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5 Picturesque Cape Cod Summer Scenes To Help You Through The Winter

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

During this cooler time of year, it can be fun to spend a moment or two daydreaming about the warm summer days which lay ahead.

For a moment, simply imagine the sound of waves lapping on your favorite Cape Cod beach, with bright sunshine beaming down from above.

Just the thought of such a scene causes feelings of peace and warmth to well up inside. For me, daydreaming inspires a flood of melancholic memories from days spent at the beach or on the boat.

If you can relate to what I'm talking about, then the video clips in this post are for you! Here are 5 picturesque Cape Cod scenes to help you through the winter. ?

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Our Dairy-Free Cape Cod Clam Chowder Recipe

I've been wanting to make a dairy-free clam chowder for a while now, because I know some of you might be on special diets, or are just looking for healthier options for your favorite comfort foods.

So if you happen to have 10 pounds of clams lying around (or maybe they're on sale at the store) then let's take those clams and make some clam chowder together!

You'd never know that this rich, thick chowder is dairy free either. This recipe is a whole new take on the classic clam chowder, and it's a little more "guilt free" (meaning you can eat a whole lot of it!)

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Another MFCC Clothing Pre-Sale Is Happening Now Through February 6

Our first MFCC apparel pre-sale of 2021 is happening now over in our online store, with orders going out by the end of February.

We also have hats and canal bags in stock and ready to ship!

In addition to adult sized tees, hoodies and quarter zips, we also have youth, toddler and infant sized sweatshirts, along with a new lightweight womens terry sweatshirt for those warmer days that are sure to come soon.

Check out all that we have available below, with links to each item below.

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How to Properly Release a Striped Bass [VIDEO]

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

A couple of years ago I was going through our member forum, and I noticed a thread about the many poor catch and release practices witnessed during that year at the Cape Cod Canal

If you were not already aware, a lot of the people who fished the canal, especially during the 2017 season, did not know how to properly release a striped bass, resulting in dozens of dead fish floating in the canal's swift current. 

As we look forward to the 2021 season, I thought it would be good to share a quick video I created about how to properly release a striped bass. In this video I don't touch on everything you can do to ensure a good release, but I do mention a few of the most important things to keep in mind. 

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How To Keep Your SP Minnow From Damaging Small Fish

*This post from 8-year MFCC member Dex Chadsey was originally published in December of 2016. We figured now would be a good time to re-publish this post, because all the information is still very relevant to striper fishing in 2021. 

I'd been hearing about how successful Daiwa SP Minnows could be when fishing for striped bass. In particular, fellow MFCC member Jim Murphy had caught some great fish while using SPs.

There was also this MFCC report by Andrew Burke, published during the spring of 2016, about a big striped bass he caught on a blurple SP Minnow.

However, until recently the SP Minnow had never worked for me. I probably had not been using them the right way or in the right situations. I always brought them along in my plug bag, but used them for only a short time, or not at all.

Overall I had very little confidence in the plug.

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Striped Bass Fishing on the South Shore of Massachusetts | 2020 Season-in-Review

As the middle of winter settles onto Cape Cod and New England, I find that myself and many other anglers are already looking forward to new fishing possibilities in 2021!

Although the past year has been long and tumultuous at times, many of us in the angling community (from welcomed newcomers to even the most experienced fisherman) have found ourselves a silver lining as we re-discover and expand upon our love of fishing. 

As I look back onto my 2020 fishing season, there is one particular fish species, one of the striped variety, that encompassed the bulk of my fishing journey this year on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Indeed, as the seasons changed, as did the behavioral patterns of our beloved striped bass. However, in a year unlike any other, many were able to stretch their striper season longer than ever. Some of us were still catching stripers while the beaches lay barren, and the ponds began to ice over.

I assure you, the fishing never needs to end! So, in the hopes of spreading some early inspiration for 2021, without further adieu, here is my recap of the 2020 striper fishing season on the South Shore.

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Getting Started With Trolling Bunker Spoons

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Bunker spoons often catch the largest striped bass in a given area. If you want to target the cows, then consider trolling spoons.

I first trolled bunker spoons off Cape Cod when I was 18 or 19 years old. Most of the stripers I have caught trolling bunker spoons have weighed at least 25 pounds, with the largest 43 pounds.

In this post I will share with you my super simple approach for getting started trolling bunker spoons off Cape Cod.

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5 Side Dishes for Your Next Fish Dinner

Hello My Fishing Cape Cod! As many of you know, I have a serious passion for food and cooking.

Of course since I am married to a fisherman, it's pretty common that I'm cooking something involving haddock, tautog, sea bass or some other fish.

However, if you're not careful, fish can get boring real quick.

So with that in mind, today I am sharing 5 of my all time favorite side dishes, which you can use to pair with your own fish dinners.

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Sight Fishing for Striped Bass on Cape Cod with the Hyperlastics Dart Spin Pro

Ryan Collins

Back in early June of the 2019 Cape Cod fishing season, I headed out to a beach in this general area of the Cape, during the middle of the afternoon to catch the high tide. 

Striped bass had been coming extremely close to shore before and after high tide, which created a pretty cool sight-fishing for stripers opportunity.

For a lure I was casting what's become an "old reliable" striper lure for me. The 5.5 inch white ghost Dart Spin lure from A Band of Anglers proved to be a very effective bait for sight casting to these shallow water striped bass. 

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Ice Fishing on Cape Cod | January Fishing Report

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Note from Ryan: This ice fishing report is from January 3rd of 2018. I figured now would be a good time to re-publish this post because winter is upon us, and maybe if it gets cold enough we'll be able to ice fish on Cape!

We drilled through 6 inches of ice and set our traps rigged with live shiners. Minutes later we started catching jumbo pickerel, perch and largemouth bass.

That was last Wednesday January 3rd, under bright blue clear skies, before today's slightly milder temperatures settled into the region. 

For this trip I joined my good friend Jeff and three of his good buddies, Billy, Greg and Dan. Billy, Greg and Dan are brothers, and they have been fishing with my friend Jeff for years, so I knew it would be a fun trip. The moon was still hovering above the frozen surface of the pond when we arrived on the ice.

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