July 3, 2024

Without a doubt nothing beats the excitement of watching a large striped bass crush a top-water plug at the Cape Cod Canal.  However when it comes to consistently catching large striped bass from the "Big Ditch," concentrating on working the bottom of the land cut can pay off in a ...

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Locating Prime Jigging Spots at the Cape Cod Canal
June 16, 2024

Note from ryanAbout this postEarlier this spring I started receiving questions about recommended reels for fishing at the Cape Cod Canal. I figured who better to ask for up-to-date recommendations than AJ Coots of Red Top Sporting Goods in Buzzard's Bay. Thank you AJ for contributing this post, and please ...

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Recommended Reels for the Cape Cod Canal
May 29, 2024

Lately I've been talking with many people who fish the Cape Cod Canal. Some are beginners while others have decades of Canal fishing experience.Throughout these conversations I've noticed several little things that are yielding big results for beginners and experienced folks alike. I wanted to share those little things that are working ...

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5 Canal Fishing Tips That Yield Big Results. Especially #5
March 22, 2024

The Cape Cod Canal has some of the strongest tides on all of Cape Cod.During extreme weather situations the current inside the Canal can get cranking to almost scary speeds. It's always important to remain cautious when moving around on the Canal rocks when the tide is cranking.The strong current ...

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Cape Cod Canal Tides | Understand Them To Catch More Fish
October 19, 2023

Sam MullinThis edition of the podcast begins with a visit from Sam Mullin of the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans, MA. Sam gives a very detailed surfcasting report from inside Cape Cod Bay, the backside facing beaches, and beyond. He also highlights the fact most of the funny fish have ...

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October 19th Cape Cod Fishing Report
August 24, 2023

*This post originally appeared on My Fishing Cape  Cod in March of 2017. The canal sunset image above is courtesy of johndoblephotography.com.When I first started fishing the Cape Cod Canal I did a lot of watching, trying to figure out how to even have a chance to catch a fish.I heard about ...

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My Canal Jigging Epiphany
August 17, 2023

The Cape Cod Canal can be an intimidating place to fish if you have never fished it before. There are odd currents, confusing tides, unforgiving bottom, back cast-snagging bushes and trees, barnacle laden rocks, slippery sea weed and a variety of other odds and ends which make fishing the Canal ...

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Things Experienced Cape Cod Canal Fisherman Do, To Catch Big Fish
August 1, 2023

This article was first published in August of 2015 For the shore bound angler on the Cape Cod Canal, one alternative to summer’s annual dog-day fishing doldrums is fluke fishing. Given the right set of conditions, fluke fishing from shore can be an enjoyable and productive fair-weather summertime activity. Tackle ...

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Fluke Fishing in the Cape Cod Canal
July 17, 2023

When you think of fishing the Canal, what immediately comes to mind? You may have visions of the rushing current, the rip in front of you, the structure that lies beneath the surface and how that influences where the fish will be holding.  Very rarely do we consider the lay ...

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4 Casting Tips for Fishing the Cape Cod Canal
July 3, 2023

One way my Dad got me hooked on fishing was by taking me to the Cape Cod Canal on Sunday evenings when I was between the ages of 6 and 10 years old. No we did not jig or plug for big stripers, but we did catch a ton of ...

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8 Steps To Fishing The Cape Cod Canal With Kids
April 15, 2021

Last weekend on Saturday April 10th I splashed our family's boat the Miss Loretta. For this trip I was with my dad Jake and my friend Garet. We purchased a new 150hp Evinrude Etech at the end of last season, so our goal for this trip was to just make ...

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My First Cape Cod Canal Cruise of 2021
June 12, 2020

​ Recently my friends and I decided to pick up some trash at the Cape Cod Canal, and we enjoyed a beautiful morning with many amazing sights and scenes. Within 2 hours we scooped up several trash bags full of junk between the Sagamore Bridge and the Bournedale Herring run.  ...

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Helping To Keep The Cape Cod Canal Clean