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Gearing Up To Kayak Fish The Cape

The last time I splashed the kayak was back in June of this year. Back then I was fortunate to catch some beautiful fish, but most of all I enjoyed the quiet and simplicity of fishing from a kayak.

As we move toward the end of the summer, I am looking forward to ditching the big boat and spending more time on the yak.

In this post I'm going to share with you reasons why I'm so excited for kayak fishing, as well as some helpful tips for targeting big stripers from the kayak, as we approach late summer.


Why I'm So Excited To Kayak Fish!

Exploring beautiful areas without the noise of an engine is a refreshing experience.​

green eel grass on cape cod

With the shallow draft of the kayak, it's much easier to poke around in shallow, difficult to access spots.

cape cod estuary tidal pool

The Hobie Mirage kayak which I received from the great folks at Sturgis Boat Works is made of a tough, almost indestructible material.

hobie kayak fishing cape cod

So I can venture into unforgiving boulder-strewn territory which would be dangerous for the fiberglass hull of a larger boat.

hobie kayak fishing cape cod

When you hook up with a big fish in the kayak, you will get pulled all over creation!

These "Nantucket Sleigh Rides" are an absolute blast.

Hobie kayak striped bass fishing on cape cod

The kayak is also easy to transport.

I usually just toss the kayak into the bed of a truck, and off I go.

Hobie kayak striped bass fishing on cape cod

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. 

Now lets dive into some areas and baits to use from the kayak, to target big stripers over the next few weeks.

Areas & Baits for Big Stripers

As we approach the month of September, I would expect certain areas on Cape to produce some awfully large striped bass. 

For example, I really enjoy exploring and fishing for 25+ pound stripers in areas like the one below...​

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boulders blurred

I think that these older big bass which arrive on Cape Cod late in the summer, like to investigate areas like the one pictured above.

Last September I was fortunate to stumble upon an immense school of striped bass in the 15-40 pound class, holding tight to the rocks and boulders.

kayak fishing cape cod stripers

That was certainly a memorable experience (you can read about it here) and I hope to repeat it again sometime over the next few weeks.

I feel these "wise" old fish may be searching for this particular prey item...

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lobster blurred

This season I want to fish something new from the kayak instead of live eels. 

I also think I will use this bait when surfcasting and walking 23 miles of Outer Cape Cod beach later in September. This bait and technique works incredibly well, especially during late summer and into the fall.​

This video does a great job of explaining the best way to rig this bait...

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rigging eel blurr 

...and this video demonstrates perfectly how to fish it.

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blurr 2 

I definitely recommend watching more videos from JS! They are terrific and his instruction is spot-on.

I will probably slow troll these baits from the kayak, especially if I'm fishing during the day. During the night however, I may give speed trolling a try. 

I think speed trolling these baits could illicit some tremendous topwater hits. I will keep you posted on how things go!

What do you think? Let me know by commenting below.

  1. Ryan,your doing a great sure you put a lot of hard work into this site.its not all fun fishing.keep it up bud.thank you

    1. Thank you Steve!

      Yes I will be up tonight perhaps until sunrise working on the technical side of keeping MFCC going. Great to know you appreciate the behind the scenes stuff.

      I will definitely keep it up. Thank you for your contributions!

  2. Awesome dude iev been wanting a nice kobo kayak for ever looks like so much fun getting pulled around by a cow good luck

    1. Good luck Ryan

      1. Thanks Matt! Yeah the kayak opens up a whole new world of opportunity. In your neck of the woods especially, you could chase down albies in the kayak no problem.

        And thank you Eugene! Gluck to you as well during your next outing.


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