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Tautog & Scup Kayak Fishing | Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Tautog (also called blackfish) and scup (also called porgy) arrive in Cape waters during May and stick around throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Fishing Cape Cod for tautog and scup can be a lot of fun! Both species fight well and are often caught in the same spots using the same baits.

In the following video, I go fishing for tautog and scup from my kayak during early May of the 2020 season. Some of you might recognize this footage from episode 1 of season 4 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV.

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Video timestamps:

  • 00:00-introduction
  • 01:20-baiting up with green crabs
  • 03:00-underwater footage of a school of scup (porgies) biting the bait
  • 03:34-keeper porgy!
  • 04:00-underwater footage of blackfish biting the bait
  • 05:08-keeper tautog!
  • 05:49-cooking tips and recipe

*Kayak fishing during the spring can be dangerous, due to frigidly cold water temperatures. Even on bright sunny days it won't take long for hypothermia to set in, God forbid you were to fall in.

I recently ordered this Gul Drysuit which I recommend wearing for safety from hypothermia. Wearing a dry suit while kayak fishing is one of the best ways to stay safe when the water is cold.

If you're interested in learning about the tackle and equipment used in this video, then please click here.

The minimum size limit for tautog in Massachusetts is 16 inches with a daily bag limit of three fish per angler between April 1 - May 31, one fish per angler June 1 - July 3, three fish per angler August 1 - October 14, and five fish per angler October 15 - December 31.

The minimum size limit for scup is 9 inches with a daily bag limit of thirty fish per angler, not to exceed 150 fish per vessel with 5 or more anglers onboard.

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