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The Giant Tuna are Here! | September 8th Report

Kevin Collins

Hello and welcome to the 20th episode of the My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast! It's hard to believe we've already recapped twenty weeks of fishing this season.  

However, some of the best fishing of the year takes place in September! False Albacore, Striped Bass, and giant Bluefin Tuna are all actively feeding in Cape Cod waters right now. 

This week, we have usual podcast contributors Ryan Collins and Jeff Miller sharing their latest intel. Additionally, we welcome MFCC Derby organizer Ryan Turcotte to the show for the first time! We have a lot to cover in today's episode, so let's get started.  


MFCC founder Ryan Collins checks in with us from the Miss Loretta while fishing for giant bluefin tuna. Ryan gives a great tuna fishing report, as well as a detailed report on the striped bass fishing inside Cape Cod Bay.

Ryan Turcotte tunes into the MFCC Podcast live from his boat! He provides an update on the growth of the MFCC Derby, as well as the results for the month of August. Ryan also touches on the striper fishing inside Cape Cod Bay. 

As usual, Jeff provides us with a fantastic Cape Cod Canal fishing report. The canal picked up again this past week, and there are still plenty of striped bass and mackerel around.  

In this episode we cover:

  • Ryan's giant bluefin tuna outing & report (0:45)
  • Giant bluefin tuna heartbreak (3:30)
  • Ryan's Cape Cod Bay striped bass fishing update (6:10)
  • Latest Cape Cod false albacore report (7:20)
  • How Ryan Turcotte got involved with MFCC (10:27)
  • Epic MFCC Derby results for the month of August (16:00)
  • Ryan's Cape Cod Bay striped bass tactics (18:08)
  • Jeff Miller's Cape Cod Canal fishing update (22:16)
  • Jeff's recommendations for targeting larger bass (23:44)
  • Boat fishing report for Cape Cod Bay (26:00)
  • And much more...

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Kevin produces the podcasts here on MFCC. Kevin also produces all the podcasts for the New England Patriots, the Revolution, Boston College and many other elite programs across the country. However Kevin’s first love was the ocean – he has salt in his veins.

  1. Ryan,
    Great work on the Derby pages. Very professional looking and a great source of information for catching big fish.

    1. Appreciate the kind words Dex! Keep fishing hard and hopefully I will be adding you to the leaderboard soon!


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