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Late Summer Bass and Blues | August 24th Podcast Report

Kevin Collins

Hello and welcome to another episode of the 2018 My Fishing Cape Cod podcast! This episode was recorded yesterday (Friday August 24th) and we have a ton of exciting news to share with you.

In this podcast you will learn about Cape Cod's striped bass bite, along with the offshore bluefin tuna and cod that has been improving as we approach late summer.

As always we are joined in this podcast by MFCC founder Ryan Collins and Jeff Miller of Canal Bait & Tackle. We also welcome our regular podcast contributor Sam Brown ​of the Goose Hummock Shops in Orleans and Dennis. 


Ryan Collins

MFCC Founder

We kick off this week's episode with a call to MFCC founder Ryan Collins, who's been fishing the Cape Cod bay area from the boat quite a bit recently. 

Ryan has encountered ​finicky striped bass during the daylight hours, ​but ​that could change when the sun goes down. Bluefish have also ​started making an appearance inside the bay​. 

​Sam Brown

The Goose Hummock

​Next, we check with ​Sam Brown of the Goose Hummock Shops in Orleans and Dennis, who you might recognize from season #1 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV on NBC SportsBOSTON.

​Sam ​reports an improving offshore bite for bluefin tuna and cod, along with striped bass on the Cape's southside and backside beaches. 

Jeff Miller

Canal Bait & Tackle

​We wrap up this week's episode with our good friend Jeff Miller of Canal Bait & Tackle. We talk with Jeff each and every week on the podcast for the latest intel about what's happening at the Cape Cod Canal.

During our call with Jeff you will learn ​about the ​most recent movements of striped bass inside the canal, along with the best times and tides to target them this weekend. 

To listen to today's podcast, please make sure you are logged-in as a MFCC member, and then click play below.

  1. Just joining today. Looking forward to
    tips and information about fishing the mid to outer cape. Lifetime angler all over the place except here and now visit at least once a year.

    1. Great to have you onboard MFCC Mark! 🎣

  2. Good morning.
    I used to get Bluefish from the charter boats on Nantucket because no one like them. I am living on Cape now and was wondering if there is anywhere I can get them from.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Sounds like you had a nice hookup down there on Nantucket. I am honestly not sure if you could arrange a similar situation here on Cape. You can most certainly buy them from local fish markets as a last resort.

  3. Nice fish Keegan


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