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My Fishing Cape Cod Derby Striper

Ryan Collins

Early yesterday morning, while fishing a rock ledge covered with eel grass, I hooked and landed my first striper for the MFCC Derby.

The fish was caught in one of the coolest spots my cousin Kevin (host of the podcast) and I have ever fished for striped bass. 

I never would of caught the fish had it not been for the excellent intel I received from my high school friends Todd, Jay and Jared. The guys had just caught several bass between 30 and 46 inches from their boat.


After hearing the news I opened Google Earth on my iPhone and began searching for an access point. I knew this was going to be a difficult area to fish, due to private property, slippery rocks, strong current and mud. 

However, I had a feeling it might be worth the effort...

In total Kevin and I landed around 15 striped bass between 24 and 37 inches between the hours of 1am - 3am. 

This was a really cool experience and tomorrow I will publish a written report about this trip later this week. 

In the meantime MFCC members can click the orange download buttons below for more information about this trip.

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Google Earth image of
location fished

More information on tide, structure & current.

  1. Nice fish!!

    1. Thanks, hope to get another tonight!

  2. Fish followed you like a puppy.

    1. Good analogy!

  3. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks Jeff!

      Hope to keep it going all October.


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