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Introducing MFCC University

Ryan Collins

Did you know that on the My Fishing Cape Cod website you can get access to more than 1,000 different posts, videos, reports, podcasts, webinar recordings and interactive content to help you become a more knowledgeable Cape angler?

If your answer is "No, I did not know that" you're not alone. Most of our readers don't, and it's entirely my fault.

I decided to change that and the solution is called MFCC University.


One Plus One is Three

At My Fishing Cape Cod, we've made it our mission to provide you with the most cutting-edge content about fishing on Cape Cod. Creating great content and putting it in your hands is only half the equation, though.

The other part of our mission is to help you make the best possible use of your fishing time. We have done this in various blog posts, where we share our strategies with you, as well as in the form of many videos, guides and courses.

There is one big problem with this approach: A lot most of the teaching material we create stays undiscovered by the majority of our audience.

I'm convinced many of you don't even know we have a Cape Cod Canal Basics Class or an hour long Fishing The Cape By Boat Presentation.That's why I decided to step it up a notch...​

Today, we're launching My Fishing Cape Cod University - an entire library of in-depth training material, focused on exploring and fishing around Cape Cod & the Islands.

Not only am I grouping the training material that was already available on the site, I've also started creating new instructional courses, videos and content.

Many, many new courses, in fact (but more on that later).

The Future of MFCC University

​If you check out MFCC University today, you'll see the first version of this online learning platform.

It's still far from perfect, but my philosophy is to ship quickly and to keep improving based on your feedback.

I decided to show you this today because I'm convinced the information available will already help you have more fun and catch more fishing during your time on Cape Cod.

Of course, this is just the beginning! My goal is to become your one stop resource for all the "fishing training" you'll ever need. All of this in the friendly My Fishing Cape Cod fashion you're used to.

I've already lined up new courses and even more in depth training on various topics such as jigging the Cape Cod Canal, fishing the Elizabeth Islands, surfcasting Lower Cape Cod, recommended equipment and freshwater fishing.

Keep an eye on your inbox because we'll kick off the spring with a whole series of new training courses and content for you!

For now, there's already a lot of material in My Fishing Cape Cod University and even if you're a super-fan and you've already seen everything on the site, check back daily because I plan on adding new content regularly.

By now I hope you're thinking:

I Want Access, Now!

Getting access to MFCC University is really easy and simple.

All you need is a My Fishing Cape Cod account.

  • If you're already a supporting My Fishing Cape Cod member, you can simply login (you might even already be logged in right now) and then go to Right now active members are granted 2 MFCC University downloads per month.
  • If you're not a My Fishing Cape Cod member yet, you can create a My Fishing Cape Cod account right here. You'll be asked for your email, and to chose a username/password. This will only take you a few seconds, and costs just 1.00 dollar for your first 30 days of membership.

Go ahead, take a look at it right now and let me know what you think.

What Do You Think?

Do you like MFCC University? What courses, videos and webinars would you like to see? How can I improve this learning platform?

Let me know in the comments below.

  1. Ryan,

    Just had a chance to really go over the material. Great stuff and a great edition to MFCC. Might be interesting to track what kind of baits/lures etc work at which points in the season..what the striopers are looking for. Again, good job.


    1. Good ideas and recommendations Mark.

      I will get to work on developing guides & videos about the specific baits/lures that work in certain areas at particular stages in the season.

      Keep me posted with anything else. Thank you!

  2. Nice work!

    1. Thank you Ryan!

      Please keep me posted with feedback.


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