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Weekend Report For Cape Cod & The Islands

Kevin Collins

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast. 

This is your host, Kevin Collins glad to be back with you for another action packed week of fishing. 

It's my pleasure this week to welcome MFCC Creator Ryan Collins into the studio to co-host the show.

Usually these podcasts are for "members only" but to kick-off July we have decided to make this podcast available for everyone to listen to.


We begin this week's program by visiting with Bryan McCarty of the Martha's Vineyard Surfcasters Association. Bryan provides us with reports from all over the island, as well as updates on events being held by the MVSA. 

Next, Ryan will fill us in on his recent adventure fishing the canyons. It was an epic trip that included catching a variety of species, as well as the loss of Ryan's cell phone!

Lastly, we will check in with Jeff Miller of Canal Bait & Tackle. Jeff has encouraging news of bass up to 54 pounds.

Please click play below to listen.

I hope you get out there and get a line in the water this weekend!

Until we meet again next week...

Tight Lines!

  1. Great podcast guys!

  2. I saw a video of people literally hand feeding those giant tunas last year, insane. My uncle has a cottage on the water in St. John’s, Nova Scotia, vacationed there when I was younger, beautiful area. I’ve wanted to do some sort of trip up there again, probably next year, very excited to hear how you do!

    1. Yeah those videos are wild Alex!

      Here is a link to one such video for anyone who has never seen what we are talking about

      I will keep you posted with how things go. Regarding your experiences in Nova Scotia, I hear there are actually some awfully nice striped bass up that way.

      1. that is INSANE!!!


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