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Cape Star Charters Fishing Report | July 18

Cullen Lundholm

Recently I have been jumping around to a lot of different places based off land and water temperatures.

We've been getting a lot of really warm water actually everywhere, even up inside Cape Cod Bay, so I've been trying to play into that.

Over the past week I have been fishing off Ptown, all the way through the lower bay, east of Cape Cod a little bit and actually off the Vineyard.


Right now there is no steady rhythm and no huge pockets of fish, but I am having my good days and the bite has been pretty steady, just spread out in different areas.

MFCC member Matt Coolidge got into some good bass with Cullen during a recent MFCC trip.

The new white Hogy swim shads have done well when bass are focused on sea herring.

With this really warm weather there should be a lot of little tuna and possibly white marlin that are going to be popping up just south of the Vineyard.

I am going to get started here shortly with shark trips, and during those shark trips we often run into white marlin and little bluefin.

Please click play below to listen to my audio recording of this report, or continue reading by scrolling below.

I am actually kind of hoping for some northerly or easterly winds to cool things off out here, but overall the fishing is not fantastic but pretty steady.

We are not having 50+ fish trips but we are still having fun on our trips.

We are starting to catch some of those bigger striped bass - the 30+ pounders all the way up to 40+ pound fish, which we are seeing "here and there."

Once again thanks for having me on MFCC. It looks like we have some beautiful weather coming in the forecast so I should be on the water everyday. 

I actually just scheduled a My Fishing Cape Cod group trip for this coming Friday morning July 22nd. ​

If you would like to fish with Cullen and several other members from MFCC, then please click here to reserve your spot onboard this Friday's trip.

Tight lines,


  1. Great report!!

    Will be back up week of August 8th – and would love to get on another MFCC charter – hope it works out.

  2. Just an FYI for anyone reading this post…

    This Friday’s fishing trip has already been filled, but I am working with Cullen today, and we’ll soon be offering more Friday trips for stripers and albies.

    Details will be sent out via email to all MFCC members.

    Thank you!

  3. Great information and report! Thanks for the update

    1. Cullen, great report and the pictures are even better! Thanks for sharing these experiences.


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