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“First let me start by saying that anyone who does not believe in Ryan is missing the boat! My girlfriend and I were lucky to meet Ryan at Dunkin’ Donuts early one morning this past summer. I told Ryan about the bad luck I had the previous two weeks and he gave me some much needed advice.

That same morning I caught six bass including a 53 pound monster! Thank you Ryan, I am fortunate to know a true professional.”

– Michael Boudreau


“Ryan, thanks for your advice on fishing the Canal. I took my all time personal best there this year – 43 lbs.”

– Mike Stavola


“I joined the blog and contacted Ryan back in June of 2012 asking for a few tips about different gear and setups that he has used in the past, and how they worked for him. We stayed in touch throughout the summer, readily sharing information with each other-to the point that we were in contact on a regular basis.

If you haven’t already realized it yet, this is truly something special. I recommend every member take advantage of the fishing connections you can establish via this blog.”

– Andrew Inches


“The amount of information Ryan’s made available to members is unbelievable.”

– Paul Morgan


“Ryan, after reading your eCourse and intertwining your info with my techniques, I landed many bass this fall – some into the 40 inch range. After reading your bio, I couldn’t help but relate to your fishing passion, as I too chose fishing over going to friends’ summer parties.

Keep up the good work and maybe I’ll see you this spring at the Canal.”

– Colin Farrington