still fish being caught. Again, it became an evening at first light, last light, dark kind of thing. Um, it's good for the Walnut. Walter's good for blue fishing, but we'll come onto that later, but pushing. So yeah, that's of the blades, what it does do, it turns the fish pushes the fish a bit away from the Southern beaches. So if you get an assay on Dennis or he getting up through, um, you know, pine Creek through skincare, all of those kinds of beaches is pushing that the fish away cause they tend to fish is better from the Northern libraries cause it's pushing the fish and everything down to the shoreline.

Speaker 5 (23:08):
So well that colder water is going to make the fish more active thing that stuff has happened now is they, Sunday was everywhere. Fantastic struggle because the stripers, the challenge you have when strikers are feeding on poses and macro is the only feed for half an hour because you know, for fo for pokies, you got two pounds of fish to just eat them. Or if some deals that the Stripe has after work, it's easier, easier eating for them, but they have to feed longer to get their quota for their meals. So you kind of get a longer feed. But I think the Sandhills in the, in the bays is significant. And I think that water dropping down a bit, it's going to bring the fish higher in the water column, which is going to make for more fun of fishing rather than just, you know, wireline, jigging or fishing to mojo deep.

Speaker 2 (23:53):
Phil Ryan was on earlier in the podcast. And he talked a little bit about seeing some bonito while fishing from shore in East ham. Have you heard anything about Benito off the outer Cape?

Speaker 5 (24:03):
Yeah, I had to, I certainly had a, not so much on the Alto capable, but if they're in the Bay, they'll be coming around the corner. So off the backside, what I did have is just up the rice. One of my customers came in to identify a fish that he caught and his, a Benita, I kid you not as Benito was about six pounds. It was one of those I've ever seen I'm coming off. Uh, I remember three years ago we started catching him when we were so Beaky fishing and they were a nightmare because TC little banks, then last year they were getting up to like, you know, half a pound, a pound, but this one was like five, six pounds. Huge. So yeah. Yeah. We're trying to convince you that it's happening, you know, as a globally, the lot has changed and stuff. There's more exotics coming up and certainly a strong blow out the South base going to help push the Al base and push the Benito's closer to us. We might get a bite early and I've heard no Elvis yet, but like I say, the KCAL Bay stairway gun, for sure. Starting to pick up Benito. So yeah, there'll be in the reps and down the backside for sure.

Speaker 2 (25:07):
Another area I wanted to hit on Phil is right in your backyard town Cove and Orleans, as well as pleasant Bay and Nossett Harbor areas that I know that, you know, pretty well. Any reports from those areas this week,

Speaker 5 (25:19):
You still catching smaller fish. We did have a run of nice fish. Um, yeah, good side. Uh, Cape Assad Stripe has actually come through the inlet last week for a mutual and they're here for a couple of days. Um, we, I looked out the window of my office, I don't know, long time ago, Monday say, and the entire view, which is probably 10 acres or the back of me was probably just popping off. Wow. So I went out with a cast match and realized how bad I wasn't casting casting practice. I didn't do very well, but, uh, I know when it comes to a teller, is the Ninja when it comes to the cast and that alignment. Absolutely. Um, but it was great from my wife and I just bobbing around on the couch. Um, but yeah, there are definitely school is in the Cove.

Speaker 5 (26:05):
I haven't seen any snackers yet, which is a shame cause he normally gets not blue fishing, but I haven't seen those yet. Um, but the other thing is, you know, I saw, I caught founder, um, the other day, which was crawl, play 12 inches. Wow. Very unusual. I didn't catch it on beta actually caught it on a hyper Lastic dot spin. So you know that, but the seals kind of the flounders don't do so well because the Coleman's got little small ones and the seals, tons of bags, the bigger ones. So it's not quite as prolific as it used to be, but it's a great place to tell your kids and hopefully get onto a school yard. Sure. Yeah, that goes the same for pleasant Bay. And again, that, you know, these are two bodies of water that are get so warm in summer through June, they fish brilliantly. Um, but kind of now the water temperature's getting such as like buff was tepid bath water out there now.

