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The Daddy Mac RD Bomb

Ryan Collins

The 2018 My Fishing Cape Cod Derby is underway and so far it is shaping up to be a great tournament! 

If you have not already noticed, one very cool addition to our prize packages is the new spook-style plug from Daddy Mac Lures. 

To create this plug, the team at Daddy Mac consulted with Bobby Rice of Reel Deal Fishing Charters in Truro, to help design a topwater lure that would elicit vicious surface strikes from stripers of all shapes and sizes.


Pictured below are the 7" and 9" plugs.

Weighing in at 2.9oz and 3.6oz, these "walk the dog" motion topwater plugs are perfect for going after big stripers whether by beach or by boat.

These lures come equipped with VMC 4x 4/0 Permasteel Trebles and SPRO 150lb Power Split Rings. The lure also comes equipped with three hook hangers, allowing you to move the hooks or add a third hook as you see fit.

These lures ought to be very popular during 2018 for catching stripers, from the beach and by boat. 

The My Fishing Cape Cod Derby began on May 1st and will run until 11:59PM on October 31st. There are several different categories and levels of prizes up for grabs.

You can learn more about the derby and how to participate by clicking here

I am PUMPED about how well things are coming together for this year's derby! Please let me know if you have any questions about the competition by leaving a comment below.

Tight lines 🎣

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  1. Where can I purchase these Daddy Mac RD lures. I live in Upper Cape Cod?
    Submitted by;

    1. They may be all sold out, but you can either try the Goose Hummock or the Daddy Mac website for them.

    2. I just picked one up at blackbeards, rt6 in Orleans.

      1. Roger that Warren, thanks for the update!

  2. We launched out of Truro this week at the same time as 2 of the “Reel Deal” boats. Their rods were loaded up with these lures. My brother mentioned that Bobby Rice had help develop them.They look great! I would love one! I’ll be on the lookout for them.

    1. Sounds good Leslie, and by the way, awesome 42 inch fish you submitted to the derby! Congrats! We’ll mail out your Atlantic Surf Heritage T-shirt very soon. 🙌🏻

      1. Thanks Ryan! She was a beauty! Kudos to my brother Carl, who I believe has gills instead of lungs! He puts us on the fish!

  3. Great looking plug. I’ve been searching for these. Guess I’ll just have to win the Derby prize.
    BTW, I believe you meant “elicit,” not “illicit.”

    1. I think they are “sold out” in most places so yes you’re best bet might be to win one from the derby. And thanks for the grammar correction, I have updated it to read “elicit” 👍🏻


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