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Cape Cod; A Fishing Wonderland | Goose Hummock Seminar Series | 2020 New England Boat Show

Ryan Collins

I just wanted to invite you to my seminar this Saturday Feb. 8th at 4PM and Sunday February 16th at 1PM at the New England Boat Show in Boston, as part of the Goose Hummock Seminar Series.

My seminar is Cape Cod; A Fishing Wonderland and it will include a ton of new underwater and drone videos from the 2019 season. 

Those in attendance can expect to receive plenty of tips and advice for fishing various areas throughout Cape Cod for stripers, bluefin tuna, false albacore and many other popular species. We'll go month-by-month through my 2019 Cape Cod fishing season, and I'll share with you never-before-seen footage. 

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My First Holdover Striper of 2020

Ryan Collins

The weather over the past week has been terrific! Most days have been sunny with little wind, and temperatures have been very comfortable. It's been perfect weather for being active outside.

Based off what I've read, mild winter weather is one of the many reasons why Cape Cod was settled. In general, Cape Cod winters are less harsh than winter weather further inland.

Since arriving home from Costa Rica on January 27th, I have been out each and every day, enjoying the sunshine and looking for my first holdover striper of 2020. The weather has been great not just for fishing, but also for exploring new areas.

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Win a 1/2 Day Fishing Charter at the Feb. 22 MFCC Breakfast!

Ryan Collins

Our fifth-ever My Fishing Cape Cod Breakfast is happening on Saturday February 22nd, and we have some awesome raffle prizes rolling in.

The raffle will be one of the most fun parts of the breakfast event, with all money raised from the raffle going to the Cape & Islands Veterans Outreach Center.

Today I want to let you know that MFCC member captain Steve Leary of Wingman Sportfishing has donated a 1/2 day fishing charter (worth over $450) as a prize for the raffle!

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Needlefish In The Surf | January 22 Report

badass costa rica playa zancudo needlefish

Ryan Collins

Before I dive into this post I'd like to let you know that a new event has been added to the MFCC calendar for 2020.

On Saturday March 7th at 8:30am we are going to host a Bluefin Tuna Fishing Meetup at the Fishermen's View Restaurant in Sandwich.

Members of MFCC who are interested in learning about fishing for bluefin tuna are encouraged to attend. This will also be a great opportunity to learn from the pros, and network with other tuna anglers from My Fishing Cape Cod.

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Topwater Jack Crevalle From The Costa Rica Surf

Ryan Collins

Yesterday afternoon I was working on my computer, taking care of some business in preparation for the Feb. 22 MFCC Breakfast event.

The front porch where I was working provides me with a clear view of the Golfo Dulce. It's a perfect spot where I can be productive on the computer, while simultaneously scanning the water for birds and other signs of roosterfish and big jacks.

Suddenly at around 2pm a flock of fifteen to twenty frigate birds appeared over the surf directly in front of our cabina. I could see splashes beneath the birds which meant that bait (and most likely roosters or big jacks) had moved in tight to the beach.

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Golfo Dulce Yellowfin Tuna & Dorado

golfo dulce dorado mahi

Ryan Collins

The past few days here in Playa Zancudo Costa Rica have been interesting. In this post I will fill you in on what's been going on the past several days here in Costa Rica.

From broken down golf carts to chipped teeth, howler monkeys to yellowfin tuna, there's been no telling what might happen next!

You might recall this past summer over July Fourth weekend I was launching my boat at the Sandwich Marina when the trailer winch handle flipped off and smacked me in my teeth.

I cracked several teeth and had them repaired, however earlier this week one of the repaired teeth cracked off again while I was eating a soft taco!

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The New England Fishing Expo Is Happening January 24-26

Ryan Collins

The New England Fishing Expo is right around the corner, and we encourage you to go check it out!

Dan Kenney, a member of the MFCC community, has put a show together for primarily freshwater fishermen, but also with exhibits for inshore saltwater fishing.

Lauren and I are currently in Costa Rica so we aren't able to attend, however we encourage you to go check it out! The show is being held in Boxborough, MA the weekend of January 24-26 at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center. 

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Giant Needlefish: New Drone Video

Ryan Collins

Over the past 6 months I have realized just how effective the drone is for not just locating fish, but also for understanding their behavior.

Being able to observe fish from a birds-eye perspective has been an eye-opening experience, whether filming at home on Cape Cod or abroad in Costa Rica.

The other day I launched the drone on a beautiful sun soaked morning here in Playa Zancudo. Very quickly I spotted a giant needlefish (this area has some of the largest needlefish on Earth) and zoomed in for a closer look.

You can watch the full drone video by clicking play below. 👇

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“Freshwater Bass Fishing On Cape Cod” Is Now Live

largemouth bass
new hampshire largemouth bass

Ryan Collins

Another episode from season 1 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV is now live here on the website! In this episode I am fishing a local pond from shore for bass and pickerel.

This episode is a good example of "simple fishing" for pure enjoyment and relaxation. Fishing a pond from shore is also how many of us got started fishing.

This episode is now available for members of My Fishing Cape Cod to view. If you are a member, simply click the link below to start watching now.

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First Roosterfish of 2020: Full Video

Ryan Collins

This past Wednesday at around 4pm I made the short walk from our Costa Rica beach house rental to the shoreline of the Golfo Dulce. The Golfo Dulce is one of the most biodiverse bodies of water on the planet, and you never know what you may see or encounter.

On Wednesday evening I waded out beyond the breaking waves and began casting my trusted Halco Roosta popper.

I felt confident (even though I saw no birds, bait or other visible signs of life) because when fishing along Playa Zancudo beach, most of the big bites come without any warning.

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