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Cajun Fried Scup | Our Favorite New Fish Recipe

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This is a guest post from my girlfriend Lauren, who just happens to be an exceptional cook.

Lauren enjoys cooking whatever seafood I am able to stumble home with, and I really recommend this particular recipe which she is about to share with you. Enjoy!

Cajun Fried Scup Recipe | by Lauren Blacker

A healthy version of any New Englander's favorite thing ...fried fish!

A little cajun seasoning was all it took and boy was it darn good.

I didn't have a clue what scup/porgy even was until Ryan came home with one after a fishing trip last week.  Very quickly I found that scup is a seriously tender, flakey and perfect for a little cajun zing kind of fish, and what better than to "fry" it up.

You don't have to use scup for this recipe. You could use any white fish and still get the same great taste.

I'm not a fan of fried anything, especially fish, but sometimes you just have to do a little pan fry for that yummy crispy texture. What was fabulous about this was that the finished scup wasn't the slightest bit greasy - all I tasted was the fish instead of a bunch of batter.

Speaking of's all you need:

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I love this brand of cajun creole:

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Once you dredge the scup in the egg wash, coat both sides with a mixture of what you see above, then pan fry it in just a little oil until both sides are browned.

Scup cooks quickly which makes this dinner perfect for anyone with little time.

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A little drizzle of fresh lemon juice was the perfect compliment for this scup recipe.

Serve the scup with roasted asparagus and a fresh and summery tomato, mozzarella and basil stack for the best summer dinner.

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Do you like to cook your fish after you catch them?  Would you like some simple and easy seafood recipes?

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  1. Lauren,
    I’m sure to try this one with the scup! However, Ryan should of given
    tricks on how to fillet them, I tried once, it wasn’t easy!
    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Mike,

      I’m excited you’re planning to try it! We really enjoyed that recipe. I just recently cooked up scup very simply with lemon juice and served it with a three bean salad as sort of a salsa for it, it was delicious! That recipe will be coming soon 🙂 Enjoy!


  2. yum! this looks good, have to look for the cajun spice. Thanks Lauren!

    1. When you’re in the spice aisle, look on the bottom shelves below all the McCormick spices – they should be there 🙂

      Hope you enjoy!

  3. Brian – I bought it at Shaw’s, it is in the spice aisle.

    Lauren- I thought this might be a good recipe for bluefish, which I hadn’t tried in a long time and we caught this morning. It was really good, and I was pleasantly surprised about the bluefish too. Thanks!

    1. Hey Jane! I’m not sure how I didn’t see these comments until now, but I like the idea to use it on the bluefish! Next time we get one I’ll have to try it 🙂

      Brian – hope you found it, I use that seasoning on everything from fish to scrambled eggs!

  4. Hi guys, I know I’m asking kinda late but where do you get the creole seasoning?


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