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Big Striped Bass on Topwater | June 15th Podcast Report

Kevin Collins

Hello and welcome to the​ 7th episode of the 2018 My Fishing Cape Cod podcast! This episode was recorded ​Thursday evening (June 14th) and we have a ton of exciting news to share with you.

In this podcast, you will learn where the striped bass are here on Cape Cod, from both boat and surf. Plus we have the latest intel on the canal, fluke, sea bass and rumors of tuna.

As always, we are joined in this podcast by MFCC founder Ryan Collins and Jeff Miller of Canal Bait & Tackle.​ Additionally, we're once again joined by Sam Brown of the Goose Hummock Shops in Orleans and Dennis​.


Ryan Collins

MFCC Founder

We kick off this week's episode with a call to MFCC founder Ryan Collins, who provides us with a full update containing loads of information. 

Ryan provides a full Cape Cod Bay boat and surf-casting report, as well as some valuable information on fluke fishing in the surrounding waters off Cape Cod.

​Sam Brown

The Goose Hummock

Next up on today's podcast is Sam Brown of the Goose Hummock Shops in Orleans and Dennis. Sam joins the show with some first hand knowledge of an impressive top water striper bite currently happening in select regions of the Cape.

Sam also provides some great tips on catching big bass with live mackerel, and he includes a full report for the waters off Chatham and Nantucket Sound.

Jeff Miller

Canal Bait & Tackle

We wrap up today's show with our good friend Jeff Miller of Canal Bait & Tackle. We talk with Jeff each and every week on the podcast for the latest intel about what's happening at the Cape Cod Canal.

During our call with Jeff you will learn what is happening right now at the canal. As always, Jeff reveals the plugs and techniques that have been producing the largest fish over the past 48 hours at the Big Ditch.

To listen to today's podcast, please make sure you are logged-in as a MFCC member, and then click play below.

  1. Hi Kevin.
    It was nice meeting you yesterday. It was also a pleasure, chatting to someone that loves to fish our beach, as hardcore as I do.
    It’s been a passion, to surf cast our beach, since I was a young’un.
    It’s definitely a beautiful place to fish, when the tides are high and weeds/grass and “gun-ga-din” is gone.
    Hopefully, it’ll soon settle or blow out to sea.
    Hope you were able to entice those finicky stripers. Man, it was sure frustrating. Those guys certainly had lock-jaw.
    I listened to my first podcast this morning, during my early morning trek to Boston for work.
    It got the blood pumping for sure. Great intel by all.
    I wanted to turn around and go back home to get my rod. : )
    It definitely gives all anglers, the upper edge, in getting into those slobs.
    Great job by all !!!
    Hope to see yas out there soon.
    Eddie P.

    1. Eddie – It was great meeting you. I am glad you enjoyed the podcast! Tight Lines!

  2. Nice talk. Maybe more on Buzzards Bay and the Elizabeth Island spots as well next time.

    1. Hi Larry! Thanks for the suggestion. That’s a great idea and I will be sure to include that area on this week’s podcast. Thanks as always for listening and thanks for the helpful suggestion. Tight Lines!


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