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Giant Cape Cod Stingray (caught on video!)

Ryan Collins

Did you know that the largest stingray in the Atlantic Ocean (the roughtail stingray) can grow to be 800lbs, and hunts along the beaches of Cape Cod during the night?

Roughtail stingrays will often bury themselves in bottom sediment. They are opportunistic predators that feed on a variety of bony fish and invertebrates. 

During the night on Cape Cod it is not unusual for these massive stingrays to come within 20-30 yards of the shoreline, in as shallow as 3-4 feet of water!

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Slow-Trolling Live Eels for Monster Stripers on Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

Slow-trolling live eels is a super effective way to catch big striped bass on Cape Cod, especially during September and October.

The intricacies of eel fishing are many, and there are lots of tricks to the trade. However, slow-trolling is a relatively simple technique to learn.

In this post I'll first explain the technique to you, and then give you a link to a 12 minute video which I first published in 2014, where you can watch the slow-trolling technique in action.

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Fluke Fishing on Cape Cod from Shore

Ryan Collins

Yesterday morning I rolled out of bed at 5am and was fishing by sunrise. It was a beautiful summer morning, but there was a hint of fall in the air.

Usually this time of year I am focused on albies, stripers, or tuna. However, yesterday I decided to switch gears and try for fluke from shore.

Catching "keeper" size fluke is typically easier when fishing from a boat, but there are plenty of areas scattered throughout Cape Cod & the Islands where it's very possible to catch big fluke from terra firma.

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Recent Giveaway & Prize Winners

Ryan Collins

Each month this summer we've hosted various giveaways and handed out some nice prizes to MFCC members and fans.

In this post I'd like to recognize the winners of our most recent giveaways and prizes.

If you haven't yet won any of the giveaways or prizes, then please stay tuned, because I would like to continue giving away cool gear and tackle throughout this fall and upcoming winter!

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My Favorite Place To Catch False Albacore On Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

During late summer and fall here on Cape Cod we are gifted by the appearance of false albacore, which are in my opinion the most exciting fish to catch on light tackle!

Albies fight harder and longer than striped bass and bluefish. They go on mad runs, stripping dozens of yards of line from a light spinning reel.

Albies also crash bait and lures on the surface, and hunt at amazingly high rates of speed, which only adds to the excitement. Albie fishing can be quite addictive and I often hear about anglers saying they need to get their "albie fix." 

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Friday August 30th Cape Cod Podcast Report | And Member-Only Giveaway!

Kevin Collins

Weekly Podcast Host

Hello and welcome to another weekly episode of the 2019 My Fishing Cape Cod podcast.

Believe it or not, September is right around the corner. Where has the summer gone? I cannot believe it's Labor Day Weekend!

September is the month when you never know what you may see, as many different species of fish are now available in the waters surrounding Cape Cod & the Islands.

In addition, Ryan is giving away a new tuna lure from Striper Gear which is a company created by MFCC member and Falmouth resident Mike Webster!  GIVEAWAY CLOSED!

Congrats to MFCC member Charlie Lewis who won the Sinking Shearwater lure from Striper Gear - a company created by MFCC member and Falmouth resident Mike Webster!

The lure is called a "Sinking Shearwater" and it is 7.5inches long and weighs 4.75oz.

If you are a member of MFCC, then you can enter the giveaway by simply leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. 👇

Please click here to download this podcast, or scroll below to learn more about what to expect.

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Spanish Mackerel Have Arrived On Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

Spanish Mackerel are here in the waters surrounding Cape Cod & the Islands.

If you are unfamiliar with Spanish Mackerel, they are a colorful and delicious fish that I usually encounter when I am fishing during the winter in Costa Rica.

The Spanish Macks in Costa Rica get quite large and can be caught from boat and from shore using epoxy jigs, swimming plugs, and topwater lures.

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Top 10 Most Helpful People This Summer On My Fishing Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

Our private forum gives our members a chance to post their questions, offer advice, share reports and connect with other anglers.

