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  • fishing classes with my fishing cape cod MFCC Fishing Classes - This past Saturday morning I met up with 20 fishing enthusiasts for a fun and educational in-person fishing class. I had a terrific time meeting those who attended and I enjoyed sharing some of the fishing knowledge I've been fortunate to accumulate over the years.Hosting in-person fishing classes is definitely something I will be doing […]
  • kid friendly cape cod fishing trips 5 “Kid Friendly” Cape Cod Fishing Trips - Cape Cod has tons of “kid-friendly” fishing opportunities. When I fished as a kid I really only cared about: Catching anything and everything. Small fish, big fish…tadpoles…didn’t matter! Exploring outside and getting dirty, seeing cool creatures and having fun. And my parents cared about: Easy access, where they could park the car and enjoy the experience […]
  • tide changes affect fishing on cape cod How Do Tide Changes Affect Fishing On Cape Cod? - Tide changes can have a dramatic impact on fishing. One must think that a tide change is quite the big deal, at least from a fish’s perspective. This week Rick McNeil left me a voice mail asking the question how do tide changes affect fishing?  I do my best to provide an answer in this 5 […]
  • cape cod fishing techniques Ask Ryan: How do you know when to switch fishing techniques? - During the summer I asked MFCC fans to record me a fishing question via voicemail. Finally, today I am publishing my first Ask Ryan podcast, answering the question “How do you know when to switch fishing techniques?” asked by MFCC member Gregg DeBoer. Click here or on the player above to listen to my 5 minute […]