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Topwater Stripers Feasting on Sand Eels

Shane Uriot

On Sunday May 21st I was fortunate enough to head out on the MFCC group trip with Captain Cullen from Cape Star Charters. 

I arrived at the dock at 10 o'clock, and the group was already anxiously waiting for me on the boat. I made my way down the dock as quickly as I could, and hopped on board. 

We had an excellent group of guys on board, and everybody was excited to be on the water. Soon enough we were jetting across the water to a spot where Captain Cullen was confident fish were holding up.


Life Everywhere!

In no time at all, we could see birds in the distance picking bait off the surface of the water!

We headed straight towards the birds, and soon we could see striped bass popping up here and there on the surface.

We immediately casted our Hogy paddle tails into the blitz. It wasn’t long until MFCC member Paul Aldrich hooked up with a bass.

This would be the start of very productive day!

The fish were still blitzing on the surface (but interestingly enough) we had trouble hooking up. We tried again and again, until MFCC member James McCulsky’s line started to peel!

He fought the fish before managing to pull up the first keeper of the day.

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  1. Cpt. Cullen how much does a group trip cost and what days do you go out to sea

    1. Hey Eydie!

      Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can use their discount code to receive 20% off the cost of these trips, which usually run around $188-$235 per person.

      Here is a link to our upcoming group trips >

  2. Great write up!

    1. Thanks Brian!

  3. I wonder if you would’ve have better success by using live mackerel? Great report!

    1. Thank you! I have been thinking of that as well. I have seen a great deal of mackerel around recently and just yesterday had a lot of success with mackerel patterned lures.

  4. Very well said Shane!
    Cpt. Cullen put us on fish.
    Great day. Even better people.
    Shane also has great local knowledge & insight. Gotta try these charters.
    Best part of my spring!
    Thanks to all, ready to go again!!

    1. Thanks James! It was great fishing with you!

  5. Nice report Shane – not a bad trip for the middle of the afternoon!

    1. Thanks man! Couldn’t have asked for a nicer day!


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