We have thousands of threads about fishing almost every part of Cape Cod. We also have threads for cooking, traveling, gear and equipment, and much more.

The forum also tracks statistics such as "most likes received" which means I can see which members are contributing the most, and which members are helping the most people.

Likes in the MFCC forum express agreement, support, and highlight interesting posts. The more likes a member has received, the more helpful their posts have been for other members on the site!

Today I'd like to recognize the top 10 My Fishing Cape Cod members who have accumulated the most Likes during the summer of 2019.

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False Albacore Have Arrived On Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

This past Friday August 24 myself, captain Cullen of Cape Star, my dad, and MFCC members Justin Demers and Brian Blair met at 6AM to go hunting for albies off Cape Cod.

The original plan was to go fishing for bluefin tuna, but with winds out of the north we knew the tuna grounds would be rough, windy and uncomfortable.

Therefore instead of chasing tuna, we decided to go on the hunt for the first false albacore (albies) of the 2019 season. Little did we know we would end up encountering not just albies, but several other species as well!

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Fly Fishing For Albies 101

Ryan Collins

False albacore usually show up in good numbers throughout Cape Cod and the Islands beginning in early September.

Personally I have not encountered any false albacore yet this season, but hopefully that will change soon! The first false albacore of the year could show up any day now.

Today I would like to share with you some helpful tips and strategies for fly fishing for albies here on Cape Cod.

This video was filmed during a taping of My Fishing Cape Cod TV, with Dave Steeves of the Goose Hummock Shops and

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Wild Topwater Bluefin Tuna Feeds | August 17th, 2019

Ryan Collins

This past Saturday August 17 myself, captain Cullen of Cape Star and MFCC members Jim Murphy and Cal Wheaton met at 5AM to go hunting for bluefin tuna off Cape Cod.

The plan was to hopefully locate some wild topwater feeds and cast swimming lures to school bluefin tuna in the 50-65 inch range.

The trip was fast-paced and pretty intense. The tunas were busting like crazy on the surface chasing bait but they were incredibly finicky and difficult to fool. 

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Upcoming Tuna Fishing & Shark Viewing Trips

Ryan Collins

The 2019 season is flying by and I honestly cannot believe that late summer and fall is right around the corner!

Late August through September is quite possibly my favorite time of the year. The weather is good, the crowds have thinned out, and the fishing is usually productive.

In this post I want to let you know about some new upcoming group fishing trips, as well as great white shark viewing trips

As always, it would be awesome to have you and your friends onboard for one of these memorable adventures. 👇

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Nighttime Peanut Bunker Bass Blitz

Ryan Collins

This past Tuesday night I donned my bathing suit and hit the beach at 11pm in search of stripers.

The moon was nearly full, and it was shining brightly through the foggy mist and clouds. The wind was dead calm.

I quietly walked down the beach, making sure not to disturb anyone who may be sleeping in the nearby houses. After a 20 minute walk I arrived at the spot, hopeful that some fish would be home.

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Member Success Story: A Fishing Trip To Remember!

Ryan Collins

Last week I took a moment to highlight this recent success story from one of our members who managed this summer to catch his first-ever striper after many years of trying.

Reading these stories always makes me happy, and it helps to inspire me to continue pushing MFCC forward, and to continue growing our community.

In this post I would like to highlight another one of our most recent success stories, from John Patrick, who joined My Fishing Cape Cod as a member back in June.

This is a really awesome story. I was "pumped up" after reading it!  👊🏻

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Huge Great White Shark Off Cape Cod, MA

Ryan Collins

Yesterday afternoon while on a trip with Cape Star Charters we encountered a huge great white shark that was cruising over a shallow sandbar off Cape Cod, MA.

Great white sharks are here in abundance and yesterday we spotted a half dozen great whites in under 2 hours time.

Successfully filming the largest shark was a challenge, but we managed to capture some pretty amazing drone and underwater footage which you can preview below! 👇

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