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Upcoming MFCC Group Fishing Trips

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My Fishing Cape Cod group fishing trips are an affordable way to experience some of the best fishing Cape Cod has to offer.

And this September I'm happy to provide a group trip for giant tuna with captain Cullen from Cape Star Charters, as well as a striper trip with MFCC member Steve Leary of Wingman Sportfishing.

You can learn more about each trip, and reserve your spot onboard by scrolling below. 👇


Giant Tuna | September 9th

my fishing cape cod group fishing trip for tuna with cape star charters

This trip is with Capt. Cullen Lundholm of Cape Star Charters. (I am personally not able to attend this trip). It's been an amazing summer for tuna on Cape Cod, so hopefully the action continues right into September.

During this trip you will likely use live bait to target giant bluefin tuna, which are quite possibly the most powerful fish in the sea. Captain Cullen will recommend the best possible tuna trip based on the weather and fish patterns.

*You can learn more about this trip and reserve your spot online by clicking here. Cost is $400/person.

Stripers | September 14th

This trip is with capt. Steve Leary of Wingman Sportfishing (I am personally not able to attend this trip). During this trip you will be leaving from beautiful Barnstable Harbor, and fishing areas within Cape Cod Bay.

The goal will be big striped bass and bluefish. You might use the "tried and true" Cape Cod Bay techniques of trolling hootchies, tube and worm, and wire-line jigging. Or you might cast plugs, or live-line bait. It all depends on what's working the best.

*You can learn more about this trip and reserve your spot online by clicking here. Cost is $250/person + $30 tip for the mate.

In Conclusion

So far this 2020 season we've had some amazing experiences on our group fishing trips. Of course we've also had to reschedule some trips due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a bad weather.

Either way, I feel your chances of having a memorable experience onboard one of these trips is pretty high. At the least you'll learn something new, and be able to meet other anglers from MFCC. Catching a giant tuna or big striper will be an excellent bonus!

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Tight lines! 🎣

  1. I went out in search of tuna with Captain Lundholm and three other MFCC members on September 9, 2020 and it was an incredible experience.
    By way of background, I grew up on the Vineyard and have continued to live on the water (Dennis and now South Boston) and have been fishing for stripers since my early teens. I’ve owned several striper boats and have been out with more than thirty charter Captains on the Cape, the Islands, and both Florida coasts over the past fifty years.

    I say all that to give context to the experience last week with Captain Lundholm of Cape Star Charters. This was my first experience live-lining for tuna (I’d been out on a harpooner’s boat, with spotter plane assisting, several times in the late ’70’s).

    Cullen is absolutely genuine, totally knows his craft, has great knowledge and instincts and is without doubt the best charter boat skipper I’ve ever had the privilege of sailing with. Hands down! No question!!!

    How about this for starters: TWO throws with his cast net yielded 101 (yes, we counted them) fat and lively pogies for the livewell (the majority of which he gave to other fisherman during the day). Throwing those darned nets effectively is VERY difficult (have you ever tried it?), and Cullen is totally a master of the art, impressing me from the start.

    To cut to the chase, Cullen successfully instructed/guided/managed we four MFCC members after we hooked a MONSTER yellowfin and switched constantly on and off the reel in what turned out to be an epic, 70-minute battle with the leviathan (I wish arthritis had not limited my contributions on the reel, but history has shown I bring very good luck with me out onto the water as I hope I did here).

    Cullen also fought the beast a couple of times on the rod and reel, but battled the fish constantly with his incredibly capable maneuvering of his [sweet] boat, including giving the tuna frequent quick bursts of the twin 215 HP Evinrude E-Techs in reverse to help tire it out

    The skipper’s harpoon throw when the monster was finally at the boat and close enough to the surface was right on the money, and Cullen then successfully landed the yellowfin and got it into the boat with the help of us “crew”.

    The fish measured 107″ from nose to tail — ONE INCH SHY OF NINE FEET!
    What a terrific experience! Captain Lundholm @ Cape Star Charters is a great person, fun to be around and an even greater charter Captain. You can’t go wrong with Cullen!!!

  2. That’s a great idea putting together tuna charters. I keep thinking of going after tuna but it’s usually set groups. Keep me in mind (email) if you do one at the beginning of October. Thanks.

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