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New Interview | The 2019 MSBA Sport Fishing Expo

Billy Mitchell

member since 2014

Hello My Fishing Cape Codders! MFCC member Billy Mitchell here with you for another episode of the Seven Stripes Podcast (which is now brought to you by My Fishing Cape Cod).

This is a pretty exciting announcement that I've waited a little while to share. Over the coming weeks and months, all of the Seven Stripes podcasts will be slowly released here on My Fishing Cape Cod.

Ryan wants to do more interviews with people in the fishing community, and I want more people to listen to the podcast, so it was pretty much a match a made in heaven. Whenever I get the interviews done they will be put up on MFCC.


In this post I will share with you a memorable podcast I recorded with Steve, George and Ray from the Massachusetts Striped Bass Association. 

The MSBA Expo

This winter Steve Madden, member of the Massachusetts Striped Bass Association reached out to me (we actually met while fishing for trout) and he mentioned he'd appreciate the opportunity to do a podcast about the upcoming MSBA Expo, which is happening next weekend March 30-31.

Steve is also a member of the Buzzard's Bay Anglers Club, and you might recognize him from some of his excellent trout fishing articles which have been published here on My Fishing Cape Cod.

A couple of months ago, I met up with Steve, MSBA president Ray West, and MSBA Expo coordinator George Doucette. We talked for over an hour about striped bass fishing, the upcoming MSBA Expo and much more. 

These guys are some really salty dudes in a good way!

Please click play below to listen 👇

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