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Cape Cod Fishing Report for Tuesday November 17th

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It's a sunny, clear and cool day on Cape Cod, with a crisp breeze blowing from the west. In this video, I'd like to share with you a brand new Cape Cod fishing report and MFCC news update which I hope you will enjoy.

There are still striped bass being caught on Cape (more on that in the video), and bluefin tuna fishing could remain strong right through Thanksgiving. Tautog are also biting well.

However, on days like today, I can't help but reminisce and feel a little melancholic, as I daydream about watching the summer moonlight on Cape Cod Bay, or the sunrise over Nauset Beach.


Fortunately the freshwater fishing on Cape has been great. This past week I caught more than a dozen largemouth bass in just a couple hours of fishing. Many anglers from MFCC are also doing well on trout.

With the cold weather months looming on the horizon, I hope these videos provide you with a spark of warmth and fishing excitement-even if you've already hung up your fishing rod for the season.

Below you will find timestamps for this Cape Cod fishing report, plus links to my latest blog posts, underwater videos, holiday clothing pre-sale, gear and tackle and other resources mentioned in the video report.

Part #1: MFCC News
00:00 - video overview
00:32 - Info about MFCC clothing pre-sale (get your order in before November 20!)
01:28 - My first experience smoking bluefish
03:41 - New underwater video of stripers attacking white fly underwater and Ian Bragdon of the @Goose Hummock Shop tv episode preview

Resources mentioned:
Smoking bluefish
New underwater footage
MFCC clothing pre-sale

Part #2: Freshwater Fishing Report
05:07 - fly fishing for largemouth bass
05:48 - using the Dartspin for largemouths
06:45 - trout fishing report

Resources mentioned:
Fly fishing for largemouth bass
Chartreuse Dartspin
My Fishing Cape Cod freshwater fishing forum

Part #3: Saltwater Fishing Report
07:31 - Cape Cod canal fishing report
08:02 - surfcasting and beach fishing report
09:10 - Ben Mahanna’s big November striped bass
09:48 - tautog/blackfish
10:39 - bluefin tuna
12:30 - porbeagles

Resources mentioned:
Mediterranean tautog recipe
Strategic Angler Mikro lure (for imitating butterfish)
Bluefin Tuna 2020 forum thread

12:56 - Part #4: Fishing forecast for the weeks ahead

15:19 - testimonials

Resources mentioned:
Cape Cod freshwater fishing database
Join My Fishing Cape Cod as a member

Tight lines 🎣

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

  1. Hey Ryan, Thanks for the shout out about our Tautog trip. It sure was fun! I sent the you tube video to my brother and brother in law. Between the 3 of us we must have pulled in 40 fish maybe more, nine keepers. We worked hard but so worth the experience and the reward! yum

    1. I bet you all ate well this past week! That sounds like an awesome trip, especially for this late in the season. Thanks for sharing the video with your family.

      My friend is out there tautog fishing today so we’ll see how he does. 🙏🏻

  2. Thanks for the great late season report Ryan. Just to confirm your comments concerning late season stripers, on Nov. 22, 2013 I caught a 44″ fish from the beach on a fly (still my personal best shore caught fly caught fish).
    Haven’t had time to fish from the beach lately, but plan to get a couple more trips in before it’s over.
    Thanks again.

    1. Hey Paul, I remember that fish! What an awesome fly fishing experience that must of been. Even if most of the fish have moved on, it’s so cool to know there are always a few late-season monsters out there. Good luck out there! 🎣


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