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Top 5 Most Helpful MFCC Members So Far This June

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The My Fishing Cape Cod forum is bustling with activity so far this season! With each passing day we see around 100 new posts go live. 

This year the forum has been a great mix of experienced anglers, as well as novice anglers. In addition I've seen a lot more women posting.

Today I'd like to highlight the top 5 most helpful members so far this June. Over the past few weeks, these members' posts inside the forum have received the most "Likes", as voted by fellow members.

Each of the members highlighted below will receive a $50 gift certificate to the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans! The gift certificate can also be used at the Goose's online store -


#5 - Jon Borselli

Jon joined My Fishing Cape Cod in March of 2019. Since that time he's really taken to kayak fishing and can be found paddling around the waters of Buzzard's Bay and beyond. 

Over the past few weeks Jon has contributed 21 posts to the forum. These posts have so far received 150 Likes. Thank you Jon for being active on the site and good luck out there in the kayak!

#4 - Henry Sellars

Henry joined My Fishing Cape Cod in April of 2018 and has been fishing for many years. He is a husband and father of two kids, and works as a heavy diesel mechanic.

Over the past few weeks Henry has contributed 62 posts to the forum. These posts have so far received 167 Likes. Thank you Henry and keep up the good work!

#3 - Tim Donnelly

Tim joined My Fishing Cape Cod in August of 2016. He is based out of West Dennis in the summer and Melrose the rest of the year. Tim is an avid surfcaster.

Over the past few weeks Tim has contributed 98 posts to the forum. These posts have so far received 195 Likes. Thanks Tim and good luck if you hit the beach this week!

#2 - Anthony Besaw

Anthony joined My Fishing Cape Cod in September of 2017. Anthony is a US Navy Veteran and you might recognize him from this episode of My Fishing Cape Cod TV.

Over the past few weeks Anthony has contributed 36 posts to the forum. These posts have so far received 256 Likes. Thank you Anthony!

#1 - Calvin Toran-Sandlin

Calvin recently joined My Fishing Cape Cod in April of 2020, and is also in the US Navy. Calvin is a surfcaster who enjoys wet suiting out to rocks and boulders. He also enjoys fishing the canal.

Over the past few weeks Calvin has contributed 169 posts to the forum. These posts have so far received 373 Likes. Thank you Calvin for being so responsive in the forum, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts as the season progresses!

In Conclusion

It makes me very happy to see so many of our members taking time out of their day to contribute thoughtful replies and helpful posts inside the forum. 

Whether you are providing an in-depth answer to someone's question, or just posting a quick fishing update, I really appreciate your efforts.

Have you received benefit or help from members inside our forum? Please let me know by commenting below!

Tight lines 🎣

  1. Hi Ryan. Just for everybody’s info. I am 83 ansd have fished most of my life and am amazed at the new and interesting things I continue to learn from postings at MFCC. I also am getting interested in drone photography and find your increasing skill at photographing fish from the sky. Have you run out of battery power yet while videoing over water? What happened? Keep up the good work!

    Paopa Geno (Gene)

    1. Thanks for the great comment Gene! It’s awesome having you onboard MFCC as a member.

      I have almost run out of battery while flying the drone over water. This is not a huge issue if I have launched the drone from the beach, because the drone will automatically return to where it took off from, before completely losing battery.

      However, if I launch the drone from a boat, and then it runs out of battery while still in the air, then I have more of a problem, because usually the boat has moved a considerable distance from where the drone took off. I always try to make sure I have at least 30% battery life remaining when I bring the drone back to to the boat. Better safe than sorry.

      LMK if I can help answer anything else. Good luck out there this week! 🎣

  2. Thanks Ryan. I have learned tons, made friends and now get to buy more fishing gear! You’ve founded and devoped a great resource for all skill levels, men and women.

    1. It’s great having you onboard Tim! I really appreciate all your helpful posts in the forum. Keep it up!

  3. Great stuff Ryan! I really enjoy this site, and the great community that it is. I’ve learned a great deal from this site and forum, and will continue to share info that I feel would be valuable to the group. Keep up the great work!

    1. Sounds great Mike! I’m glad you are finding the forum valuable, and I’ll look forward to reading your posts throughout 2020! 👍

  4. The forum is a great asset for MFCC members; I appreciate how respectful everyone is of each other’s comments and skill level. Definitely a place to seek and provide helpful advice/ opinions on fishing the waters of Cape Cod. Thanks Ryan.

    1. Thanks for your comment Drew. It’s great having you as part of the forum. Good luck out there this week!

  5. Thank you, Ryan, for creating this site and the forum. While the forum has always been incredibly helpful, I’ve found it to be even more so in the era of Covid-19 when I’ve been lucky enough to spend the spring on the cape and had a lot of fishing time on my hands, but was pretty unfamiliar with spring freshwater and saltwater techniques. Thanks to everyone who answers my (sometimes embarrassing) questions and gives advice and is helping to create a new generation of smart and safe, sustainable, eco-friendly, compassionate fishermen and fisherwomen.

    1. Thanks Sophie for your nice comment!

      As you mention, I think a lot of people have more time to go fishing right now due to COVID. In a way, I think more fishing time has been an unexpected benefit of the pandemic.

      And no worries about “embarrassing” questions. There really is no such thing! Everyone has to start somewhere, and I myself have asked many “embarrassing” questions whenever I try something new.

      Good luck if you get out fishing this week! 🎣

  6. Just joined this past week and have really enjoyed all the discussions in the forum. Congrats to the monthly winner and I hope to see some of y’all on the water soon

    1. Sounds great Rick. We are happy to have you onboard MFCC. Keep me posted with how things are going. Tight lines!

  7. Thank you very much Ryan that is very generous of you. It has been a pleasure being a member on here and I cannot say how much I appreciate everything I have learned from members on here. Not to mention the networking and new people I have had the opportunity to get on the water with. Keep it up! And thank you again!!!

    1. My pleasure Jon and thanks again for being active in the forum. I know you’ll put that gift card to good use! The season is really still just getting underway, and I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your posts as the weeks and months go by. Good luck out there! 🐟

  8. I benefit from the forum all the time. The information is incredible. The comradery is wonderful. Also, I feel comfortable asking questions, which is important to me! Thanks Ryan!

    1. Thanks Leslie for the comment! I definitely want to continue building the camaraderie. Honestly I never expected the forum/site to turn into such a supportive community. I’m really happy you feel comfortable asking questions. Keep it up!

  9. Thank you Ryan, you’ve got a great site here and even better members! I look forward to continuing to share, contribute and most importantly to learn on MFCC. Tight lines everyone!

    1. Sounds great Calvin! Thanks again for all your posts this year. It’s been a great bonus having you aboard as a member. Tight lines! 🎣


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