Speaker 2 (26:58):
Yup. And you hit the nail on the head with the flounder fill, whether it's the corn rants, getting the small ones, the F the seals getting the larger flounder. But one area Ryan wanted me to ask you quickly about is Nossett Harbor because it's notoriously fished pretty well for flounder. At least in our lifetime, have the seals eaten all of them. Are you still hearing folks maybe having some success? Is it worth giving it a try?

Speaker 5 (27:20):
Hey, it's worth trying. If you're just looking at bobbing around in a kayak or a, or a boat, I wouldn't, I would, I would go in the Bay and fish billings go, if you want to catch it, the founder serious, or, you know, if you can go, if you've got the range to get out, Sinatra could show right asleep. There have been running really good. But unfortunately, that Fisher is dying. You know, what I would be doing is casting small, soft plastics or a fly Millpond or something, the Breakwater way, you know, where the water rushes through there for the smaller stripers, which on the right gear, a great fun. And they will be guaranteed. Cause it always is, they will be a running blue fish come through the Cove. And you know, of course, 10 pound blue fishing town coat before now. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (28:04):
Yeah. That's what I wanted to ask you about real quick. Phil are the blue fish because we're now into the first week of August and you know, things are changing a little bit. You think we're going to start seeing some more blue fish?

Speaker 5 (28:15):
Yeah. I wish we had gained the Cape Cod by, especially when you have North hand that billings Gates down to a place called the path, which is kind of like just to Western Wellfleet just off the shoreline there. Um, that stuff had catching some absolute pigs. Yes. Yeah. 10, 12 pound fish now. So they're starting to learn a lot thicker, which is great, cause they've fantastic sporting fish to catch. And if you treat them right and smoking, they're absolutely glorious. So each in the winter, but the, um, but yeah, that, that definitely coming the blue fish. Um, and then the sound, the smaller fish all over the place, you see them chasing the sand deals and we're starting now to see, um, one of the guys on being as Harding beach the other day saw a big wash up a peanut bunker that had been pushed up onto the beach. So, you know, peanut bunker, the blue fish in the bassinet. I love that. And of course you gearing up for the album because the album is not here yet, but they're all fingers crossed. They'll get there early with this nice weapon and we're having an extended Alby season, but with the peanut bunker Stein to hatch in and swim them, then I think the, the albums will come for him to show

Speaker 2 (29:24):
Phil got a lot of snotty wind this week, but maybe you can dig back into your memory just before the tropical storm, but just wanted to check in on the tuna bite out East of Chatham, as well as Stellwagen and Cape Cod Bay. Just anything you've heard over the past week to 10 days since we last visited. Yeah. It's still been a

Speaker 5 (29:42):
Very much a go East bite at the moment, you know, um, pro all like not so much North set, but from off Chaffin crab legs all the way down past the reboot sword, especially really well. Again, the fish still a relatively small, I had some fish in the sixties, early seventies, a lot of bigger fish being caught and released, um, catered by as a mom, I was actually tuna fishing that last wave early last week, and we marked 'em, but they were just not really feeding. I think that white tea for a blue fish to come through properly, then hopefully we'll have another run. We had an early run, a tuner in the Bay. Um, we normally get that, you know, kind of late July into August. And then we got a good Romel tune about gay, and they're not for the faint hearted because that run a fish, a huge and star war wagon to be fair has been pretty quiet.

Speaker 5 (30:32):
Um, from a tuner perspective, as you get further up into the middle bank and up onto the Jeffries, the guys up there to him. Well, but it tends to be a bigger fish. I'm not gonna, I haven't got lots of reports of small fish yet, but again, let's, let's fingers crossed that this storm pushing from the South is going to drop some of those smaller fish that rock New Jersey closer to us. You know, I know of white Marlin being caught South of the islands, but you South the islands as of last weekend, when I had friends for shit, you know, like they saw them all and that follows them all in, but they didn't see a mock a single June. Yeah. It's a shame I'd love to come back. It was great from fishing down there.

Speaker 2 (31:10):
Do you have any Intel from yourself or for many customers who may be bumping in the store about Nantucket or Martha's vineyard?

