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Fishing the Snow Storm – Video Report

Andrew Burke

If you're looking to put a bend in the rod before the striped bass migration returns to the northeast, look no further than the kettle ponds of Cape Cod!

Every spring, the Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game stocks suitable ponds with rainbow, brown, and brook trout for anglers to enjoy. 

Many ponds on Cape Cod have been stocked within the past few days. These fish are very willing to feed, even in the foul weather...


Winter's Final Push

Winter here on Cape Cod won't go without a fight. On Friday, March 10th, the Cape got a fresh coating of snow, less than 24 hours after some of the ponds were stocked. 

I had just returned home from college for spring break, and as usual I was itching to fish the Cape's waters.

Even though the snow was coming down, I took a trip to one of the freshly stocked ponds to see if any trout were willing to bite.

Trout Video Report

In the above Cape Cod trout fishing video report, I discuss the lure choice and techniques that seemed most effective during my most recent trip. More videos like this one can be found at my YouTube channel > "Seven Stripe Fishing." 

I landed a few more fish off-camera using a variety of different retrieves ranging from slow to fast, and straight to erratic.

Small minnow plugs were the ticket for me this trip. However, I'm sure spinners, spoons, and various baits can certainly get the job done too!

Looking Forward

I think right now is an excellent time to fish your local freshwater pond, regardless of the weather! Check out the Mass Wildlife stocking report to see which ponds have been stocked with trout.

According to the forecast, it looks like there could be more snow coming tomorrow and Wednesday. Don't let that deter you from fishing if you're looking to cure some cabin fever! 

Also, if possible, practice catch and release. These trout are a great resource for those of us who can't to find holdover stripers - myself included LOL. 

Thank you for reading...and tight lines!

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  1. Nice video, I can not cast for beans with gloves on, I keep one on my left hand, the right one suffers. I also manage to bury the hooks in the glove, but it didn’t seem to slow you down at all. Those rainbows are fun on light tackle.

    1. Thanks John! I use Stormr “Cast” gloves in this video, and they definitely have better usability than a regular pair of gloves.

      There have also been some big brook trout stocked this year too!

  2. That is so cool that you have your own YouTube channel! Very impressive!

    1. Thanks for watching Dex! I appreciate the feedback!


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