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Surf Fishing the Fall Run | “Behind the Scenes” of MFCC TV

Ryan Collins

Thank you to everyone who has tuned-in to the second season of My Fishing Cape Cod TV! I really appreciate having you watching. 🙌🏻

This weekend marks the end of our airings for season #2. This Saturday at 9:30am (with a replay on Sunday) we will be replaying one of my favorite episodes, Surf Fishing the Fall Run.

In this episode I am fishing after a fall storm, which has pushed bait, bass & blues against the beach. Fishing with me is Dave Steeves of the Goose Hummock Shops and The fish really cooperated for us during this episode, and Dave and I were able to catch plenty with fly & spin.

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Behind The Scenes Of Episode #5 Of My Fishing Cape Cod TV

Shane Uriot

The alarm echoed through my room at 3:30am, although I had already been awake staring at the ceiling. I always have trouble sleeping the night before a big trip, but that morning I was especially anxious.

As many of you know over the past year Ryan and I have been working hard to bring My Fishing Cape Cod to television. On this morning we were shooting what would end up being episode #5 of our first season.

It was cloudy on the road and spitting a light rain against my windshield. I kept running through all of the possible scenarios that could play out, but the one variable that you can never count on is hooking fish.

If this was a normal day I would just be happy to be on the water, but today catching fish would be "make or break" for our episode. As I made my way onto route 25 and I saw the Bourne bridge, my mind started to feel at ease; and just like my mood, the sky started to clear up too.

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Fishing the Florida Keys | A Tropical Paradise

Shane Uriot

Hello My Fishing Cape Codders! My name is Shane Uriot, and I am the director/editor of My Fishing Cape Cod TV. I hope you've all been enjoying the episodes so far.

Today I wanted to share with you a post about a trip I made to Key West during 2017, right before the Keys were hit by Hurricane Irma.

This trip to Key West was actually the best birthday gift I could possibly have imagined, thanks to my longtime girlfriend, Brittany, who surprised me by booking this adventure.

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A Simple & Delicious Recipe for Striped Bass

Shane Uriot

The best time of year is upon us. The big striped bass have finally made their way up the coast and are here to stay, which means fresh fish for dinner.  

When it comes to cooking fish, I find that it always does best with simple and fresh ingredients.

The canal lately has been on fire and I was fortunate enough to have some great luck while fishing with my great friends Trevin and Jeremy.

We hit the canal at sunrise and there were huge schools of mackerel running in close and it was only a matter of time until the big fish moved in.

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Topwater Stripers Feasting on Sand Eels

Shane Uriot

On Sunday May 21st I was fortunate enough to head out on the MFCC group trip with Captain Cullen from Cape Star Charters. 

I arrived at the dock at 10 o'clock, and the group was already anxiously waiting for me on the boat. I made my way down the dock as quickly as I could, and hopped on board. 

We had an excellent group of guys on board, and everybody was excited to be on the water. Soon enough we were jetting across the water to a spot where Captain Cullen was confident fish were holding up.

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Shoals Of Sandeels And Topwater Stripers

Shane Uriot

The marina was quiet as we rolled the truck in around 4 am. The moon was full and dancing off of the water. It was flat calm as we splashed the boat and headed out to open ocean.

We had a great crew on board this morning; long time tuna fisherman and MFCC member Jason Mazzola and MFCC member Todd Baranowski. I was excited as we left the dock.

The salt blowing in the wind as the boat sped out to the open waters energized me, despite the 2 am wake up. We had heard reports from the day before that there were large bass in the area and they were feeding on the surface.

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