Speaker 5 (31:17):
Yeah. Gang relatively quiet. There's a Marlin by the, the islands, but Dave who's my eCommerce manager. He was a charter captain for 15 years. He took his skiff across from sandwich and fished already. He did a whole day on Martha's vineyard last weekend and didn't catch a single fish. So I kind of sucks cause he's a very fishy guy. So yeah. And now he was obviously, he was, he was looking to try and find, you know, very early Alby, but he's looking for, you know, Stripe has Benito and stuff and he didn't see anything all day. So that's the only insight I have that it's pretty quiet. That's not to say it hasn't changed.

Speaker 2 (31:57):
Oh, Phil. The last thing I want to hit on here before I let you go is we've talked a lot, a bit about Sandy Hills kind of popping up. And I know if I go over to the mighty, you've still got the special on bomber Lewers. You've got 30% off on all bomber Lewis, but on the front of the mighty fish, I also see a Savage Sandy Hill collection here on sale as well. So I just want to direct people to the mighty because if you're looking at fish, some Savage gear and try to match the bait with some sand deals, that's the place to go.

Speaker 5 (32:27):
Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, exactly. That it's phenomenal bikes and I actually brought in and she's really cool of you to mention him, you know, and I think we just brought in another $600. So we just had a big restock, which is unusual in season, all the smaller sizes, which are very much like the sea, you know, the San Diego's in the, in the outlet and the buying things that are not big. So match the hat with these five inch sandals, the small, you know, you've got the smaller gags or small onesies and then the best sandal will of all in my opinion is bill Hurley's because she infuses his soft plastics with Sunday, Laurel, but yeah, Sunday will bites change and it's coming. So, um, which is lovely cause the Sunday will site first year. So it'd be really nice to 'em together and command. We're excited about that.

Speaker 2 (33:11):
So stop into the goose. Hummock Dan in Orleans drop in and see Phil and his amazing staff or hop on over to the mighty if you want to order online. And as we mentioned, there's a special going on right now on Savage gear with Savage sand deals, as well as bomber Lewis, Phil, thank you so much for sharing some of your time with us this week. We really look forward to our visit every week and hopefully we can catch up in the near future.

Speaker 5 (33:35):
Yeah, I look forward to it. Thanks, Kevin, have a great week.

Speaker 2 (33:37):
Thanks to Phil Howard from the goose comic shop down in new Orleans for sharing some time with us on this beautiful Thursday morning. And thank you to all of our guests that joined us on today's edition to the, my fishing Cape Cod podcast, starting with MFCC founder and creator, Ryan Collins, Bruno Demir of Cape and islands Mitsubishi, and last but not least Phil from down at the goose hummock in new Orleans and also a big thank you to all of you, the members who are listening to the podcast. I just want to say thank you so much for not only listening, but for all the great comments that you've been leaving on the podcast, whether it's the weekly podcast or the Chronicles. I know when Ryan put up the Cuttyhunk podcast with Janet and Ned who joined me last week, it was just tremendously overwhelming to see the amount of interaction and very nice kind comments that folks were leaving makes me feel great.

Speaker 2 (34:30):
And like, I'm not talking to myself here in my little makeshift studio every week. So I just wanted to let all of, you know, that do take the time to download these shows and to comment. I really, really appreciate you listening and interacting with us and please keep the interactions and keep the suggestions for a future podcast, guests or future podcast topics. Keep those suggestions flowing in. We are all ears as we move forward with our podcast season here in 2020. So thank you so much, everyone for joining me on this week show. This is your host, Kevin Collins signing off for episode number three of the, my fishing Cape Cod podcast. And until we talk again, tight lines, take care. Thanks for tuning in to the, my fishing Cape Cod podcast with the latest local news information and fishing reports, be sure to log onto my fishing Cape from all of us at my fishing Cape Cod tight lines and take care.

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  1. I’ve been fishing the cape since 1955 and your podcast guests are on the Mark with their advice. I’ve seen a lot of change in my lifetime but it seems the best fishing spots have remained over the years. If folks take your advice and from time to time team up with a local pro they should bring home fish.

    1. That’s a great comment Carl, especially coming from someone who’s been fishing this area for over 50 years.Thank you for listening to the podcast!

    2. Carl – Thanks for the kind feedback and more importantly thank you so much for listening!

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