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Now Available: Plug Bags, Fishing Trips + Gift Memberships

Ryan Collins

Throughout this holiday season I will be featuring and releasing new products and services which I feel passionate about.

Some of these products (like the canal plug bag) are only be available for a limited time, while services like guided surfcasting trips and lessons are limited in quantity to just a few anglers.

Active members of My Fishing Cape Cod can also use new member-only discount codes to receive between 10-20% off the cost of selects products and fishing trips below. 

Members can also use a special discount code on the website this holiday season to receive 10% off your entire order.


1) Gift Memberships

Last Christmas people inquired about giving a membership to My Fishing Cape Cod as a Christmas gift to a member of their family who loves fishing. I thought that was a great idea, so this year I have decided to make it possible!

Starting on Black Friday it will be possible to purchase 6 month and 1 year memberships to My Fishing Cape Cod, which can be given away as gifts. If you purchase a gift membership, you'll even receive a special PDF download which you can print out, wrap up and give away on Christmas morning.

2) New Concept Cape Cod Canal Plug Bag

Please login to My Fishing Cape Cod or start a membership to receive your 20% Off member-only discount code for the canal plug bag.

This holiday season myself and MFCC member Mike Webster have teamed up to offer a brand new type of plug bag which is perfect for people who enjoy fishing at the Cape Cod Canal. 

The main difference between this plug bag and others on the market, is that this plug bag can easily store large lures commonly fished at the Cape Cod Canal, such as the 9 inch Magic Swimmer, Guppy Pencil Poppers and the Joe Baggs Patriot Fish.

In fact this plug bag can even store the massive lures and extra large jigs intended for bluefin tuna. The bag is deep and wide so you will never have to deal with tangled up lures again.

This bag also features compartments and sleeves for storing leader material, bucktails jigs, metals and soft plastic baits. There is a sleeve for pliers, a spot for your fish gripper and more.

From the canal, to the surf and even out on the boat, everything you need for lures and terminal tackle can be conveniently kept all together in this "new for 2018" canal plug bag.

What's even cooler is that this plug bag was designed by one of our very own members, Mike Webster of Falmouth, MA (pictured below).

The price of this bag will be $99 + shipping and it will be available for purchase here on the My Fishing Cape Cod website on Black Friday. Members can use their discount code to receive 10% off.

3) Beginner Surfcasting Trips & Lessons

Please login to My Fishing Cape Cod or start a membership to receive your Surfcasting member-only discount code.

During the spring, the beaches here on Cape Cod are for the most part empty of sunbathers, and all you will find are birds, bass and us surfcasters. During the spring, bass are migrating along the beach, and with less people around, we will probably have the entire shoreline all to ourselves.

If you sign up for one of these surfcasting trips, then I will take you to some of the most gorgeous places to fish from shore on Cape Cod. I can't guarantee big fish, but I can confidently say that you'll have a great chance of hooking up with schoolies.

These surfcasting trips and lessons are perfect for people who want to catch their first-ever striped bass. They are also perfect for people who are new to surfcasting and want to learn. 

But don't take it from me! Have a look at what people are saying about my 2017 surfcasting trips and lessons...


As a novice saltwater fisherman, I've had limited success from shore. The best investment I have ever made was to join My Fishing Cape Cod, and take a guided surfcasting tour with Ryan. It was my best day of fishing I've ever had in fresh or saltwater.

Nate Curran - Member since October 2017

On a beautiful Cape Cod Friday I headed out on a guided surfcasting trip/lesson with Ryan. The sun was shining, the water glistening, the stripers were biting and we enjoyed it all while walking the magnificent beaches of the Lower Cape. Plus we finished the day with a spectacular sunset.

Thank you Ryan for letting me share such a wonderful afternoon with you. I look forward to watching and reading about your future adventures and successes with MFCC.

Michael Marcus - Member since March 2017

Being relatively inexperienced at fishing, spending time with Ryan and tapping into his vast knowledge was wonderful. Ryan answered all of my questions and heightened my passion for fishing, without treating me like an amateur. I highly recommend a fishing trip with Ryan!

Jeanne Smallcomb - Member since July 2017

4) Guided Fly Fishing

Please login to My Fishing Cape Cod or start a membership to receive your Fly Fishing member-only discount code.

Since I was a kid I've had the opportunity to explore all over Cape Cod, both on foot and on a boat. Four years ago I "discovered" what I feel is one of the nicest places to fly fish on the Cape (and no it's not the Brewster Flats).

Just be prepared to walk, as we will probably cover at least 3 miles on the beach, but trust me, it is worth the walk!

I cannot guarantee keeper-size fish during this trips, but I can say with confidence that your odds of catching stripers on the fly will be very good, as long as you are able to make at least a 10-15 yard cast.

Plus the scenery will be spectacular. I cannot think of a better way of kicking off the 2018 Cape Cod fishing season.

5) Canal Bait & Tackle Holiday Discount Code

Once again the Miller family of Canal Bait & Tackle is coming through in the clutch to offer members of My Fishing Cape Cod a 10% discount code good for online purchases during this upcoming holiday season. 

This online discount code will be available to My Fishing Cape Cod members beginning on Black Friday. The code can be used on the Canal Bait website during checkout to receive 10% of any order. 

Please login to My Fishing Cape Cod or start a membership to receive your member-only Canal Bait & Tackle discount code.

In conclusion I feel we already have a lot to look forward to this winter here on My Fishing Cape Cod. I have a lot more in the works (in addition to the items listed above) and I look forward to sharing more new services, products and adventures with you this December and January. 

Tight lines!

I’m fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I’ve been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

  1. Are their drain holes on the bag?

    1. Hey Clayton, there are no drain holes on the bag.

      This bag is really best for the canal. Canal fishing on the rocks is what it was designed for.

      We’ll have a smaller bag coming out soon which would be more ideal for the surf, wading in the water etc.

  2. Do the plug bag hve loops on the back to attach to a belt
    Thanks Bob

    1. Hey Bob,

      The plug bag does not have loops on the back. Honestly I feel the bag is too large to attach to a surf belt. I know I would not want to have this bag on my surf belt while I am wading in the suds.

      This bag is best for the canal, which is what it was created for. As far as canal plug bags are concerned, I don’t think you can do better than this one.

      We are working on developing a smaller bag which would be more ideal for the surf and wading in water.

      Keep me posted with any other questions. Tight lines my friend!


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